How to create a textured ponytail

This article was co-authored by Shun Pittman. Shun Pittman is a Master Cosmetologist, Author, Owner, and Founder of Corps d’Elite Salon and Corps d’Elite Beauty. With over 25 years of international experience, she is dedicated to and specializes in providing luxury salon services to all hair types and textures and every skin tone and shade. Her services include hair conditioning treatments, cutting, coloring, styling, extensions, and makeup application. Shun has experience working with, coaching, training, and mentoring beauty professionals from multiple companies including L’Oréal, Wella, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Redken, Big Sexy Hair, and Toni & Guy. She is also a host for national and local media outlets and her work has been featured in The Washingtonian, The Cheddar Network, and WJLA Good Morning Washington’s Beauty and Fashion Police segments. Shun is the author of “50 Things Your Hairdresser Wants YOU to Know (and a few things we don’t. )”.

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Ponytails are one of the easiest, most basic hairstyles to create. They are also the most versatile, with countless variations, twists, and styles. One of the most popular variation of the ponytail is the textured ponytail. Most ponytail styles are sleek and smooth, but this one stands out because it is relaxed, messy (in a chic and fashionable way), and textured. This style works best for those who already have curly or wavy hair, but those with straight hair can pull it off too. Best of all, there are several ways of creating a textured ponytail.

The Perfect Textured Ponytail With Christine Cho

1. Must Have Products

All you need to pull off an amazing textured ponytail are two terrific, easy to use products – Puff.ME Volumizing Powder Spray and Puff.ME Dry Texturizing Spray.

2. Section Your Hair

First thing you have to do is section your hair. Be sure not to skip this part ladies or it will make everything much more difficult. No comb needed – just use your fingers and section off the top part first and tie it with an elastic band. This is actually the part that you will braid. but we’ll get to that later. After doing the top, take each of the sides and also tie them. You don’t need to be perfect with the sides, we only do this so they are out of the way from the braid.

3. Back Comb The Top

Take the top section of your hair and backcomb. If you have finer, thin hair that doesn’t really hold a lot of volume, you will really want to go at it with this part. This will make braiding your hair much easier.

4. Now For Some Fun!

Take out your Puff.ME Volumizing Powder Spray and spray the roots. You will want to feel the ‘grit’ at your roots – this will make braiding your hair so much easier!

5. Time To Braid.

Using three sections to start, we will now braid the top part of your hair. I like to do an inverted braid, which means when you are braiding, you will go underneath rather than over the top. (When you go inverted, the sections of the braid will show better.) This should be more of a messy braid – it is not supposed to be perfect. Stop at the crown and take an elastic band to tie your hair.

6. Time For More Backcombing!

Take the front part of the side sections of your hair and do a bit more backcombing to add some volume.

7. Time For The Ponytail

Take all of your hair including the braid and swoop it into a ponytail. Using your teasing tool, we can then play around with the sides. Depending on the look you want, you can go looser or tighter with the sides. You will also pick how high you want your pony to go. Finish off the look with some Puff.ME Dry Texturizing Spray right into the lengths of your hair and THAT’S IT! The perfect textured ponytail..

To spice up the look even more, use a cute scrunchie. You will show off a super cool, vintage vibe.

Remember Serena van der Woodsen‘s messy ponies and textured “bad girl” tresses? If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, you have lived vicariously through the glamorous life of Manhattan’s elite. An inspiration I took away from the show has always been Serena’s messy ponies, it’s one of my favorite hairstyles. Her hair is my spirit animal. You can see me wearing it here too.

I wear extensions when creating my hairstyles, but you can totally get the look without them if you have the mane for it. I happen to have naturally thin hair, so I need the extra va-va-voom.

STEP one.

Make sure your hair is one or two days dirty so that it has a bit of natural texture to work with. This will especially be helpful at the roots.

Use a crimper on your natural hair then create the same style on your extensions, if you’re using them. For the purpose of this post, I am going to discuss them. I have an old three wave crimper that I’ve had for years. Here’s an option from Sephora that works really well and one that is a bit more affordable.

How to create a textured ponytail

Here I have my extensions and hair all crimped – I’m sectioning off my hair and clipping in the additional length and volume.

STEP two.

Once the extensions are clipped in, I use a texturizing spray and make sure my hair feels light and fluffy. Don’t go crazy, only apply small amounts while tussling with your fingers, you don’t want to make your hair look dry or knotty.

How to create a textured ponytail

STEP three.

Since I hadn’t washed my hair in two days, I make sure to add dry shampoo to roots – this will clean up without making it feel silky smooth and will still have a good grip to hold when you’re putting it up.

How to create a textured ponytail

STEP four.

Put your hair up like you normally would. For a high pony, I like to tilt my head forward so that I can get it right at the top without missing any stragglers. I like to give it an extra boost – so I tie it securely with a strong thick tie and add my Pony-O, an amazing innovation that helps my ponytail stay up and high, it gives it that something extra.

How to create a textured ponytail

STEP five.

Once everything’s secure, spray with the texturizing spray that I discovered thanks to my girl Toni Ann at Pati’s bachelorette party last August. It’s honestly heaven-sent for this type of style!

That’s it! It’s really an easy peasy hairstyle that stays put all day and night! If you’re like me and want to save time, your extensions are already crimped – and all you have to do is crimp your natural hair. I’d say it takes about 20 minutes or less.

How to create a textured ponytail

Shopping list

Get it all in one place!

Everything’s linked and you get it all except for the extensions and Pony-O from Ulta.

Your ponytail just got an upgrade.

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Ever wonder how some girls make their ponytails look so effortlessly put together? Celebrity hairstylist and inventor of the Beachwaver, Sarah Potempa, is here to explain her secret to creating the best textured ponytail.

Start by curling your hair with a wide curling iron to add texture. After you made your perfect beach waves, spray some hairspray on your brush, and comb your luscious locks back and away from your face. Then buddle your hair with both hands to form a smooth pony. Tie your ponytail in an elastic band or use a trendy accessory to spice up your look. (We suggest using a hair tie with round metal clasp for extra drama.) Loosen some strands to add more texture. As a finishing touch, spritz on a little more hairspray to keep your pony in check.

There you have it—a gorgeous ponytail perfect for every occasion. Ponytails look great in a variety of hair textures such as a sleek ponytail with bangs or a long curly ponytail. There is so much you can do with a simple ponytail hairstyle such as working a sleek and straight, or loose and messy style. You could even try a ponytail braid and go wild with hair accessories. The possibilities are endless!

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Throwing your hair into a messy ponytail is simple. But expertly pulling your hair into perfectly-textured, red carpet-ready look like Emma Stone’s? Well, that’ll require a few tricks from the star’s go-to pro, L’Oréal celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak.

Luckily, we were able to hang out with Roszak at the PeopleStyle HQ — and she showed us exactly how to create the boho-chic look in the How It’s Done video above.

To set the texture for the ponytail, Roszak begins by using a GHD Platinum Professional styler to create waves on small sections of hair. With each pass of the iron, the pro twists her wrist, alternating in upward and downward motions, in order to create the perfect bends. Then, to finish the texture, Roszak uses a curling iron to curl the front sections of hair away from the face.

Once the texture is complete, she moves onto the ponytail, separating the sections from the ears forward and pinning them out of the way. She then teases the hair at the crown to create volume, and braids a few small pieces of hair throughout to add a boho feel.

Next, Roszak pulls the back section of hair into a low ponytail, leaving the front sections loose, before pulling them back, and pinning them around the base of the pony in order to hide the elastic. She locks everything in place with L’Oréal Elnett Hairspray, and pulls on random pieces of hair to create an effortless, undone look.

What do you think of the look? Sound off in the comments below.

This textured ponytail transitions seamlessly from day to night.

How to create a textured ponytail

There are some runway look that are difficult to imagine wearing on a day-to-day basis while others seem easily accessible. The textured ponytail that celebrity stylist Justine Marjan created for Tanya Taylor’s SS18 New York Fashion Week show definitely falls into the wearable category. Learn how to create this textured ponytail using a few simple hairstyling hacks and rock this look seamlessly from day to night.

“The inspiration is an artsy Dutch girl so we’re just kind of pretending this is a girl that maybe hasn’t washed her hair in a couple of days, is maybe in the studio working, and just threw it back herself,” Marjan says. “We’re going for a very lived-in fuzzy texture to the hair. It’s an uneven messy middle part and then we’re using their natural hair texture and then just going in with a flat iron to add a kink to the hair on the top layer.”

Learn How to Create this Textured Ponytail

Step 1: Start by washing your hair with the TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Shampoo and the TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Conditioner. Spritz your damp hair the TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray to protect your hair against breakage.

There are several reasons why we revisit the tousled ponytail time and again. It looks quite sexy, but in an easy-going way, has plenty of texture and movement and can be dressed up for a formal occasion or tweaked down for a more casual look.

Tousled ponytails work best with medium-length to long, wavy hair. So if you have straight tresses, wrap them around a medium-barreled curling iron to create loose waves before pulling them back into a pony.

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to create a tousled pony in ten minutes:

– Heat Protectant Spray

– Tousle Waves Spray

Get the Look:

Spritz your damp hair with heat protectant spray and blow-dry it roughly.

Trace out a soft side part of your choice. Divide your hair into medium-sized sections.

Take one section and twist it, holding the end with your fingers. Spritz it with tousle waves hairspray for added texture and blow-dry completely. Repeat the step with all the hair sections.

Once you’ve texturized your hair, finger-comb it gently to break it up and create a more natural, tousled finish.

Spritz your hair generously with hairspray to seal the texture for longer wear.

Pull all your hair back into a loose ponytail and secure it with hair tie. Pull out small wisps for a more laid-back look.

Are you looking for a charming hairstyle? How about the sleek ponytail ? People who love styling their hair must know a sleek and classy ponytail hairstyle can bring a romantic and powerful vibe to them. It is true! Moreover, a quick, easy, and sleek ponytail hairstyle is also the top choice when you do not have enough time to style your hair on lazy days. But do you know that ponytail hairstyles can be different and versatile? Here are some tips to make your ponytail look extra fancy. Check them out below!

Braided Ponytail with Face Frame

How to create a textured ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

A braided ponytail hairstyle makes your ponytail look more attractive and is easy to draw attention from other people. It is a great way to add class and texture for the overall hairstyle. Face frame works with any face shape, which can soften the exterior of the hair shape and add gentle vibe for people.So when you are bored with the simple ponytails, you can give it a try.

It may looks like intricate and different to handle with. But actually, it can be achieved in an easy way. For a fishtail pony: pulling your hair back and tie it off with an elastic and then fishtail braid the rest down your back. If you want it a little bit loose, stretching it out. Just as Selena Gomes did her hairstyle with undercut from her ins, she said that her hairstyle dream has come true. So cool, right?

Bubble Ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

A bubble ponytail is a unique and easy-to-do hairstyle, especially when you want your ponytail different and get an extra fun look, this hairstyle can be the first choice. Recently we can see lots of celebrities wear this hairstyle on any occasion like the red carpet, wedding ceremony or a party. If you are going to the gym, it is another perfect hairstyle you should consider.

In this summer,a bubble ponytail has become a must-have! There are lots of ways to create the style but if you want a quick and remain fancy one, you can put the hair into a ponytail and then use hair elastics to create sections down the ponytail. After that, you can tease each section to add volume. Now you can get the final bubble look. This hairstyle can work with long hair or medium-length hair. But short hair can also be easily achieved with hair extension.

A High Sleek Ponytail With Weave

How to create a textured ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

When it comes to a high sleek ponytail, Ariana Grande’s high ponytail always gives us hair inspiration. This hairstyle will never let you down when going to a party or participating in a formal event since it can give you a dynamic and powerful look and is super easy to get it down. How to style a high sleek ponytail?

The key is to keep it high and straight. First, brush your hair and keep it smooth with hair spray. Then you can pull it up as high as you want it to be. Now it is time to comb your ponytail and get it straightened by using a hair straighter. Do not forget to put on hair spray or oil to keep it sleek.

To make it thicker,you can divide the ponytail into two parts. Tie off the top part and then put them together to the crown. Make true it is secured tightly with an elastic. For Ariana Grande’s ponytail hairstyle, you can take out a piece of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover the elastic.

If you have long hair, you are so lucky to get this hairstyle, for it is perfect for long hair. If you have short hair and want to give it a shot, it can be easily achieved by hair extension. Sunber hair provides the best and most sleek ponytail for you. Wanna get one? Try it, you will rock the audience!

How to make a ponytail with weave?

First, you need to brush your hair up as high as you want it to be with comb. After that, you can tie it into a bun or braid it if you have long hair. Make true it is secured tightly with an elastic.

During the process, hair spray, oil or glue should be used to keep your hair smooth and sleek. Last step, you can wrap the ponytail weave around and take out a piece of hair to wrap it around the base of the ponytail to camouflage the track. And remember to insert bobby pins to secure it. That is all for making a ponytail with weave, super easy, right?

High or Low Ponytail with Weave

As we discussed before,a classic high or low ponytail has the best way to get a versatile look. What if a ponytail with weave? As we all know, the soft and long weave hair can bring an elegant movement to the overall hairstyle. So the ponytail with weave is a great way to add hair volume and create a dynamic hair look. Let us have a quick look through the pictures below.

How to create a textured ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

A Low Ponytail with Accessories

How to create a textured ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

This year, hair accessories are popular with people who love embellished hairstyles, which really add gentle and elegant vibe for your hair. No one can deny the stunning hair accessories. We usually wear a low ponytail in a casual way at home for convenience, but the truth is that we got it wrong.

The low ponytail hairstyles can hold on on any occasion. How to create your low ponytail as pretty as braid style? First, make sure your hair has soft and polished texture. Second, Secure the ponytail tightly with hair elastics. Third, add some shiny and pretty hair accessories like pearls to get a charming look. Trust us this hairstyle can be easier achieved with short time.

As summer is coming, giving yourself a ponytail hair look to stay cool and fresh. Try the versatile and quick ponytail hairstyles above, you will be the most beautiful and confident girl this summer.

How to create a textured ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail


How to create a textured ponytail

All of the thin-haired ladies out there know ponytail envy is real. When you see a thick, voluminous pony bounce by, all you can think about is how limp and lifeless yours looks in comparison. That all ends here. We gathered three surefire solutions to save wimpy ponytails.

Scroll through to see the three ponytail hacks every thin-haired girl should know.

Prop It Up

One of the main problems with fine hair is that it falls flat in a ponytail. To combat a droopy pony, prop it up. It’s as easy as using two hair ties. Doubling up gives your ponytail a little extra lift. You can also hold it up with bobby pins. Simply make an X with the pins right at the base of the ponytail to give your hairstyle a boost.

Double Up

Or you can double up on actual ponytails. Separate your hair into two sections, tie off the top portion, and then tie off the bottom half. The first pony will fall on top of the second pony, camouflaging it and leaving you with the illusion of one fuller, longer ponytail. Click here to see the tutorial.

Stack Sections

Teasing your ponytail to add volume is a no-brainer, but if you’re only backcombing one section, your pony is not living up to its potential. Instead, split your hair into thirds (yes, even the puniest of ponytails can be divided up into three sections) and tease each one for major volume. Click here to see the finished look.

If you don’t have a teasing comb, fake the lifted look by adding a small claw clip beneath the top section of your ponytail.

by charlottegw / last updated April 20, 2021

How to create a textured ponytail

Cloud Nine’s style ambassador James Earnshaw shows us how to create this textured ponytail step by step. It will take your clients from chic weddings to big nights out.


Start by prepping your locks with Cloud Nine’s Magical Quick Dry Potion. This hair hero not only works to protect your hair against heat, but also reduces drying time by up to 50%.

Step 1

Start by sectioning off the hair. Using The Touch Iron begin to curl your hair, leaving out the ends for a more textured look. Be sure to glide through these sections slightly quicker than you normally would to create loose waves full of texture.

How to create a textured ponytail

Step 2

Once you have curled all the hair, leave to cool for a few minutes then take the Luxury Texture Comb and loosen off the wave.

How to create a textured ponytail

Step 3

When all the hair is combed out, brush it back spraying a texturizing hair spray into the root to create height and texture.

How to create a textured ponytail

Step 4

Take the hair back into a midheight pony and secure with an elastic. Taking a section from the ponytail, wrap around and cover the hair elastic.

How to create a textured ponytail

To finish, add extra texture around the face using The Micro Iron to pinch sections of the hair to manipulate into place. Here you can also take framing sections and add smaller waves.

This updo is perfect for clients who are slowly heading back into the world after lockdowns – it’s chic but still casual and cool which is one of the main hair trends we’re seeing in 2021.

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If you want a perfectly styled mane that looks as if you didn’t think twice about it, allow us to point you in the direction of the messy ponytail. Nowadays, the effortless effect is taking beauty trends by storm. No makeup, makeup is huge, and lived-in roots are equally as trendy, which tells us we can expect effortless messy ponytails to reign supreme in 2020.

Now, before literally putting zero effort into your ponytail, remember that, as with nude makeup, a touch of undetectable effort is required to make the most of your carefree look. Not sure where to begin? Whether you have second-day hair or just hopped out of the shower, the step-by-step tutorial below will teach you how to get the voluminous, cool-girl hairstyle that’s flooding your social media feeds.

What you’ll need:

If you’re starting on first-day hair:

If you’re starting on second-day hair:

How to get the look:


With this step, you have options. If you’re creating this effortless messy ponytail hairstyle with clean hair, spray some of your texture spray onto damp hair. If, on the other hand, you’re rocking this style with a day two ‘do, reach for a can of dry shampoo. Whichever option you choose, be sure to evenly disperse the spray between each layer of your hair for optimal texture and volume.


Once your hair has dried, take note of your roots. How do they look? Do they look full-bodied, or do they need a little lift? If you resonate with the latter, use a fine-tooth rattail comb to gently tease the hair beneath the top layer from your hairline back to your crown. This extra textured layer will help bring your voluminous look to life.


Next, it’s time to add a little extra texture to your mid-lengths and ends. Instead of using the same spray you began with, reach for a bottle of texturizing hair spray. It will cling to your strands to create slight separation while boosting overall grit.


Once your hair is perfectly textured, use your hands to gently pull your hair back into a ponytail at the level of your choice. Personally, we love the look of a mid-height pony just below the crown of your head. When your placement is just right, tie it off with a hair tie. Be sure not to wrap your elastic too tight, as you’ll want to be able to pull a few pieces free before completing your look.


Effortless messy ponytails look their best with a few purposeful flyaways. That said, gently tug a few strands out around your hairline to really embrace that lived-in, undone look.


Take a thin section of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around your ponytail to conceal the elastic, pinning the ends in place beneath the underside of your pony. Sure, it’s a messy ponytail, but you still want it to have a little put-together appeal.


Now that your ponytail is secured, use the tail end of your rattail comb to gently tug the hair on top of your head to add a touch more height—just make sure to confine the tugging to the top, not the sides. Next, lock your look with a few spritzes of humidity-resistant hairspray, and voila, the most picture-perfect effortless messy ponytail.

Next up: Want to learn how to create another stunning ponytail style? Here’s How to Perfect a Mix and Match Braided Ponytail.

How to rock this perfectly undone updo.

We are big believers that your go-to casual hairstyle is best worn during those super busy in-between days. You know, those times you’re too busy with things like errands, spin class, and grocery shopping to really worry about your hair. This is when you immediately go on fashion autopilot and bring out your fail-safes. For us, messy ponytail hairdos are our black leggings and LBDs of beauty. The last word in casual chic, they always deliver, and for something quite simple, they are surprisingly never boring.

To help you create a messy ‘do that’s all your own, we are sharing two ways to rock the messy look, including mussed-up hairstyles that were inspired by the Rag & Bone and Jonathan Simkhai shows in NYC. Read on to learn more about how to master this classic hairstyle for this ultimate effortless beauty!

How to Create a Messy Ponytail

Start with clean, middle-parted hair.

Rinse and blow-dry your hair until it is 90% dry, or until just damp. Create a middle part.

Section off the back.

Using a rat-tail or fishtail comb, create a horizontal part line across your head, separating the two front sections from the crown.

Twist the crown section.

Using your fingers, create a twist on the strands at the crown area.

Secure in a bun.

Coil the twist around itself on your crown and secure the bun with a small clamp.

Brush out the remaining hair.

Smoothen out the front sections with a brush, removing any tangles or knots.

How to create a textured ponytail

Gather hair into a temporary low pony.

Gather all the strands into a ponytail at your nape and secure with a hair tie or a clamp. This is temporary; you’ll need your hair away from your face while you work the hair on your crown.

Tease the hair at your crown.

To create a mini-bouffant or pouf, backcomb the hair after spraying with a small natural-bristled teasing brush. Be gentle!

Loop hair around into a ponytail.

Once you’ve got your pouf, release your temporary clip and gather all your hair back into an actual ponytail, using a hair tie or fabric-covered elastic. Grab one small section from the side and loop it over the ponytail base.

Twirl hair around the pony base.

Conceal the base of the ponytail (and your hair tie) with this lock of hair. Secure with bobby pins.

How to create a textured ponytail

You’re all done and ready for the day!

How to create a textured ponytail

How to Create A NYFW-Inspired Messy Ponytail

Step 1: Start clean or refresh with dry shampoo.

Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Dry Shampoo

To begin your look, refresh your hair with Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Dry Shampoo to soak up any excess oil. While this particular style is best on second-day or lived-in hair, you can absolutely create a messy ponytail on freshly washed hair.

Step 2: Rough-dry with a blow-dryer.

TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

The rough-dry technique helps build texture in your hair while you blow-dry. To do this step, simply prep hair with TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, then use your hands to roughly comb through your hair as you dry. Pro tip: Use a medium to low-temperature setting to avoid burning your hands.

Step 3: Create a ponytail.

Gather hair into a messy ponytail as you think of it as an undone look. Secure with a hair tie.

Dove Style+Care Compressed Flexible Hold Hairspray

Step 4: Enhance hair texture by backcombing.

Using a fine-tooth comb, backcomb the ends of your hair to enhance texture and create the body. Finish your look with hairspray that gives your messy ponytail hold and lots of movement. We love Dove Style + Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray for the job.

5 Messy Ponytail to Try

1. Tousled

The mid-to-high level messy ponytail is all about the volume and tousled factor. Use a 1-inch curling iron to add loose curls to your hair before finger-combing through them and gathering your strands up into a ponytail. Pull a few pieces out around your face to recreate this look.

2. Textured

Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray

Add even more texture to your messy ponytail by misting your strands with Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray. This texture spray will give your hair added body instantly.

3. Combed Back

Ditch your hairbrush and use your fingers to comb your hair back into a messy ponytail. Use a hair tie that’s the same color as your hair to streamline the look a bit and balance out the messiness.

4. Sleek to Messy

Balance out your messy look by working a smooth base into your ponytail style. Use a comb to brush the top of your strands down flat against your head and secure your hair into a low ponytail.

5. Crimped

Crimped hairstyles are all the rage these days. If you’re looking for an easy way to get in on this style, simply sleep with your hair in a braid and swap the braid for a ponytail in the morning!

Are you thinking about trying out this messy ponytail style? Be sure to grab a picture and tag us over @AllThingsHairUS!

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How to create a textured ponytail

Well, since I shot this tutorial I’ve cut about 4 inches off the bottom of my hair! Looking back at these photos is nostalgic. Okay, I’m kidding. It’s only been about a week for crying out loud.

And you know what? Long hair is not for me. I gave it my best effort, I really did, and in the end I’ve resolved that collarbone-ish is the perfect length for me! You can see it a bit on Instagram, if you’d like!

My hair, though, at this length wouldn’t work too well in a messy bun so I wore it in a low ponytail quite often. And I loved messing it up a bit so the pony looked relaxed and undone, as that is my favorite way to wear my hair.

In the tutorial I use Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast for texture!

How to create a textured ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

I love seeing your versions of my hair tutorials on instagram, so tag me (@k8_smallthings) and use #smallthingshair so I can come and see!


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Love this, perfect for the summer!

I started letting my hair grow out from VERY short about 2 years ago. I had lost a very large amount of weight and decided I wanted to try longer hair. I thought I’d like wearing ball caps some, and they look better with longer hair. ( I have about 8 cute caps that I NEVER EVER wear) . Well, I recently got it cut. It was just too much work and never really looked great. It’s not as short as I used to wear it, but in a lob. It looks soooo much better. Both my daughters had been telling me to keep it longer, but in the end they like it. And surprisingly (although I am NOT one that does my hair for my husband) he said he liked it better shorter. Now I feel I may go even a tad shorter:)

I love your new cut! even though I would love long luscious hair, I agree that short hair works best for me too! would you just opt for a messy bun for this style now that your hair is shorter?


I’d happily do either!

I’m planning on getting a bunch of my hair lobbed off soon to. I love the appeal of long hair, but it eventually just looks drab and lifeless on me. It’s like mid-back now and it’s getting on my nerves. So, I feel you on trying long hair, it’s just not for everyone.

Love the look and that lightening fixture! These edison bulbs would look perfect in them!

Love this look for days when my hair gets a bit dirty. Have to make a point of trying it in the morning if I have the energy! Looks very doable.

Thanks for the tutorial Kate. I love that shirt you are wearing in this video. Where did you find it?

It is very very old from Loft!

Thanks, it looks great on you!

Love this hairstyle! So quick and easy and it looks absolutely gorgeous! x
Fia from

This would be just perfect for the office. I love having my hair out of my face at work but still need it to look professional so my go to messy bun doesn’t always fit the bill. Now just for a few practice runs so I can make it looking (almost) as good as yours!

This is such a pretty look! I wish my hair was thick enough to rock it!

I have a little one on the way, and by the time she gets her my hair will be about this length. Can’t wait to try this out for those busy mom days! Thanks for sharing 🙂

I love this hairstyle! I definitely need to try this one out! It looks gorgeous on you! Thanks for sharing!

Such a cute and stylish look! Love this for everyday!

I lover it! I am terrible with my hair… I normally just wear my hair in a traditional pony tail or ballet bun… so terrible. Today you’ve inspired me to put more effort in and look more fab!! Thank you. You really make it look so easy.

I am so over “mermaid” hair! Actually, I love the look on other people, it’s just not for me. I am loving my lob right now.

Great tutorial, but I’ve got a serious question … could you do a post/tutorial on how to part your hair appropriately? It seems like this comes naturally to a lot of people, but I just can’t do it myself.

I am so so excited that you cut your hair! I have the same length as you have had these past months, and while there are great advantages (braids, buns, etc), I always return to a collarbone length. Got my cut booked for two weeks from now, so I’m excited to see what new tutorials you’ll have so I can try them out!

I’ve always liked your hair better shorter, so I can’t wait to see the new look show up on the blog! (I have IG but never seen to make it over there. And I find it difficult on my phone.)

What lipstick are you wearing? The Color is great

Hi kate 🙂
I’m Min Gi. Form korea.
I love your video.
So i whanever
Curl my hair with watch your video always.
I using marcel curling iron.
It’s hot tools.
And i using texture hairspray After curling.
But i cant curl my hair like you.
It isn’t SOFT WAVE.
I have unnatural wave after curling.
Sometimes i curling my hair witn marcel iron, the hair
tangle. Really tangle.
Not easy.
Do you know what’s problem? Please answer
My question.
I really wonder about.

And i can’t do full wave.
How can i get full wave?
My hair is long.
If you ansewr my question,
Really thanks.

Love your tutorials, you make them look so easy. and the textured pony is lovely as always 🙂 Medium hairstyle suits to better, in my opinion.

Wow such a beautiful looking textured ponytail. Honestly, I never tried doing it but will do it now. Wonderful thing is that you do it on your own hair then blog it!

How do you get your hair to hold texture so well? I can use texture spray or powder, tease the heck out of my hair, spray it with Kenra and within an hour it’s all gone and my hair is flat. My hair is super silky which can be a pain when trying to do styles; it just doesn’t hold. What can you recommend for this Kate? Thanks a ton!

Been watching your hairstyle videos for the last two years! I am a baby boomer who has learned a lot about new hair styles and how to do my own hair-my hair styles look much better than anything that comes out of a salon.

How to create a textured ponytail

When you wake up in the morning with just minutes to spare and many tasks to complete (i.e. hair, makeup, sustenance, brief meditation before taking on your busy day, etc.), there’s not always enough time to create a hairstyle that’s totally impressive. It’s easy and non-stressful to throw your hair into a simple ponytail, but it also looks like you’re headed to the gym. Fortunately, with the help of a few of our favorite beauty vloggers, you can learn how to up your ponytail game in just a matter of minutes — with the right technique. So if you’re not sold on the overnight hairstyle game or you just aren’t a fan of the way your hair looks after its air-dried, you should check out the following five easy ponytail tutorials that look waaaay harder than they actually are.

1. To create a textured ponytail.

Even though this look is suggested for the holiday season, it’s casual enough to wear every day. Here’s how Redken artist Ellen Divine creates the look:

1. Prime hair with Pillow Proof Primer and blow dry with a paddle brush to make it smooth. 2. Spray Guts 10 at the root area and blow dry it in for a little extra volume. 3. Section out a piece of hair on the bangs side and secure a ponytail. Pinch ponytail to get a little volume. 4. Hide hair elastic by taking a small piece of hair underneath the ponytail, spraying it with Tripe Take 32 and secure it around the elastic. Secure it even more with a bobby pin. 5. Take Iron Shape 11, spray the ponytail and add texture using a curling iron. 6. After curling the ponytail, twist the front right section and twist it around the ponytail the same way you did before — securing with a bobby pin. Spray Powder Grip 03 on the front section before twisting to add texture. 7. Finish with Tripe Take 32 for final control.

2. To create a woven ponytail.

If you’re looking for a tutorial to help explain how to efficiently apply a drawstring pony to short hair, Jodian of The Brilliant Beauty explains how.

1. Add leave-in conditioner to your hair and apply styling gel very liberally to help mold your hair. . . 2. Take two rubber bands and secure your hair into a high ponytail. Continue adding gel until all of the sides of your hair are smooth. 3. Set down baby hairs with gel and consider using dried out mascara in an effort to make your forehead appear smaller. 4. Apply an oil spray to combat any dryness caused by gel. 5. Try on your ponytail and determine which side you want it to lay on. Take two clips and clip both sides and pull drawstring – securing it away. 6. To create the illusion that it’s your hair, take a piece, wrap it around the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.

3. To get a low, braided pony.

For a look with a little more style, consider this easy, chic braided low pony by Luxy Hair.

1. Split your hair into two sections. 2. With your index finger, grab a small section of hair on the right side and bring it over to the left and on the left side with your index finger bring another section to the right. 3. Repeat Step 2 again. 4. Grab a section of hair underneath the pony, and use this hair to wrap around the ponytail base. Bobby pin this piece of hair into place from the back using two bobby pins.

4. To create a voluminous ponytail in under five minutes.

Vlogger Kayley Melissa transforms a boring, limp ponytail into a voluminous style in 5 minutes flat.

1. Split your hair in half from the ears up, and clip the top half out of the way. 2. Brush the bottom section into its own ponytail. (You want that ponytail to rest right against the part from the sections.) Once it’s tight, secure with an elastic. 3. Split the bottom ponytail in half. Take the top half and hold it straight up and clip a small hair claw clip into it to add volume and width. 4. Let the top section down, and use a hair brush to lightly tease it. 5. Pull the two ponytails together into one, paying attention (in a mirror) to how it looks in front. 6. Secure with a hair elastic, and add one more clip in by separating the top half of the ponytail and clipping it in like you did in Step 3. 7. Take a small piece of hair from underneath your ponytail to wrap around the elastic until all the hair is used up. Pin the end with a bobby pin.

5. For a sleek ponytail

To achieve a sleek ponytail, follow these step-by-step instructions by Alaha Karimi .

1. Run gel throughout your hair, being careful to tame flyaways. 2. Take a comb and part your hair down the middle. Apply more gel if your hair isn’t smooth enough. 3. Pretend you’re making your ponytail, and hold it in place while you use a paddle brush to brush through it and smooth out your hair. 4. Use the coarse side to brush down the front of your hair to smooth away any gaps. 5. To style your ponytail like Alaha Karimi, match your ponytail height to the height of your eyebrow arch. 6. Smooth out the front of your hair again, as well as behind your ears. 7. Instead of using a regular hair tie, use a hair band to ensure that it doesn’t break your hair. Fold the band in two, and then put it in your hair — holding the base of your ponytail tight. 8. Lastly, use more gel and another brush through for smoothing if necessary. Finish with hairspray.

How to create a textured ponytail

When it comes to ponytails, the styling possibilities are endless. From high, party ponytails to messy, undone looks, there are plenty of styles that can easily take us from the boardroom to the bars. However, there is one variation we can’t seem to get enough of this year —the low ponytail.

Whether sleek and straight or full volume, a low ponytail works for just about any occasion. The best part? A low ponytail can be yours in just a few simple steps (and with the help of a few trusty hair care products).

Interested in mastering the low ponytail look for yourself? We’re breaking down a few expert-approved tips to make achieving the perfect low pony easier than ever.

Start with second-day hair.

It’s no secret that it can be a bit of a struggle to style freshly washed hair. Since super clean strands can easily slip out of ponytails, start with second-day hair.

If your roots need a bit of a refresh before your next wash, opt for a dry shampoo like the Matrix Biolage Waterless Dry Shampoo. The formula cleanses and helps retain body.

Add texture.

When it comes to low ponytails, we’re firm believers that textured styles work (and look) the best.

To create texture, work with 2-inch sections of hair at a time and wrap them around a curling iron. Once you’re done curling your mane, gently tousle your strands for added body and fullness.

Looking to amp up your texture without heat? We recommend using a dry texturizing spray such as the L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Wild Styers Next Day Hair Texturizing Spray. This finishing spray transforms hair into next day styles with a discrete and natural touch.

Secure your low pony.

Once you’ve perfected your texture, it’s time to create your low ponytail. Gather your strands at the nape of your neck and hold it in place with a clear hair elastic.

Pro tip: If you’re hoping to avoid those pesky band marks from regular hair elastics, skip out on the elastic completely and go for a hair bungee instead. The hair bungee is a piece of elastic with hooks on both ends that holds your hair in place—without the tugging and pulling of a regular hair tie.


Hair accessories are a quick and easy way to amp up any hairstyle. We love fun,’90s-inspired scrunchies or a cuff for a more sophisticated look. No matter which you choose, no low ponytail is complete without a killer accessory.

Set the look with hairspray.

Now that you have the low ponytail styling down pat, you’re finally ready to finish off your look with a few spritzes of hairspray. For messy, undone looks, we love the Matrix Style Link Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray. This professional product is the key to a smoothing, anti-frizz finish and a windswept, airy texture.

Now that you’re equipped with all there is to know about low ponytail styling, it’s time to try the look for yourself!

Looking for more expert styling tips? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

Many brides today are opting for looks that are more organic and natural looking, rather than stiff and structured. With this said, one of the most requested updos at Beautini, a Manhattan beauty company that specializes in weddings, is a textured updo. Of course, this look varies based on the bride’s personal style and wedding OOTD, but it should come as no surprise that a great updo photographs beautifully. Follow the steps below to create your own textured updo that will have you screaming “I do!”

STEP 1 — Curl your hair

Begin by curling sections of hair with a ½-inch curling iron. The tighter the curls, the more definition you’ll get.


Once all the hair is curled, part the hair at the crown of the head and pull the bottom half into a ponytail. This will be the base of your updo.


Gently pull your fingers through the loose pieces of curls and pull each section back to the ponytail. For added height, tease the top sections and be careful not to comb through the curls too much.


Next, tease the ponytail to give added volume and texture.


Wrap the hair into a loose bun. The beauty of doing a textured updo is that there is room to play around with the level of texture you want in your bun. However, remember that there’s a fine line between a look being textured and looking messy!


Once all the pieces of hair are secured, spray the updo with a finishing spray and hairspray to hold. Feel free to pull out a few pieces of hair for some tendrils to frame the face.

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The ponytail is one of the most common hairstyles for women. Simple, elegant, practical, no age limit. With a little practice and time, you can become a master of this versatile style. You can shape your ponytail in the second or third day and wash your hair, whether your hair is stitched or lace the wig, because the natural grease of your scalp will help you maintain your hairstyle, making the ponytail look brighter and less likely to lose hair from your hair braid. If you’ve just washed your hair, you can also use some extra hair styling products to help you achieve the curly and textured hair you want.

Now let’s start making a ponytail for your hair.

1. Use thickening spray or dry cleaning shampoo before starting. Spray concentrated hair gel or dry cleaning shampoo on the hair root. This will give the hair more space and perseverance. Baby powder can also be used in emergencies if you don’t have one on hand. Apply proper amount to palm and massage hair root. Baby powder helps to absorb excess oil, increase skin texture, and make hair roots more elastic. However, the powder on the ponytail must be thoroughly brushed off so that no white or gray stripes are left on the ponytail. You can even make your own dry cleaning shampoo at home. If your hair is dark, you can add a little cocoa to darken the final product.

How to create a textured ponytail

2. Roll up your hair. Use a curler to make soft curls or waves (curl the hair into 2 inches). If you spray some hair gel before curling or spray some hair gel or mousse before curling, your curly hair will last longer. Or you can roll your hair up. Put them in until they are completely cooled. If you have long hair, you can put it on top of your head, tie it in a ponytail, and then add a curling stick. It won’t be your last ponytail, but it’s a way to curl your hair faster and more efficiently. But if you roll up your hair, your hair roots won’t be as big as before. When the curly hair (or curling stick) is completely cool, gently comb the hair with your fingers. Don’t use a comb or brush, or the curls will be too loose. You can use a hairdryer (if your hairdryer is set in this position) to blow out cool air to help your hair curl, which can speed up the cooling process.

How to create a textured ponytail

3. Comb the top of your head. Raise your hair 3 inches in front/top of your head and gently comb it back with a toothed comb. Gently comb the hair in front with a comb. You’ll comb your hair in a different way, so you have a beautiful hairstyle. Then use your hand or comb to make your hair look very chic. Do it strictly, so don’t ignore your curls and curls. For a classic hairstyle, place it between the top of your head and the back of your neck (it should be level with the top of your ears). Fix your hair with elastic bands that match the color of your hair. To make sure your hair lasts and doesn’t show signs of flying, spray a thin layer of mousse on your hair.

How to create a textured ponytail

The ponytail has long been a well-loved staple and versatile hairstyle. Likewise, a curly ponytail is simple and easy to create and gives you boundless looks right at your fingertips.

This article will provide step-by-step styling details on everything you’ll need to create a variety of curly ponytail looks simply, cheaply, and from the comfort of your own home.

Table of Contents

What Is a Ponytail?

How to create a textured ponytail

The simple ponytail has been a go-to hairstyle across time, cultures, and genders.

It involves collecting the hair into a single or dual bundle and securing it together with a tie, scrunchie, or another hair accessory.

Today, the ponytail is a popular go-to hairstyle for everything from those rushed mornings to relaxed days at home and for keeping your hair out of the way during your favorite workout routine.

The curly ponytail can also be used to hide a failed hairstyle or to allow you to leave your detangling for another day.

Its versatility also extends from casual occasions to formal events, meaning you can dress it up with accessories or keep it simple for a more casual look.

No matter the occasion, a ponytail is your go-to for a hairstyle that is: simple, versatile, and affordable.

Hair Accessories for Curly Ponytails

How to create a textured ponytail

A simple curly ponytail requires only a tie or a clip to secure the hair in place. To take the best care of your hair, try to use hair accessories designed specifically for naturally curly hair.

Unfortunately, some hair ties cause damage to your hair by pulling, snagging, and breaking the hair strands as you place and remove them.

This list provides examples of several hair accessories that have been specifically designed to avoid damaging your hair. They have also been designed with curly hair in mind.

Elastic hair ties without metal fastenings: Using elastic hair ties without metal fastenings (like some bobby pins) means no snagging and breaking of your hair.

Silk scrunchies and hair ties: Silk scrunchies are gentle on hair and don’t absorb moisture like cotton ties, leaving your hair more hydrated.

Silk head scarves: Silk head scarves are versatile and can be used as a ponytail tie. Tie the silk head scarf into a knot or a bow to secure your ponytail.

Traceless or coil-style hair ties and rings: Traceless or coil-style hair ties and rings claim not to dent your hair, enabling you to wear your hair up and then out without too much refreshing of your curls. They can hold your hair securely while still being loose enough to sleep in and secure enough to wear with any hair texture.

Thick, no break hair ties such as ‘Gimme Bands No Break Thick Hair Ties’: Thick, no break hair ties are specifically designed for naturally coily, kinky hair. They’re durable, flexible, and gentle on your hair strands.

Snapee No Crease Snap-Off Hair Ties: These hair ties are designed for natural hair and also great for dreadlocks or braids. Soft texture for reduced frizz and adjustable tension.

Satin-lined caps: Satin-lined caps are great when you’re heading out on a cold day, keeping your head warm while the satin or silk lining works to prevent frizz and protect your hair. A ponytail easily fits through the cap, so you can still sport a ponytail.

How Much Do These Accessories Cost?

How to create a textured ponytail

The cost of these products varies depending on the product and where it’s purchased.

Generally, accessories such as a multipack of simple elastic hair ties can be purchased from discount stores, drugstores, or online retailers for around $4 to $8.

A silk tie or scrunchie multipack can be purchased from online retailers for between $8 to $15. A pack of 6 ‘Gimme Bands No Break Thick Hair Ties’ can be purchased from online retailers for around $15.

Product Average Price Range*
Elastic Hair Ties $4 to $8
Silk Scrunchies and Hair Ties $8 to $15
Silk Head Scarves $10 to $15
Traceless or Coil-style Hair Ties and Rings $5 to $9
Thick, No Break Hair Ties $10 to $14
Snapee No Crease Snap-Off Hair Ties $15 to $25
Satin-lined Caps $13 to $22

*The average price ranges shown in the table are based on prices we typically see for these products at online retailers, such as Walmart, Target, Sally Beauty Supply, and other online shops.

How to Create a Curly Ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

Whether you’re creating a curly ponytail on your own hair or someone else’s hair, the following steps will be helpful to create the perfect ponytail.

The following sections will provide step-by-step instructions for everything you need to create your ponytail.

Properly preparing your hair for a ponytail will help your look last all day. Start with cleansed, deep-conditioned hair to provide maximum hydration.

No matter whether it’s wash day or not, your hair can be easily prepared for a ponytail with these three tips:

  1. Use your favorite leave-in cream, conditioner, or hair custard for an excellent hydrating base.
  2. Once styled, you can use some flexible holding hairspray to keep your curls in place.
  3. A serum or a shine-creating product adds a nice finishing touch for extra shine and less frizz and is also great for refreshing non-wash day hair!

Now, let’s get started styling the perfect curly ponytail.

Different Styles of Ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

Classic Curly Ponytail Hairstyle

As its name suggests, the classic curly ponytail hairstyle is a simple style requiring a hair tie or clasp and any products you wish to use on your hair.

You can also create a classic curly ponytail with weave bundles on short natural hair using Brazilian curly hair extensions , eco styler gel, a Denman brush, gorilla snot, and evolve essentials head wrap.

Drawstring ponytails are currently one of the biggest trends in the natural hair world. It’s one of the easiest ways to add length and volume to short to medium length curls, kinks, and coils. For the woman who’s on the go and needs to change her look for the mood or occasion, a drawstring ponytail makes sense for her lifestyle. So if it means getting ready for the next wedding or workout one priority is the same: to make the ponytail look as natural as possible. Here are 3 key tips on how to do just that.

1. Use Your True Texture.

How to create a textured ponytail

Finding your true texture match is the first (and probably most important ) tip in making your drawstring ponytail look natural. Using a ponytail that matches your natural curl pattern saves you the trouble of manipulating your own hair to blend with your extensions. A true texture match will also eliminate lines of demarcation so no one will be able to tell where your natural hair ends and your extensions begin. Take our True You Quiz to find your unique texture match!

2. Moisturize.

How to create a textured ponytail

Moisturizing and detangling both your hair and your extensions can position you for better blending. When both are properly hydrated (washed, deep conditioned, etc.), you establish cohesion between how they look and feel. Moisturizing your hair can also help with molding and nailing that “sleek pony” down.

3. Secure Your Bun.

Before attaching your drawstring ponytail, it’s important that your natural hair is in a small and secure bun. This matters when styling a drawstring ponytail because if your natural hair is in a full bun, it can emphasize the line of demarcation between your hair and your faux ponytail. The goal is to create a seamless silhouette and a tiny bun can do that. For those with longer or fuller hair, a great trick to try is separating your natural ponytail into two braids or twists. Then wrap them around each other to create a small tight bun. See how @jori.chioma styles hers here.

4. It’s A Wrap!

Last but not least, wrapping a section of your extensions around your drawstring ponytail is the final step in making it look natural. When doing so, take a section of hair closest to your nape ( just enough to cover your drawstring) and wrap it around to get full coverage over where the drawstring appears. Once this is done properly, secure the hair with a bobby pin and you’re all done!

Quick weave is a fast and cheap hair applications. As a result, there are many women love this method. Not only applying for full head application, you can use this one to create ponytail styles as well!

It is believed that ponytail is not only a classic hairstyle but also a sign of bossy, energetic and fashionable women. “Rapunzel-length hair” is not necessary to have this gorgeous hairstyle. If your hair is short, a quick weave ponytail will make sense.

Let’s see how to do it at home.

How to create a textured ponytail


You need some stuff to have a sleek ponytail.

  • Weaves hair you want. It is better to choose weave hair extensions that match with your natural hair in color and textures. The number of weaves depend on volume of ponytail you wish.
  • Brush and comb
  • Hair moisturizer
  • Non-alcohol hair gel
  • Hairspray
  • Bands/scrunchies
  • Plastic bag or fabric
  • Fabric glue

Steps to take a quick weave ponytail at home

Now, it is time to start a hairdo.

Step 1: Detangle and moisturize your hair

How to create a textured ponytail

It is better to use your hand to detangle your hair gently, then use wide teeth comb to make it smoother. If you try to use a normal comb and detangle by using so much impact to your hair, it causes hair loss and hair breakage. Your hair is your crown, so you should treat it like your treasure.

As other hairdo process, wearing weave ponytail also cause damages to our hair. Your natural hair cannot “breath” while we have this hairstyle. Therefore, we need to moisturize deeply inside so as not to get hair breakages. Applying enough amount of hair moisturizer is necessary, but not too much or your hair will get wet.

Step 2: Lay your hair down

You absolutely don’t want a messy hairstyle, right?

Non-alcohol hair gel will be your hero. It lays your hair perfectly. Unlike other gels, non-alcohol gel don’t make your hair look matte but silky and smooth. As we all know, alcohol anhydrates our hair which results in dry hair and split ends. Therefore, you need to be careful when buying hair products, read ingredients and cautions clearly.

Next, use bands/scrunchies to tie your hair. Depending on your wish, you can make a high ponytail or low ponytail. Thus, you can tie your hair up or down, but don’t forget to add some more moisturizer before braid them. If your hair end is a little long, you can braid them so it is easier to wrap a plastic bag/ fabric around your hair. You have to make sure your natural ponytail is covered absolutely or you will get trouble with glue.

Step 3: Install a weave ponytail

It will be better if you have someone help you in this step. If you make it by yourself, do it slowly.

Normally, a weave is about more than 1 meter in width, so you need to cut it into small sections from 15 – 20 cm (equivalent to 6” – 8”) for easier application. When you roll the weaves around your ponytail, they can get tangle like a mess, so you should stretch them on a table and make it tangle-free.

You pour glue to the fabric from the end to the root. If your ponytail is long, divide them into 2 or 3 parts to glue it. Next, roll the weave hair extensions around your ponytail, starting at the end to the top. In hairdo process, you can add more glue to fix it for long last ponytail.

At the end of making a weave ponytail, you should take a hair strand, apply non-alcohol gel and roll it around your ponytail’s root to hide the bondage of the weave and make it seamless.

Now, a quick weave ponytail is done!

How to keep your quick weave ponytail nice all day long

If you are a headbanger, you cannot keep yourself from getting high in party without the iconic dance. However, your ponytail will become a disaster.

Don’t be panic! I will give you 2 tips for long-lasting ponytail.

Tip 1: Choose natural hair weaves

All of us know that there are many bad hair products in market. They are synthetic fibers, hair mix with synthetic fibers, animal fur, processed hair, etc. These types look unnatural and get tangle easily. Whereas, natural hair weave is 100% the same as your natural tress which can last long for years. That is the reason why you need to find out a reliable hair vendor such as Luxshinehair to buy weaves.

Tip 2: Wash your hair weave with conditioner before applying a ponytail

Conditioner is not only one of the best ways to heal your damaged hair but it is also make your hair get less tangled. Conditioner contributes more nutrient to your hair, closes hair cuticles and softens and smoothens hair. Thanks to that, your hair is knottedless and beautiful all day long.

A sleek ponytail is an easy hairdo but it can make your day. After reading this post, I hope you know how to do a quick weave ponytail at home instead of wasting money to hair salon. If you are looking for natural hair weave with high quality, you can visit our website to see and try the best experience. Besides, if you find it complicated for this hair application method, let’s use ponytail hair extensions instead! Get instant length and subtle volume within 15 minutes only and take it off every time, everywhere you want.

How to create a textured ponytail

The ponytail has to be one of my absolute favourite hairstyles. Since I was young, I’ve always loved putting my hair up in ponytails. Ponytail hairstyles used to be a convenient way to keep my hair out of my face, but now they’re much more than that.

With so many cute ponytail hairstyles to choose from, you can make a ponytail work for anywhere from work, to a night out with friends or a date with your S.O. Check out our collection of 14 easy and stylish ponytail hairstyles for all hair lengths!

How to do a Perfect Ponytail: 3 Basics for Beginners

1. Know the Look You Want
The ponytail may be a simple hairstyle, but there are a number of ponytail looks you can aim to achieve. Decide on the look you want before you start your hairstyle so you can perfect it with the right tools and techniques!

2. Stack Two Ponytails for a Longer, More Voluminous Ponytail Updo
Ponytail hairstyles can sometimes be a little bit lifeless. If you want a more voluminous ponytail stack one ponytail on top of another for a longer pony. We’ve included a video below detailing how to get this simple and voluminous ponytail look!

3. Add Product to Keep it in Place
If you want your perfect ponytail to stay in place throughout the day (or night), make sure to use a good hair holding hairspray. One of the best hairsprays for ponytails is the Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray.

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Pinterest Inspired Braided Ponytail | braidsandstyles12

Ponytail hairstyles can be elegant, casual or professional. Use these tutorials to get different ponytail looks from day to night!

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How to create a textured ponytail

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For anyone who wants to show off an ombre dye or just keep their hair under control, a sleek ponytail is the perfect hairstyle. At once chic, practical and seemingly effortless, it’s a classic hairstyle and one that anybody with long hair should have in their repertoire.

The good news is that to get the look, there are only a few simple steps to follow.

You’ll need:

Tail Comb
Iron Straight Heat Spray
A flat iron
Bold Control Hairspray

Step one

Create an extreme side parting with a tail comb and apply Iron Straight Heat Spray. Then, begin by blow-drying your hair, always pointing the dryer downwards. This will ensure hair dries as straight and vertical as possible at this stage.

Step two

Once hair is dry, apply more spray and run a flat iron through hair, working in large sections, to get it looking smooth and sleek. If your hair is prone to frizz, apply a small amount of Frizz Vanisher Cream to maintain the straight, smooth feel of this look.

Step three

Gather your hair in a low side ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Wrap a section of hair from the pony around the base to hide the elastic for an extra chic touch.

Step four

Spray a little Bold Control Hairspray onto the palm of your hand, rub hands together and then smooth over the top and sides of your head to prevent flyaways and ensure everything stays sleek.

If you prefer things a little more chaotic, check out our tutorial for a mussed ponytail.

It’s all in step number four

By Carli Alman

Beauty Crew Editor / June 01 2016

How to create a textured ponytail

It’s all in step number four

By Carli Alman

Beauty Crew Editor / June 01 2016


As chic and easy as a sleek low ponytail is, there’s something fun and flirty about a voluminous and texturised ponytail that sits high on your crown.

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin has a clever little trick for your textured ponytail that can help you fake fuller-looking locks and keep the base of your pony sitting high all day.

Here are her tricks for creating the tousled ponytail perfect for long hair.

Prep your hair

Before blow-drying your hair, give you hair extra texture with a wave spray, like Redken Fashion Waves 07.

How to create a textured ponytail

Dry thoroughly

Blow-dry your hair until completely dry. If you’d like to keep some of your natural texture, don’t use a brush while drying, however if you’d like to control any natural curls, kinks or waves, use a paddle brush to dry.

Brush and spray

Once your hair is dry, use a strong hold hairspray like label.m Hair Glue, to spray throughout your hair, and then brush it out. This will help give your hair extra grit and hold.

How to create a textured ponytail

Create a half-ponytail

Section your hair horizontally from ear to ear and secure in a half ponytail, ensuring the base sits on the crown of your head.

Secure the rest of your hair

Collect the rest of your hair and gather it up into a ponytail that sits just under the base of your half-ponytail, and secure it with a hair tie and bobby pins. Make sure that the tail of your half pony-tail blends in with your second ponytail. This helps create the illusion of a fuller, more voluminous ponytail that won’t drop. It’s also a nifty trick to use if you want your hair to look a little longer.

Add some waves

For loose, tousled waves, used an oval-shaped curling wand, like Halo The Alexa Hair Curler and wrap sections of hair around the tool to create effortless bends

How to create a textured ponytail

Artist Connective member Caralee Pridemore is known for her classic and timeless updos. Here, Pridemore shares with MODERN how to recreate a stunning low textured bun in an easy-to-follow video tutorial:

1. Start by a texture iron the hair close to scalp to about 1” down the hair shaft.

2. Backcomb in a brick lay pattern from crown to occipital point or down to the nape, this is all preference. The further down you backcomb, the more secure your pins will go in.

3. Use a texture spray for extra grip on the hair.

4. Brush out backcombed sections to create a smooth canvas, spray with a texture spray then a shine spray to get rid of dullness.

5. Leave hair out in the front (face framing sections)

6. Starting at the crown, pin first section in place. Continue cris-crossing sections over each other going in the direction of you bun placement. For this look, I gathered all sections towards the side, and pulled them apart.

7. Once all of your sections are cris-crossed down to the lower part of the ear, pin all in place.

8. Use a Bungee Hair tie to create a ponytail (this will leave the top sections undisturbed.

9. Take the remaining ponytail and create a rope braid (split hair into two sections and twist)

10. Gather the rope braid and twist it up and to the left. Pin in place, and form a bun with the remaining hair.

11. Take the two front sections left out (see step 5) and repeat the rope braid, going into the finished bun. You can leave tight for a more sophisticated look, or pull apart for a softer romantic style.

12. Pro Tip – Always leave some pieces around the face to soften the clients face shape, curl those pieces away from the face. Always make sure the ears are covered.

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posted on October 20, 2014 | by Amanda Holstein

How to create a textured ponytail

How to create a textured ponytail

Just like a perfectly disheveled bun, a messy ponytail can be difficult to achieve. For those dirty hair days, a loose, low ponytail is the ideal option. Wear it with casual weekend outfits or try it with bold eyes and earrings for a date night look. Simply follow these steps below in today’s messy ponytail tutorial!

How to create a textured ponytail

First, start by adding a dry oil to your hair to get that perfect shine and to protect from the heat. I was recently able to try the new Dove Pure Care Dry Oil hair care line and the combination of their shampoo, conditioner, and nourishing treatment are perfect to kickstart any look, especially this perfectly messy pony. Recently, I’ve felt my hair has been super dull, but this new line of products really gave it that boost of shine it was craving. Plus the smell of the Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment is insanely delicious – I’ve been getting tons of compliments!

Now that your hair is prepped, simply straighten it in layers. Tease the crown of your hair as well as your roots by taking a coarse brush and brushing in a downward motion. Tease until you see a ton of volume. I also suggest gently smoothing over the teased hair, without brushing out the volume, to keep the look sleek.

How to create a textured ponytail

For the ponytail, use hairspray on the crown and roots to enhance the volume as much as possible. Then pull your hair back into a low ponytail from the sides, but avoid pulling the hair back tightly. Tighten the ponytail so it’s secure, then gently pull at the pieces around the hair tie to create the loose, messy texture. Alternate between pulling pieces outward and tightening the ponytail until you’ve created the look you’re going for. If the pieces on the side are a bit too loose (i.e. some shorter pieces are falling out), use a bobby pin to secure them in place. Pull a few pieces out from around your ears and hair spray the heck out of it. And you’re done!

How to create a textured ponytail

// I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Dove Hair is daring women everywhere to try Dove Pure Care Dry Oil, risk-free now through December 31, 2014. If you are not completely satisfied with the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil system, Dove will refund your purchase (from 9/21 – 12/31). Visit for details

Ponytails are one hairstyle that will always be in style for all women of all ages. There are many different types of ponytails you can create, but one of the most difficult to place in is the sleek ponytail – just like the ones you see during Fashion Week. In this video, Sam Villa breaks down the steps to achieve the perfect pony.

Tools For Success

  • Professional Styling Brush.
  • Hair elastic or hair bungee.
  • Bobby pin.
  • High control hairspray.

How To Place The Perfect Ponytail

  • Give your hair some texture. If your hair is freshly washed and a little too smooth, add some dry shampoo to your hair for added texture. This will allow your ponytail to stay in place all day long.
  • Next, determine where you want to place your ponytail. If you have layers, your ponytail will need to be placed where your shortest pieces of hair can reach. Make sure you’re pulling your hair up, not back and don’t be afraid to go higher than you would normally.
  • You’re going to use the “pocket” of your hand to hold and control the ponytail. This is the area between your thumb and index finger. Hold the ponytail in place with one hand, brushing out any bumps with the other hand to ensure a smooth, sleek ponytail.
  • For best results, begin in the front center of the head, brushing the hair back to your placement point. Next, brush the left side back, then the right side back. Finally, go through and smooth anywhere you have missed until you are ready to secure with an elastic.
  • Use your hair elastic or hair bungee and wrap around the ponytail to secure it firmly in place. Using a hair tie or bungee will keep your ponytail in place all day long whereas a regular hair elastic tends to slip out throughout the day.
  • To keep your ponytail looking sleek & chic, take a 1-inch section of hair from the underside of your ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie. Secure the hair with a bobby pin to hide the elastic, pushing the bobby pin in on the underside of the hair elastic so everything is covered up.
  • Finish with a high control hairspray – we recommend Redken control addict 28 high control hairspray – and gently brush down any fly-aways with a powder brush or toothbrush. This will allow you to tame your fly-aways without making your ponytail completely flat.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to produce the perfect ponytail, one that belongs on the red carpet!

Show us your perfect ponytails on Instagram! Tag your photos with #samvilla for a change to be featured!

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I’m going to show you today how to do a Brigitte Bardot-inspired ponytail.
I’ve already prepped our model’s hair, using a heat-protectant spray, but
I’ve also added in some extensions to give her a real fullness; to really
get a beautiful, big Brigitte Bardot look out of it.

So the first thing that we’re going to do is, we’re going to section off the front,
and Brigitte Bardot wore a classic, beehive shape, but she made it
really sexy and really modern, and it really became an icon because it was
sexy and it was textured and it was more lifted. So, we’re going to take the
section here in the front, and it’s a little triangle section, it’s
basically the section that you would have if you had bangs. And if you have
long bangs, you can also create this look pretty easily. I’m just going to
take that, and I’m going to clip it out of the way, because all of the rest of
this is going to get pretty big. So this is where I’m going to start my teasing,
then. I’m going to take a rattail comb, and brush the hair back away from that
spot. I’m going to take tiny little slivers, brush them, and then add my tease
in. Now, for Brigitte Bardot, you want it really big, so I’m almost holding
the hair forward and brushing it.

And I’m just going to keep moving back, and I’m going to tease the whole crown
section, then I’m going to go and I’m add a couple of little teasing pieces
around the back. I’m going to start with a lot of teasing, because we want
this shape pretty big, and especially because I know I’m going to brush
through and kind of lighten the teasing up. I’ve started, also, with the
base of dry shampoo to her hair, which is one of the best ways to get a
great tease in there. So, now, I’m on the side section, and what I did, is
I’m just going to puff the section closest away, and I’m going to add a little
bit of teasing to there, too. Not as much as I did everywhere else, and I’m
actually going to tease, in our case, right up to the hair extension.

And I’ll move on to the other side, and do the same on that side. So, now
that we have all of our teasing set into place, she looks quite crazy, I
know. I’m going to take a little teasing comb, which has a mixture of
natural brushes and synthetic, but it’s really tiny. I love it for
smoothing like this. And you’re just going to smooth down the top half of that
tease, remembering that Brigitte Bardot’s look was a little lived-in; a
little sexy. So now once you have your teasing set into place, what you’re going to
do, is you’re going to take two little pieces from each side, and these are
the pieces that are right above the ear.

And you want to kind of make them even, you want to make sure that your Bardot look
is pretty even, too. This is nice, because it actually gives the beehive,
the bouffant, a little bit to stand on. So you’re going to take those two
pieces from each side, and that’s going to be used to smooth the sides. I take
a couple of bobby pins, give it a twist, and just pin them into place. So,
I just put two bobby pins in, criss-cross them underneath our shape. Now,
for the front. She wore the front, usually, parted straight down the
center, which really helped accentuate the other portion of the hairstyle.

So, what I’m going to do, is curl this hair. Now that I’ve really flattened up
the root, we’ll give it the illusion that she has kind of a long, swept-back bang.
Now I’ve curled that section, and I’m going to do the same thing to the other
section. If you did have long, sweeping bangs, you might even want to just flat
iron them smooth, with a little kick backwards. But remember, there’s
nothing super-done about this look, so if the sides don’t match up, that’s
fine. So you have two soft curls around her face.

Now I’m going to take the back section, and I’m going to toss some curls into it, as well. Big, giant
curls. This is the part of the look, though, that kind of changed all the time, so
it wasn’t always curled, sometimes it was smoother. If I was going to leave
this down, I would probably leave it smooth, because I think it looks cute. Now if
you didn’t have hair extensions at home, and you still wanted to create
this look, you totally could. But one thing that you might want to add
after you put your curls in and get your ponytail, you might just add
teasing to the ponytail to make it look fuller.

Okay, so just throw in a little bit of a wave throughout everything. And now
what I’m going to do, is I’m going to take the hair, and I’m going to start
smoothing it over to the side. One thing that’s important for keeping this
sexy is, you want to create a new hairline for something, you don’t want
it super-high, that gives a super-youthful look, remember, we want it super-
lived- in. So I’m draping it across the back of the neck, and then when I
get to this side, double check everything, of course, I’m going to go ahead and put my
ponytail in there. So now I’ve taken a tiny little piece from the underside of
the ponytail, and I’m going to use that to create a wrap over the top. I love
to start it with a little light hold hairspray, smooth it out, and you’re just
going to take a bobby pin, and pin it up and out of place. You can plump up
your ponytail by adding a little bit of a tease to it. Just like I said to
do if you didn’t want to put curls in with the curling iron. And we’ll do
the same with the other side, of course, and that is a Brigitte Bardot-
inspired ponytail.

How to create a textured ponytail

Celebrity hairstylist Ryan Trygstad shows you exactly how to get this majorly gorgeous textured twist. You know you want to wear the hell out of it Saturday night.

2. Put your hair in a ponytail. Take a ponytail holder that matches your hair and create a loose, low ponytail. Next, pull the ponytail holder toward the ends of your hair so that it’s at the last two inches. This will keep your hair together as you roll it toward your head, but still allowing it to feel loose and messy.

3. Twist your hair. Starting with the ends, create a French twist by rolling the ponytail in towards the head until it’s tight, hiding the fastened end.

4. Set the twist. Position the twist in the middle of the back of your head.

5. Pin the twist. Using large French pins/U-pin, starting at the nape, pin along the twist until it feels secure and continue working the pins all the way up the pleat of the twist to the top.

6. Finish with hairspray. Finish by spraying Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray for hold.

Done and done! Now go Instagram the hell out of your sexy hair and tweet us with hashtag #Cosmosexyhair.

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Is your pony tail not quite as full as you would like it to be? Does it fall a bit flat? Luckily, even for those with thin hair, there are ways to spruce up your pony, making it that much more voluminous. So what are you waiting for? Look and feel your best with these seven great ponytail tips! Take a look!

If you struggle to make a thick pony tail, then try the ‘phony tail’. You simply make one pony inside of the other, brilliant!

How to create a textured ponytail

If you want a stylish pony with a twist, then try this gorgeous half-up do. Be sure to watch the video tutorial carefully to get this right!

How to create a textured ponytail

This is the best way to create a full-looking pony tail if you have thin hair!

How to create a textured ponytail

Curls can help create volume, try this look!

How to create a textured ponytail

A couple of bobby pins can create added height. Wow!

How to create a textured ponytail

‘Backcombing’ is a popular way to add volume. Just make sure you have the correct brush and know how to do it correctly. Otherwise, you damage your hair.

How to create a textured ponytail

With one of these handy hair clips , you can easily, and quickly, create a more voluminous pony!

Ponytails are instant head turners. They are easy to achieve and have the power to transform a simple everyday look to a stylish and effortless hairstyle. The best part is that you can literally rock them anywhere, whether to work, date night or a girl’s night out, ponytails are your babies for life.

There are different ways to style a ponytail from a bubble ponytail to a high ponytail, but one of my favorite ponytail styles has to be the sleek natural ponytail.

Bonus style tip: The sleek natural ponytail can pass off as a cute summer look too.

Wondering how to achieve a sleek natural ponytail? This tutorial by Bri Hall will show you all the basics.

How to do a Sleek Natural Ponytail

What you need

How to create a textured ponytail

  • Styling gel
  • Styling mousse
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Bristle brush
  • Toothbrush/edge brush
  • Elastic hair tie

Step 1: Part your hair

How to create a textured ponytail

  • You can start with freshly washed hair or not.
  • Make your preferred part either a side or middle part with a fine-tooth comb.
  • Apply some styling mousse to your roots, smooth it down your hair and finger detangle.

Step 2: Sleek your hair down in sections

How to create a textured ponytail

  • First, divide your hair into 3 sections, apply your gel to the topmost part of your hair, and smooth it down with a bristle brush.
  • Repeat for the other sections.
  • When you get to the hair at the front where your parting is, divide it into smaller sections and sleek down each section of hair gently.
  • Then gather all your hair into a secure low ponytail and smooth down any flyaway hairs.

Step 3: Lay your edges

How to create a textured ponytail

  • Go in with a fine-tooth and style your baby hairs however you want.
  • Now, sleek them down with a toothbrush or edge brush.
  • Rock your sleek natural ponytail as desired.
  • At the end of the video, Bri Hall also showed how to achieve this ponytail look with extensions. All you need to do is wrap your low ponytail into a bun and attach a natural ponytail extension to it for more volume and definition.

Now, that’s 2 ways you can pull off a ponytail look!

How to create a textured ponytail

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How to create a textured ponytail

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A sleek ponytail can never do you wrong if done correctly. Whether it’s a high or low ponytail or a high or low bun, its quick and easy to create.

If you’re gradually going back to the office, university or school, this hairstyle will be a lifesaver.

Youtuber Marie Jay shows us how to get the look for short/medium straight hair.

Youtuber Halfrican Beaute shows us how to get the same look for naturally thicker or textured hair.

Here’s some products we would recommend to keep your look intact.

You just can’t talk about a sleek hairstyle without mentioning Eco Style gels. They are perfect for a wide variety of hair types, uniting beauty with environmental consciousness to give the perfect sleek hairstyle.

A post shared by ECOCO (@ecocobeauty) on Jul 18, 2020 at 10:59am PDT

Another great product to use that will keep your hair straight and silky smooth is the Organics Conditioning Smoother and Polisher Serum. It helps to strengthen dry hair and keep it moisturised with the brand’s historic Olive oil remedy.

For an extra strong fix that will last, you’ve got to try Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray. It’s a spray formula which can be applied directly onto the hair from a distance. We would recommend using an unused toothbrush (a bamboo one we hope) to keep those flyaways down. Simply spray the product onto the bristles and brush over your hair and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for an alternative to your usual hairspray, give the Avlon KeraCare Styling Wax Stick a go? It doesn’t make your hair feel greasy or heavy and smooths down flyaways and frizz. It’s suitable for natural or relaxed hair. It is also easy to use by applying the wax directly onto the hair or onto your fingers for a more precise application.

Now you’re all set to show off your sleek hair do!

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How to create a textured ponytail

Styling a low ponytail feels a lot like playing the lottery. When done right, it feels like we hit the jackpot with a look that’s perfect at just about any event. There are times, however, when it feels like our low ponytail takes us back to the 1700s.

Stumped about how to create a stylish low ponytail the right way? Don’t worry, we’ve been there. We tapped Cassi Pinder, L’Oréal Professionnel artist and brand ambassador, to show us how to get the low ponytail look right every time. If your dark brown hair is in serious need of a styling boost before the holidays, you don’t want to miss out on this step by step guide.

How to create a textured ponytail

Gather your low ponytail supplies.

How to create a textured ponytail

Prep your hair.

How to create a textured ponytail

Form your low ponytail.

How to create a textured ponytail

Wrap your low ponytail.

Ready to take your low ponytail to the next level? Conceal your hair elastic by wrapping a small section of hair around the base. To do this, separate the loose half-inch section of hair from your ponytail and grab a bobby pin. Open the bobby pin and wrap the end of the separated section around it. Then, wrap the section of hair around the ponytail and use the bobby pin to hold it in place.

Gently loosen a few strands at the top of your head with the tail end of your comb for a more voluminous look.

Don’t skip out on hairspray.

Once your low ponytail is completely secure, the look is nearly complete! Give your ponytail a few spritzes of high-hold hairspray to ensure your low pony lasts all night long. We recommend the Kérastase Laque Extreme Hair Spray. The hairspray provides unstoppable hold to finish any style and lock volume firmly into place. It also adds shine and creates lasting touchable results.

With Pinder’s expert tips and tricks, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect low ponytail every time!

Interested in more expert styling tips? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

Follow along as Shayla Robertson (@samirasjewelry), SexyHair Visionary Team Member and #ItTakesAProTeam Artist, shows you how to create defined curls with a lot of texture. Shayla’s model’s hair is naturally curly.


  • To get a clean and defined look, start by blow drying the hair smooth with SexyHair Prep Me for up to 450-degree thermal protection.
  • Take a small horizontal section in the back at the nape using a horizontal parting. Using SexyHair Powder Play Lite at the root area, tease the root to give a nice cushion for supporting the extensions and give volume.
  • Add clip-in extensions at the root area.
  • Using Sexy Hair Hot Control Me for thermal protection and light hold, lightly spray the top and bottom of the section of hair.
  • Next, working in small sections, create curls by wrapping the hair around the curling iron while twisting to get nice defined curls. Pin curls into place.
  • Repeat movements and technique in the back of the head adding extensions and curling with SexyHair Hot Control Me.
  • Continue working up the head shape curling everything towards the face.
  • Once everything is curled, starting at the back, begin taking down the curls.
  • Using SexyHair Texture High Tide hairspray for texture and hold, spray each curl with High Tide and pull the curls upwards for nice thick texture. Continue this on all curls.
  • Finish with SexyHair Texture High Tide hairspray for a natural finish and up to 24 hours humidity resistance.

When working in small sections to create curls, use the same clip to hold multiple sections at once.

How to create a textured ponytail

Jada Jenkins — Sam Villa ambassador, Mizani artist and L’amour de Rose salon owner — shares how to create the perfect glam ponytail.

How to create a textured ponytailHair: Jada Jenkins; Makeup: Makk

These concepts will help create the perfect glam ponytail for any occasion:

  1. Understand Face Shape: Sleek looks can slim a round face. A side swoop or fringe can help draw attention away from a larger forehead. Avoiding weight on an oblong face shape will help to balance features.
  2. Define the Design: Apply Mizani Heat Screen Hair Protectant Spray to prep and protect hair from heat. For a sleek surface, use a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron to smooth hair; when added texture and mass is needed, use a Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron to build volume.
  3. Position: Break down ponytail into sections (two to three). If the person has a part (middle or side), divide hair into three sections. Establish the position of the ponytail, gather hair and use a bungee cord to secure.
  4. Length: Extensions are always an option for longer styles — choose those that match original hair texture and desired length, and attach with the following steps:
    1. Weft extension around elastic bands.
    2. Use hairpins to secure extensions at the top and bottom of the ponytail.
  5. Secure: Apply Mizani Lived-In Sculpting Paste and HRM Humidity Resistance Mist to hold hair in place. Use a Sam Villa Signature Series Tail Comb to form neat, clean sections. When using hairpins, attach a braid to the scalp to provide an anchor for pins to limit scalp irritation. Connect each section with elastic bands, and then wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic to cover it.
  6. Enhancements: Once the ponytail is in place, take creative liberty to embellish with accessories, braids, curls, waves or super-sleek smoothness.

“When fashioning ponytails, always be mindful of tension…gather hair just tight enough to secure; too much unnecessary pulling can damage hair follicles,” explains Jenkins.

  1. How to Wear a Maang Tikka
  2. How to Wear a Headband When Your Ears Stick Out
  3. How to Use Velcro Rollers So They Don’t Tangle
  4. How to Glue in a Ponytail Using a Weave
  5. How to Wrap Hair Without Breakage

How to create a textured ponytail

Many women want long and full hair but have trouble growing it themselves. Hair extensions are often worn to fulfill this desire. Hair extensions come in many textures and colors and are most often purchased by salon owners and beauticians for professional use. Luckily, high quality extensions are also available to the public and are very simple to put in. One of the fastest and easiest ways to wear hair extensions is in an elegant ponytail. Ponytails are a popular choice among women who want a low maintenance hairstyle that is also stylish and sophisticated. The following steps will instruct you on how to make ponytail pieces with hair extensions.

How to create a textured ponytail

Hair extensions come in wefts. The weft is the piece along the top of the extension that the hair hangs from. The length of the hair weft should be at least 12 inches long. The actual hair that hangs from the weft comes in a variety of colors and styles. Decide on the style of hair that you will be using.

Pull your own hair into a ponytail and secure it tightly with a rubber band. Check in the mirror to make sure that their are no loose strands hanging and that the ponytail is placed where you want.

How to create a textured ponytail

Place the hair extension weft flat on a solid surface so that it is completely unrolled. Comb through any hair hanging from the weft that may be tangled or misplaced.

Hold one end of the weft in your hands. Tuck this end slightly beneath the rubber band that is holding your ponytail, and use a bobby pin to pin it in place. Loop the hair extension around your ponytail once and pin it into place. Continue looping the hair extension around the ponytail, and pin in place each time you do so until the entire extension is pinned in.

How to create a textured ponytail

Pull aside a small section of hair from the ponytail. Wrap this small section around the ponytail to cover the weft seam and the rubber band. Use a bobby pin to secure this section of hair in place.

How to create a textured ponytail
Source: Matrix

Most of the time, the easiest thing for your client is to pull her hair back in a ponytail. But ponytails can be really chic and stylish whether she’s going to the salon, meeting up with friends or going out on a date. Let’s breakdown how you can perfect your ponytail style to help style your clients.

Prepping hair with the right products is key to creating a smooth, refined finish. Biolage All-In-One Multi-Benefit Spray is a vegan, weightless, no wax, sulfate-free formula that is ideal for priming the hair. This formula will help to reduce frizz, help with porosity and protect the hair against external aggressors, such as heat and excessive brushing. Spray Biolage All-In-One Multi-Benefit Spray onto wet hair and comb through to distribute evenly from roots to ends.

How to create a textured ponytail
Source: Matrix

Next, choose the right brush. A paddle brush is ideal for longer hair and for sleek, straight hair. Looking to create volume? Select a round brush and over-direct the hair at the root to achieve the most volume. When hair is completely dried, you are ready to pull back into a ponytail. A cushion Brush that has a combination of boar and nylon bristles will help minimize breakage, reduce fly-aways make it easier for slicking back.

The placement of the ponytail is what makes her look versatile. High ponytails are more dramatic, perfect for date night while low ponytails feel more subdued and chic which is the perfect look for the salon. Once you’ve have decided on the placement, selecting the right hairspray is critical to achieving a modern style. Biolage Complete Control Hairspray is a water-free, fast drying aerosol with an adjustable hold. Having an adjustable hold allows you to continue working on the hair until you have the texture needed without being tacky and sticky. The more you layer Biolage Complete hairspray on, the more texture and grip you will create. For best results, spray from at least 12 inches away from the hair so it applies dry on the hair.

Now, to secure the hair, grab an elastic and two bobby pins. Attach the two bobby pins on opposite ends. Insert the one bobby pin into the hair and wrap the rubber band around the surface of the ponytail. Once you run out of slack, secure the other bobby pin into the hair. This technique minimizes any breakage and allows you to create perfect placement. It is also very easy for the client to remove without any additional damage to their hair. Simply remove one of the booby pins and let unravel. To hide the rubber band, take a piece of hair from underneath and warp around to cover the elastic, and then spray hairspray closely to wet hair to keep in place.

Now that you’ve achieved a perfectly polished ponytail, feel free to accessorize to take it to the next level. And catch Matrix Artistic Director Michael Albor in the video below for a complete step-by-step.