How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

You’ve no doubt noticed how most celebrities seem to undergo some sort of magical hair transformation before a red carpet or big event. All those glamorous curls and snatched ponytails probably leave you wondering, didn’t she have short hair just yesterday? The secret: clip-in hair extensions. Made from high-quality materials and available in more colors and textures than ever, hair extensions have come a long way in recent years, and many celebrity hairstylists rely on them to create the gorgeous styles you’re looking to for inspiration. And that’s the best part: They’re available to consumers and super easy to use. Below, check out the best clip-in hair extensions on the market today.

The Best Clip-In Hair Extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Vario Clip-In Extensions

If you are looking for good quality hair at an affordable price, Vario is the way to go. These clip-in extensions are made from 99 percent Remy (aka high-quality human hair), and you won’t need to purchase extra packages due to the thickness they provide. Each comes with seven pieces, so you can build up to your desired volume. Not only that but they are highly affordable, and easy to style.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Hetto Clip-Ins

If you have curly hair, these clip-ins are for you. They are made from 100-percent Remy hair that’s thick and healthy and can be easily styled. The company offers loose curls, kinky curls, body waves, and straight hair; you can also choose different lengths (from 10- to 22-inch) and colors. They are perfect for daily use, and once washed, they return to their natural texture. These extensions are also very affordable.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Fullshine Clip-In Hair Extensions

These extensions come in a variety of colors, including ombre. They are a little pricier than the ones above but are silky smooth and leave you looking like you just left the salon. They also don’t offer as many textures as the Hetto brand, as they are made to be restyled — straightened and curled — like your real hair. Not only that, but you receive a pair of mink lashes with every order.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Caliee Kinky Curly Afro Extensions

These are the best clip-in hair extensions for people with naturally textured hair that are looking to add either volume or length. They are made from 100-percent Remy hair and come in different curl patterns, from 3A to 4C, keeping their curl after multiple uses. If you want to add volume, one pack will easily do; if you’re looking to style a full head of hair, then you would want to purchase two. With proper care these extensions will last you six months.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Geelook Clip-In Extensions

Another brand that uses pure Remy hair and is very affordable, Geelook offers volume options for both thin hair as well as thick hair. Designed straight, these clip-in hair extensions can be washed and styled to your preference. They can even be dyed to match your natural hair! With appropriate care, each set will last you from six to twelve months.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Goo Goo Clip-In Extensions

These extensions land on the pricier side, but provide you with natural-looking thickness and beautiful colors. We particularly like that there is a number of balayage options. They are super silky and will air dry into soft waves when washed. Just note: They company doesn’t recommend using heat on the hair, so these are meant to be styled as is.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Reecho ¾ Clip-In

These affordable extensions are made up of a heat-friendly synthetic material. Being a one-piece clip-in you are limited in how you can use it, but it’s ideal for updos. When wearing your hair down, your safest bet would be to purchase a few and stagger them. As with all synthetic extensions you want to brush them out regularly with a wet brush as they do tangle easily.

As we have expressed throughout this article, caring properly for your clip-in hair extensions is a must if you want them to last. Just like regular hair you want to wash, condition, and brush them when they become dirty. This will give you the most bang for your buck and allow you to wear them again and again, regardless of which brand you go with.

We often receive complimentary products for review at Glam. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a share of the revenue from our affiliate partners.

“We often receive complimentary products to review at Glam. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a share of the revenue from our affiliate partners.”

“I feel like every girl should have a set of clip-in extensions.”

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

The worst-kept secret in hair? Practically everyone wears extensions. And we’re not even talking about the professional ones (although, yes, a lot of people wear those too). Clip-in extensions—which literally clip in and out of hair at your discretion—have gone mainstream, thanks to their ability to add not only length, but volume in seconds. “I almost feel like every girl should have a set of clip-in extensions,” says Priscilla Valles, a celebrity extensionist who works with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, and Chrissy Teigen. Keep reading to find out what she says makes a great clip-in, plus shop seven of our favorites.

What Are the Benefits of Using Clip-In Extensions?

Just in case you aren’t convinced, here’s why it’s never a bad idea to have clip-ins on hand.

  • They provide versatility. Simply put, says Valles, “The benefits of using clip-ins is they give your hair a style instantly.” Whether you’re starting out with long or short hair the options become endless. “You could dramatically change your length or thickness in the matter of a couple clips and snaps,” says the extensionist.
  • They’re easy to use. There are so many good clip-in options now, you can get a professional-worthy look without leaving your house. “You can add to them at home by yourself, and you do not need a stylist,” says Valles.
  • They’re reusable. Even if they’re an investment, remember that you’ll be able to wear a good set of clip-ins over and over.

What Should You Look for When Buying Clip-Ins?

Here’s Valles’s criteria:

  • Clips that blend right in: “You want to look for thin clips that aren’t too bulky,” says Valles. “There are a lot of wefts that are double or triple wefted, so they stick out and they tend to make your head look very bulky.” A more seamless clip will appear (or rather, disappear) as if they are part of your natural hair.
  • The right hair color: The next obstacle is the actual color of the extensions. “You also want to make sure it’s a perfect color match,” says Valles, who adds this tip: “A darker root usually helps so the clip-ins don’t show.”
  • High-quality hair: Hair extensions can get quite expensive, but good quality is worth the cost. “The quality of hair is important, sometimes companies use coding on the hair and this makes it look very shiny and fake, almost like Barbie hair,” explains the extensionist.

September 1, 2021

Bows are a playful way to add a touch of femininity to your look. Soft, relaxed designs are a quick shortcut to the prairie trend, while pearl-embellished and velvet styles offer a subtle nod to the infamous Chanel look.


How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

  • Start by sectioning your hair into two halves and secure both in place
  • Clip in your first two clip weft
  • Use a comb to section then clip in your next two clip weft
  • Repeat with the rest of your two clip wefts


How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

  • Comb your hair neatly in to half ponytail
  • Comb the bottom section into the anchor ponytail, and secure with a hair elastic
  • Take another hair elastic and tie it about an inch above the base of the ponytail
  • Clip your four clip quad weft onto the ponytail
  • Wrap around the base of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin
  • Spray a toothbrush with some hairspray and use to smooth down any flyaways


How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

  • Now it’s time to curl using your straightener.
  • Take a section about an inch wide.
  • Run the straightener from the top to the bottom, whilst slowly turning.
  • Repeat for more definition.
  • Using the color Wow root cover up or an eyeshadow to fill in your hairline

How To Do A Ponytail With Extensions? 7 Easy Styles To Try At Home

Table of Contents

Every girl loves ponytails for sure. This is the simplest, easiest and fastest hairstyle ever. You just need to own a rubber band to do a simple and classy ponytail for your hair. Most of the time, people use clip-in hair extension ponytails to add volume to their hair. Furthermore, ponytails are the easiest way to style hair. There are several ways to do this. If you wonder how to do a ponytail with extensions , let’s read this article to check it out!

Long Sweet Ponytail

This can be one of the most classy ways to put hair extensions in a ponytail. All you need is to prepare about 3-4 clip wefts clip-in extensions.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensionsLong Sweet Ponytail

– Make a low ponytail with your natural hair

– Clips the extensions around it

– Clip the first weft as close as possible to the rubber band, which will help to leave room for the remaining wefts

– Tight the wefts well then make a ponytail with a hair rubber.

– After everything has done, you can curl your hair for a more classy look. Then comb your hair gently downward

Glossy High Ponytail

It can be the most stylish way to do a ponytail with extensions.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensionsGlossy High Ponytail

– Do a small ponytail at the crown of your head

– Clip the wefts around your ponytails, close to the hair tie.

– Then tie all the wefts clip-in

– Collect all the remaining hair then secure a high ponytail with both your natural hair and extensions

– Pick up a small bundle of your hair, then wrap it around the base like the rubber band do then conceal it with another hair tie.

Messy Ponytail

This style is for an energetic girl

How to do a ponytail with extensions in messy way?

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensionsMessy Ponytail

– Clip all your wefts you prepare as mentioned previously.

– Flip your hair upside down at the middle point

– Leave a small section of your hair at the nape area to use them for wrapping around the clips later,

– Make a high ponytail will all your hair

– Pull out random stands and gently mess with them

– Loosen your hair down a little bit for a fashion look.

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Double Twisted Ponytail

This is a perfect style with a royal look

How to do a ponytail with extensions in a double twist?

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensionsDouble Twisted Ponytail

– Section your hair into 2 parts

– Put the right section at the front. And work in the left section first.

– Twist your hair on the left side up to the middle point of the length. Use a rubber band to secure it

– Do the same with the right part, squeeze from right to left

– Twist 2 section again for a better look then secure both with another rubber band

Fishtail Ponytail

This ponytail style will give you a classy bohemian vibe

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensionsFishtail Ponytail

– Comb your hair gently, gather all your hair into a ponytail will a rubber band

– Braid a small section from left to the right. Then take a small section from right to left.

– Repeat it until the end of your hair

– Finally, pull out the random twist and gently tease with them for a more full braid

Bubble Ponytail

Bubble ponytail is a trendy style you can do with your hair extensions

How to do a bubble ponytail with extensions?

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensionsBubble Ponytail

– Make a ponytail as above

– Use a rubber band and tie your hair about one inch away from your base of the ponytails

– Repeat step 2 by moving downward. Make sure each slide is one inch far from each other

– Use a tight and small rubber band to make sure the bubble is looking good

– Fluffy each bubble for a much nicer look

Short Hair Ponytail

You may think short hair is hard to make ponytail. Be creative, you can certainly have a unique ponytail with your short hair

How to make a short hair ponytail?

– Section your hair into 3 parts. Create a low ponytail with the middle part, tie it by a rubber band.

– Squeeze at the base to make the ponytail tighter.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensionsShort Hair Ponytail

– Secure the free sides with your ponytails at the base with bobby pins

– Tease the end of your hair to look more fluffy and thicker.

– Use hairspray to secure your hair in the right follow

– Incorporate with a headband for a more stylish look.

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How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensionsponytail hair extensions at Laylahair

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We hope that thanks to this paper, you will know more about how to do a ponytail with extensions .

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Ponytails are the perfect way to quickly get that casual yet chic look without having to spend hours in front of a mirror. While you can wear your hair up in many different ways, the best and easiest method to quickly pull your hair into a beautiful ponytail is by using ponytail extensions.

Clip-in ponytail extensions let you do it all at once and then go about your day with more comfort and confidence. By adding clip-in extensions to your hair, your ponytail will look more voluminous, thick, and beautiful. High-quality wefts like Zala ponytail hair extensions from can instantly transform any boring pony into something spectacular and noteworthy.

Here are some great ideas for pulling your hair into gorgeous ponytail styles with hair extensions:

1. Sleek High Ponytail

This gorgeous and casual ponytail is perfect for everyday wear. It comes as a saviour when you experience bad hair days or just want to tame your locks. We often see celebrities like Beyonce and Ariana Grande making statements with high ponytails. And, they look glamorous every time because tight-pulled hair gives them a perfect facelift.

The best part is that the sleek high ponytail is easy to create, especially when your hair is long, thick, and fuller. Women with short or thin hair can also easily achieve it with ponytail hair extensions.

Here’s how you can get this hairstyle in minutes:

  1. Pull your hair in a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.
  2. Attach a ponytail extension to the base of the pony that you just created.
  3. Next, take the velcro strap and wrap it around the hair.
  4. Use a bobby pin to secure the extension.

And there you go — you’re ready to rock a gorgeous, complete, and elegant high ponytail!

2. Chic Braided High Ponytail

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Not a fan of keeping the pony out? Consider braiding it instead! The braided high ponytail looks lovely with any face shape. It is the perfect way to give yourself an instant, glam makeover. This hairstyle will not only make you look trendy, but it is also a great solution to keep your hair out of your face.

While the chic braided high pony is beautiful, it looks especially glam with ponytail extensions. The extensions make your hair long, thick, and voluminous, so you can easily work with the braided high ponytail.

Follow these steps to get this trendy hairstyle:

  1. Pull your hair into a high ponytail as you usually do and secure it with an elastic.
  2. Attach the hair extension to the ponytail.
  3. Now, braid the hair passing through the elastic band, working your way to the end.
  4. Use a small elastic band to secure the braided hair at the bottom, and you’re good to go!

3. Polished Top Knot

Every girl needs a go-to style for when the sun is out. And what better way to look adorable than

with one of these cute little buns? There are many ways you can wear a polished top knot, from a tighter bun to a more laid back look, like a romantic knot. The top knot is not only casual, but it is also a timeless and versatile hairstyle for any occasion, including your wedding day.

Here’s how to pull your hair into this style with extensions:

  1. Gather your hair and pull it into a high ponytail (on the crown of your head).
  2. Put an elastic band around the ponytail to hold it in place.
  3. Clip your extension in the ponytail.
  4. Now take the hair (including the extension) and twirl the end around to make a knot.
  5. Make sure the hair conceals the elastic band.
  6. Use bobby pins to secure the polished top knot in place.

4. Stylish Low Bun

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

If you’re looking for a stylish, cute, and versatile hairdo, the chic low bun has you covered. This super elegant and creative updo is also a perfect option to keep your hair off your neck. The low bun not only makes you look youthful, but you can also make it look romantic by adding your favourite accessories.

While you can wear this sleek hairstyle on all occasions, it is a perfect option for formal events.

Follow these steps to achieve the stylish low bun using hair extensions:

  1. Pull your hair into a mini low bun as you normally would.
  2. Clip the ponytail hair extension around the bun.
  3. Wrap the velcro base around the ponytail and use bobby pins to secure it.
  4. Tease the bun a bit and take out a few hair strands to make it look fuller and a little messy.

Voila! You’re ready to make a statement with a gorgeous low bun.

5. The Classic Low Ponytail

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Want to turn heads with a lovely and chic retro look? Consider updating your style with the classic low ponytail! This beautiful hairstyle has made a comeback, and this time around, ponytail hair extensions make it look even more glamorous.

Thanks to hair extensions, the extra thick and long low ponytail will transform your appearance in minutes, allowing you to make a statement for all occasions.

It’s a perfect hairstyle for formal as well as informal occasions. You can wear it to work, on your wedding day, on a date night, or just for a hangout with friends. And you’re sure to look gorgeous every time! The best thing about this style is that you can achieve it with any hair type–curly, straight, wavy!

Here’re the steps to get a low ponytail hairstyle with extensions:

  1. Pull your hair into a low ponytail.
  2. Pull some hair out and twist it around the ponytail.
  3. Clip the extension into the hair wrapped around the ponytail.
  4. Use bobby pins for enhanced hold.
  5. Comb the extension together with the hair running down your back.
  6. Tease the ponytail a bit to add extra oomph, and your beautiful hairstyle is ready.

You can get these lovely ponytail hairstyles with extensions within minutes. It’s a good idea to play around with all of these hairstyles to find the one that complements your physical features and outfit. But make sure to use only high-quality, 100 per cent Remy human hair extensions to fully flaunt the glam elements that these styles have to offer!

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How-to Clip-in Ponytail Extensions

Whether you are looking for a new glam hairstyle or simply wanting to disguise your day-4 hair; our new professional Clip-in Ponytails are a perfect addition to your hair wardrobe!

Simply follow our easy guide for a seamless and comfortable application of your new pony piece.

Step One: Straighten Your Hair

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

For a sleek finish with a seamless blend, we recommend straightening your natural hair before your Ponytail application. Begin by brushing through your hair to remove any tangles, and gently straighten the hair to smooth the cuticles.

Step Two: Tie-up Your Hair

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

To give the Ponytail something to grip on-to, tie your natural hair up in a slick, high-ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Ensure the hair is tightly secured to make your pony as comfortable as possible.

Step Three: Add Volume

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

For added volume and extra comfort, tie an additional bobble around an inch away from the first; (don’t worry, these are provided with our Ponytails). The additional hair tie will not only give your pony extra height but also prevent any slippage. If you have naturally fine hair, you can tie your natural-pony into a bun instead at this stage.

Step Four: Apply the Ponytail

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Your natural-pony is ready for a glow-up! Begin to attach your Ponytail Extension to the top of your pony; Ponytails are attached to the hair using the traditional gated clips, with a velcro fastening for extra support.

Step Five: Secure the Ponytail

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Lifting the Ponytail out of the way, wrap the velcro base around your natural pony, followed by the wrap-around hair attachment. To conceal your style, fix the wrap-around hair piece to your pony using a bobby-pin; also included in your Care Kit.

Step Six: Finish the Look

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

You are ready to dress this super-quick and versatile hair-look up or down. All of our premium Clip-in Ponytail Extensions are 100% Remy Human hair, giving you the freedom to style to yours using your favourite hair tools.

Ready to achieve Hollywood-style glamour in minutes? Shop our new Milk+Blush Clip-in Ponytail Extensions now!

” data-medium-file=”×154.jpg” data-large-file=”” title=”sleekhighponytail_1″ />

No matter where you turn, ponytails are always on trend. This tutorial teaches you how to achieve a sleek low ponytail and sleek high ponytail using BetterLength Clip ins.

One bundle of 18″ kinky coarse clip ins is using in this tutorial.

Step One

Parting the back of your hair and put the first piece of clip ins upside down. Facing the clip parts upward so that when you put it in a ponytail it’s kind of very snatched.

” data-medium-file=”×154.jpg” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” src=”” alt=”lowponytail 1 – HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS” width=”845″ height=”435″ srcset=” 845w,×154.jpg 300w,×395.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 845px) 100vw, 845px” title=”HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS”>

Step Two

Keeping moving in rotation to follow your else parting. And put the second piece of the clip ins fall downward as you know regular hair would fall instead of upside down.

” data-medium-file=”×154.jpg” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” src=”” alt=”lowponytail 2 – HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS” width=”850″ height=”436″ srcset=” 850w,×154.jpg 300w,×394.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 850px) 100vw, 850px” title=”HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS”>

Step Three

Go ahead to put more clip ins for enough fullness you want.

” data-medium-file=”×154.jpg” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” src=”” alt=”lowponytail 3 1 – HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS” width=”848″ height=”436″ srcset=” 848w,×154.jpg 300w,×395.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 848px) 100vw, 848px” title=”HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS”>

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step Four

Put them into a low ponytail. Here is the finished look.

” data-medium-file=”×154.jpg” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” src=”” alt=”lowponytail 3 – HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS” width=”848″ height=”436″ srcset=” 848w,×154.jpg 300w,×395.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 848px) 100vw, 848px” title=”HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS”>

Step One

Parting Perminter of your head. Putting the clip ins facing upward and then continue to follow the shape of the circle.

” data-medium-file=”×155.jpg” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” src=”” alt=”highponytail 1 1 – HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS” width=”845″ height=”437″ srcset=” 845w,×155.jpg 300w,×397.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 845px) 100vw, 845px” title=”HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS”>

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step Two

Moving inward and repeat the former steps

” data-medium-file=”×154.jpg” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” src=”” alt=”movinginward – HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS” width=”848″ height=”436″ srcset=” 848w,×154.jpg 300w,×395.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 848px) 100vw, 848px” title=”HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS”>

Step Three

Please make sure the last piece of clip ins goes in the middle facing downward instead of upward.

” data-medium-file=”×154.jpg” data-large-file=”” loading=”lazy” src=”” alt=”lastpiece – HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS” width=”846″ height=”435″ srcset=” 846w,×154.jpg 300w,×395.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 846px) 100vw, 846px” title=”HOW TO SLEEK PONYTAIL LOOKS USING CLIP INS”>

Step Four

Put them into a high ponytail. Here is the finished look

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions
In today’s tutorial I will be sharing all of my tips and tricks for clipping in hair extensions! I’ve received so many questions about the hair extensions I use and how I clip them in and thought it was time to share all of my secrets with you!

I am using Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions and will show you how to clip them in for 5 different hairstyles including a half up style, side braid, ponytail, high bun, and low side bun.

This tutorial is in collaboration with Luxy Hair and I am also featuring a tutorial on their channel where I will teach you how to create a cute half up style using my Luxies. Check out the Luxy Hair channel here!

Get your own Luxies here and use code LUXYMISSYSUE!
How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

You can take a lot of liberty when clipping in extensions for a half up style; meaning you can clip in as many or as little as you prefer and the method is similar to wearing your hair all down.

Half Up Style Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Start by doing a practice run with the hairstyle to see which sections of hair will be clipped up or tied back.
  • Step 2 / Clip these sections out of the way so you don’t place any of the clips in these areas.
  • Step 3 / Start at the base of the skull and divide off a layer of hair. I like to do this right above where the head starts to slope in towards the nape of the neck.
  • Step 4 / Clip in the extensions with two clips on them. You can clip in both, stacking one above the other, or clip one weft onto the other weft so only one set is clipped directly to the head.
  • Step 5 / Let down a layer of hair, at about the top of the ears, and clip in the extensions with three clips. Start in the middle and work out to the side clips. Clip in both, one, or clip them to each other before clipping them to the head.
  • Step 6 / Section off a new layer and now clip in the four clip wefts.
  • Step 7 / The only extensions left out are the single clip wefts so if you want to wear these then you can clip them in above the four clip wefts or onto another previously clipped in weft. For this tutorial I left these off.
  • Step 8 / Now let down the previously clipped sections and finish the hairstyle.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

For side braids or braids in general I like to place my clips wherever the braid will be. For this tutorial the braid is on the left side so I am going to stack all of my clips on this side.

Side Braid Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Divide off a layer of hair at the top of the ears and clip in two single clip wefts next to each other, slightly off center towards the left side.
  • Step 2 / Let down the hair and divide off a new layer.
  • Step 3 / Now clip in two more single clip extensions.
  • Step 4 / Divide off a third layer and clip in one or both of the two clip wefts.
  • Step 5 / Sweep all of the hair over the left shoulder and finish the hairstyle.

Here is the original tutorial for the Side French Braid that I featured in this video.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

I love wearing a thick and full ponytail so I like to wear a lot of extensions. For this tutorial, I will be using all four of the single clip extensions as well as the two clip wefts. To make the two clip wefts more easily disguised I fold them over and clip it together so it’s as wide as a single clip weft. This way I can create two extra wefts.

  • Step 1 / Begin by brushing all of the hair up to where you’d like your ponytail to be. These tips apply to every ponytail whether it’s high or low.
  • Step 2 / Next slide a finger into the hair right above where you plan to wrap your ponytail and this is where we’ll place the first extensions.
  • Step 3 / Grab two single clip wefts or the folded 2 clip wefts and clip them in next to each other.
  • Step 4 / Now side off a layer of hair right above the extensions (working towards the forehead) and place two more extensions.
  • Step 5 / Divide off a third layer and clip in the last two extensions.
  • Step 6 / Now brush the hair back into the ponytail placing directly under the last extensions and tie it with a hair band.
  • Step 7 / I love having volume at the crown so I pinch and pull the hair at the top of my head afterwards and this also helps to hide the clips even better.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Nothing beats a high bun and if you can make it ten times thicker then you are on the high road to hair heaven.

For this hairstyle I use the same method I did for a high ponytail so with the hair already prepped I just grabbed a mesh donut and pulled the ponytail through the center. Divided the hair into two sections, twisted the forward portion around the bun, pinning down the edges, then wrapped the section section around the base, pinning the edges again.

If you’d love to see a separate tutorial for this hairstyle then be sure to leave me a comment below letting me know!

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

This low side bun is one of my favs and the method for extensions is similar to the previous side braid hairstyle.

Side Bun Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Wrap the hair into a ponytail, placing it where you want your bun to be.
  • Step 2 / Slide a finger into the hair right above that spot and divide off the hair.
  • Step 3 / Clip in two single clip wefts next to each other and let down the hair.
  • Step 4 / Divide off a new layer directly above the previous one and clip in two more wefts.
  • Step 4 / For extra fullness, you can divide off a new layer and clip in the two 2-clip wefts as well.
  • Step 5 / Then wrap the hair back into the ponytail and you can finish your bun!

For this hairstyle I did one of my messy buns which you can find the tutorial for here!

Ponytail clip make custom ponytail extensions to look sexy

Simple Perfect Pony

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

  • tie your own hair in a ponytail
  • insert the comb into the top out your ponytail
  • wrap the long strip of hair around the join
  • then secure with a hair pin
  • you’ve got a Perfect Pony in simple

For any occasion, this perfectly proportioned ponytail hair piece is perfect. The Perfect Pony will thicken, lengthen and volumize your ponytail appearance in a few seconds, for day or night giving you a polished look great.

Xpress Wrap Ponytail Clip Wear Ponytails Made Easy

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Chic Clip-in Hair Extensions In Ponytail

Chic Clip-in hair extensions in a ponytail, harmoniously combined with thick hair, shiny, long and healthy ponytail. Its use is easy, tie your hair into a ponytail or bun and then use the palm clip your ponytail attached. Set the height to get a variation.

Perfect ponytail low at noon, while for the evening was made pony ponytail high above your head and is secured by a chic clip in ponytail for an up-do.

The Chic ponytail is a palm clip attachment layered and shoulder length. Chic is a Glam 20″ version, anytime a cool look ponytail.

Fabulous Extension Bounce Clip-in Ponytail

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Bounce Clip-in Ponytail making long hair bouncy and charming with a wonderful easy to use and simple. Perfect worn out to dinner with friends or with your partner.

Bounce Clip-in Ponytail available at copper / brown and butterscotch below, making it beautiful and length of 18 inches.

Create Chic Little Messy Updo Ponytail With Attitude Mini Clip

Looking for a spiky of funky extension for short ponytail aka Attitude Mini ? Wear it low or perky and high to the side to get look a dishevelled elegant.

To use with the secure piece and simple create messy updo instanly in a seconds. Simple to done. In to your own pony or bun slide the attitude mini clip of claw. You have chic little messy updo now.

How To Create Chic Little Messy Updo Ponytail With Attitude Mini Clip :
Made your hair into a ponytail or small bun by pull back it. Make 2 ponies on top of each other for thick hair. Around the ponytail clip the claw clip, with pointing top to bottom of the claws. Fluff it up and go.

The High Ponytail with Bangs is a peculiar but stylish hairstyle that gets eyes swooning at the sight of it. Mostly because of its daring appearance.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

This hairstyle also adds more features to your face; for instance making you look taller and slimmer. Another favorite thing about it is the perfection it brings to every face. If you’re interested in making this gorgeous hairstyle, then you’re in the right place. Below are simple steps to making the high ponytail with bangs.

What you need to make a High Ponytail with Bangs

Here are the things you need to achieve this look:

  • Tail Comb.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Wide tooth Comb.
  • Water in a bottle spray.
  • Eco-style Gel.
  • Toothbrush/cutting comb.
  • Extensions (long for ponytail and short for bangs).
  • Bobby Pins.
  • Rubber band or any tight hair band.
  • Edge Control.
  • Needle and Thread / Hair Glue
  • Hair food and/or oils.

How to style the High Ponytail with Bangs

  • Spray dry areas of hair with water.
  • De-tangle your hair with your fingers.
  • Apply hair oil/food.
  • Use the wide tooth comb to comb out your hair.
  • Split your hair with your tail comb into two unequal parts; the ”base” and the ”body”.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make the high ponytail with bangs:

Different ways to style a ponytail with bangs

1. Ponytail with swoop bangs

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Gather up the hair into a low side ponytail and then slick your bangs to the side too. This hairstyle can create a slimmer look for your face.

2. High ponytail with side swept bangs

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

This is another way to style your side bangs by sweeping your bangs to the sides they naturally fall and gathering the rest of the hair into a high ponytail.

3. Ponytail with long bangs

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Long bangs grazing your cheeks is chic way to style your ponytails. They are easy to style and give you a softer look.

4. High ponytail with blunt bangs

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Blunt bangs always have a way to give off a stylish yet edgy look. The high ponytail with blunt bangs is a mix of short bangs framing the forehead, and long bangs at the cheeks. With this style, you can create the illusion of a smaller forehead.

5. Ponytail with loose curly bangs

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Beachy waves for your bangs can switch up your ponytail look. Just curl your bangs a little and get an easy go to look.

6. Sleek ponytail with thick bangs

Add extra volume to your bangs to create a thick look. This is a classy look and great for formal occasions.

7. Genie ponytail with bangs

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Put your hair into a high ponytail that sits on the crown of your head and add some extensions to create some bangs.

8. Half pony with parted bangs

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

This is a perfect messy hairstyle. Use curly extensions for your ponytail, section half of the hair into a ponytail and then part your bangs in the middle for a final look.

9. Ponytail with split bangs

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

For this hairstyle, the bangs are fewer, are the same length of the forehead and complement the face shape. If you don’t like thick bangs, this look is great for you.

10. Two ponytails with bangs

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

This hairstyle is a simple everyday look that requires little styling. Part your hair into two and tie them into two ponytails, then take out some hair and make your bangs.

Shop the High Ponytail for your bangs!

The Kinky Blow Out U-part wig is the perfect blend for your ponytail.

If you would like a twist to your style, check out some exciting ways to style your ponytail on here

How To Make Clip In Bangs With Your Old Hair Extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Umming and ahing about bangs? Because girl, same! They can look so amazing but the fact that they take a year and a half to grow out has us feeling a little nervous. This is exactly why we’ve experimented with an old set and found a way to make some clip in bangs that are way less scary and totally temporary. Here’s what you need to do.

What you’ll need to make clip in bangs.

1x three clip weft (a lace weft would be better than seamless)

1x hair scissors

1x section clip

1x root touch up spray

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 1

Before you start creating your clip in bangs it’s a good shout to trim down your three clip weft so that it’s way easier to cut once it’s clipped in. Just make sure you leave enough length to play with!

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensionsHow to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 2

To prep your hair you need to part it in a V shape about an inch back from your hairline. You want to get this as neat as possible by using a comb and then once it’s done you can clip the top section of hair out of the way.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 3

Next clip in your three clip weft in a V following the shape of your parting. If you need to you can backcomb your roots first or use some dry shampoo to give the clips more staying power. This step can be a little tricky so feel free to use some bobby pins to hold the weft in place but make sure they’re hidden!

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 3

Next you can let the top section of your hair down and pull it back into a low pony so that only the faux fringe is loose. This will make sure you don’t have any accidents and cut your own hair!

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 4

You can now start cutting the bangs! There are lots of ways to do this but we think the easiest is to cut a little bit at a time and keep checking in the mirror until it’s perfect. You can use a comb to help you get the edges straight and you want it to get longer as it reaches the sides of your head so that it blends into your natural hair length. This might take a while but it’ll be worth it!

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 5

Once you have the shape you want take your scissors and cut up into the hair to feather it. This will give you a more natural finish and will make the hair easier to style later on.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 6

Let down your hair and pinch it into place so that it hides the top of the weft. This will help to make your bangs look as natural as possible and you can use some hairspray or bobby pins if you need to so that it stays in place. If you’re struggling you could also use a one clip weft from your old set to create a mini braid that will hide the disconnect.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 7

As you match your extensions to the ends of your hair rather than the roots there might be a slight colour difference between your hair and the clip in bangs. If this is the case use some root touch up spray in your natural hair colour to get a better blend.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 8

To finish the look you can style your hair however you like to match your new bangs. We love them with some soft waves or a super high bun to really show them off but it’s totally up to you what you go for! If you need a little inspo then click here for some quick tutorials.

These clip in bangs are really easy to make and definitely less scary than cutting your own hair! They’re also really useful for changing up your style and a great way to make the most of an old set of hair extensions. We’ve also written up a few more ideas of what you can do with your old sets here if you’re feeling inspired including a cute signature braid and some space buns.

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A gorgeous new addition to the Cashmere Hair collection of hair extensions, this luxurious wrap ponytail is of the highest quality human Remy hair that is full all the way to the ends. This ponytail piece can be worn by wrapping it around your existing ponytail for fabulous fullness and length. Whether you have short hair or long hair, this ponytail will either completely cover your natural hair giving you a natural looking longer ponytail or blend perfectly with your longer hair adding the most amazing fullness.

Tips: Use a thick ponytail tie to secure your own ponytail very tightly. Use a bobby pin to secure the wrap piece to conceal the velcro.

Video Tutorials

  • How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Wrap Ponytail Tutorial

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Ponytail How-To

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How To by Makenna Ashley

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Pull your own hair into a ponytail.

Start wherever you would like to attach the ponytail at but we recommend wearing a higher ponytail for a more secure ponytail.

Make sure that the elastic that you use for securing your own hair into a ponytail is strong and wrapped very tightly around your own hair.

It needs to stay in place and will help hold the weight of the Wrap Ponytail.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Place the wire comb either underneath the elastic band or between your hair and the ponytail holder. Depending on your own hair, try either method of placing the wire comb to see which one works better to secure your ponytail.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Wrap the ponytail’s left side underneath your ponytail and meet with the velcro on the right side and pull to overlap velcro and secure tightly.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Use the remaining section of hair to wrap tightly around the base of the ponytail to conceal the band.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Secure the wrap around section of hair with a bobby pin or 2 to hold it in place.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Brush or finger comb to blend your hair (inside the pony) and make sure that the Cashmere Hair pony wraps around your own hair to conceal/hide your hair inside (if shorter) or blends with your.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Use more bobby pins to help secure the ponytail further if you feel that it needs more anchoring. Also, check out our VIDEOS or for more styling ideas, visit our BLOG.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Because the Cashmere Hair® Wrap Pony is Real Hair, you can style it any way that you would like! Try curling it before attaching it, or braid it after attaching it for a braided ponytail look! Tag us in your photos so we can see how you wear it! #cashmerehair

In a world where updos like Ariana Grande’s signature pony and Lizzo’s nine-foot-long ponytail exist, it’s no wonder that ponytail envy is a thing. And sure, celebrities often have access to expensive wigs and extensions (loads and loads of extensions in Lizzo’s case) but, it isn’t a crime to daydream about equally full and voluminous ponytails. However, trying to get your ponytail to achieve those same results can feel tricky, especially if you have thin hair.

Rest assured, though, that limp and lifeless ponytails aren’t the end all be all. You see, we’re all about faking it ’till you make it, and after consulting with professional hairstylists, we learned that no matter what your hair type and texture, it’s possible to create the illusion of fuller and thicker hair.

Ahead, keep reading to learn these professionals’ best tricks and tips to creating a fuller-looking ponytail from all angles, starting from the base and working down the tail. From texturizing products to clip-in ponytail extensions, check out ten tips to make your ponytail fuller, perkier, and more voluminous.

Tease the Hair.

One way to create volume at the base of your ponytail requires tools that you probably already have ready to use at home — dry shampoo and a fine-tooth comb. Josh Liu, the co-founder of Útiles Beauty and celebrity hairstylist who has worked with celebrities like Ariana Grande, recommends applying dry shampoo section by section throughout the hair.

“Then, tease it with a fine-tooth comb and lock the tease in place with a volumizing medium hold hairspray, like Sexy Hair Spray + Play Volumizing Hairspray ($20,,” he says.

Focus the teasing on the top and back of the head where the base of your ponytail will go. “I always recommend building an excess amount of volume and then brushing it out to mold the base into the shape you want,” says Liu. Be sure to gently brush just the top layer of hair enough to hide the tease.

Curl Your Hair

“To add fullness to the tail of the pony, I suggest curling the hair in alternate directions to add some texture and volume,” says Sarah Klein, a Los Angeles-based professional hairstylist at Nine Zero One Hair Salon. Alternating the direction of the curls also offers a more natural-looking finish.

Liu says curling the hair can also help disguise thin-looking ends. “I always recommend curling the ends of your ponytail horizontally (to create a flip) because this will create an illusion of a fuller bouncy ponytail and hide wispy-looking ends,” he says.

If you have short hair, he says a 1.25-inch barrel, like the T3 Curl ID ($250, or even a flat iron (if you’ve mastered flat iron curls) works well. For longer hair, try a tool with a 1.5-inch barrel like Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron ($100, “You can also back brush the body of the ponytail after curling the ends to keep it nice and fluffy, which help make it look thicker,” says Liu.

Create Two Ponytails.

Another way to create the illusion of bigger hair is to create two ponytails, says Cynthia Alvarez, a celebrity hairstylist. Start by parting your hair horizontally in the middle of your head. This should create two sections of hair — one on top and one on the bottom. Create a ponytail using only the top section of hair.

Then, create a second ponytail using the bottom half of the hair, placing it directly underneath the first ponytail. “This can help elongate the ponytail and also thicken the end,” says Alvarez.

Klein, who also recommends this technique, says you can hide the rubber band and double pony by wrapping a section of hair around the base and securing it with a pin beneath the base of the ponytail.

Add a Texturizing Spray

“To make your ponytail appear full at the tail, I recommend adding your favorite dry shampoo or a texture spray section by section throughout the body and at the root of your ponytail,” says Liu. The Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray ($15, is an affordable pick that reviewers on Sephora love.

Add Bobby Pins

Alvarez says adding bobby pins underneath the base of your ponytail can add some extra lift. “Crisscross two bobby-pins on the underside of the base of your pony to give the illusion of a fuller and perkier pony,” she says.

Apply Mousse Before Your Blowout

“Applying mousse to your hair before a blowout will give you a bouncy, voluminous pony,” says Alvarez. She recommends the Biolage Whipped Volume Mousse ($19, for its lightweight creamy texture that gives bouncier and more voluminous-looking hair with a medium hold that doesn’t make the hair feel crunchy. “It may sound counterintuitive, but it does make a difference.”

Get a Ponytail Holder.

You might have seen commercials for ponytail holders, like Pony-O ($16,, and if you’ve ever considered getting one yourself, consider this your sign. “Pony-O is a great way to keep your pony looking full and perky,” says Alvarez.

To use, feed your hair through the PONY-O once and press each end with your thumbs until it feels secure. It takes the place of a hair scrunchie, so it isn’t meant to be disguised, but it does come in different colors for different hair types and adds major lift.

Take your ponytail game to the next level with clip-in ponytail hair extensions! Discover the Milk + Blush collection of professional ponytail hair extensions for instant volume and length in a matter of seconds. Our ponytails are made from 100% Remy human hair in a variety of shades, such as blonde or balayage and fit seamlessly into your natural hair, making them easy to style in any way you wish. Designed with two traditional hair extension clips and velcro detail, our ponytail hair extensions fit securely using a wrap-around ponytail fastening that leaves you with a voluminous mane.

By Colour

By Length

Items 1 – 12 of 49

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Milk + Blush Ponytail hair extensions are an amazing way to switch up your look and add instant volume and length. Made from 100% human hair, our easy to wear clip-in ponytails simply layer around your own bobble and secure at the base using clips and a velcro wrap-around piece for extra stability.

Our clip-in ponytail extensions are quick and hassle-free to apply; they blend seamlessly with your natural hair and are super strong and secure, allowing you to create a killer ponytail look with ease.

If you love your full head set of Milk + Blush hair extensions, you’ll love our range of Ponytails! Made with the same quality of hair (which we know and love), our ponytails allow you to experiment with a wide new range of hairstyles – from Arianne-worthy ponytails to braids and buns.

Don’t forget to share your look with us on Insta using @milkandblush.

Which length ponytail is right for me?

Milk + Blush ponytail extensions are available in 16 inch, 24 inch and our unique 32 inch lengths, each in a variety of shades.

To find your perfect length ponytail, we recommend thinking about how high or low you’d like your ponytail to sit (e.g., on the crown of your head or nape of your neck). Remember that the lower down you’d like the ponytail to sit, the longer the length will be.

You can then measure downwards from this point to see where you’d like the ponytail to end depending on your desired look.

From this measurement, you can decide which of our ponytail lengths (16 inch, 24 inch, or 32 inch) will be perfect for you.

Can Milk + Blush ponytail extensions be heat styled?

Yes! Our ponytails made with 100% human hair can be heat styled to your liking. As always, we recommend using a heat protectant and styling with a lower heat setting (up to 180°C maximum) to prevent damage and help prolong the lifespan of the hair. Discover our full hair extensions care guide here.

Do Milk + Blush ponytails come with a tester weft?

Yes. Just like our full sets of extensions, ponytails come with a tester weft packaged separately so that you can test the shade without needing to open the rest of the box.

A kind note: ponytails will no longer be eligible for refund or exchange once the hygiene seals have been removed.

Can I dye or tone my Milk + Blush ponytail extension?

As our ponytail extensions are made from 100% human hair, they are able to be dyed or toned. However, we do recommend consulting a hair professional before attempting this.

A kind note: the results achieved when dyeing or toning hair extensions are hugely variable. Dyeing and toning your extensions is done entirely at your own discretion, and Milk + Blush do not accept returns on hair which has been dyed or toned, nor do we accept responsibility for any unwanted results. This includes washing the hair with a purple shampoo.

What does the Milk + Blush Ponytail Extension come with?

Our ponytails come with a tester weft to test the colour prior to committing to the Milk + Blush Ponytail Extension, two bobby pins and hair ties. Our packaging also doubles up as the perfect storage box so that you can store it away when not in use.

Register as a Pro Member to see Pro prices.

Length: 20 inches

  • Description
  • Additional information

Shop our newest product: ponytail extensions. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to rock a ponytail like Ariana Grande? No glue, no tape, and no damage! Ponytail extensions are extremely easy to apply adding instant length and volume to your hair. We carry the highest quality, ethically sourced human hair extensions that are thick from root to tip, and the hair is never treated with silicone. Don’t want to make a commitment to a new hairstyle? Buy our ponytail extensions!

Most of the ponytail extensions on the market are made with synthetic hair, or mixed hair material. Unicorn Hair is proud to offer real human hair extensions ponytail, that can be worn for a daytime or a nighttime look! Boho ponytail, chic pony tail, power pony – heat-style it any way you like.

How to wear and apply:

  1. Using an elastic, make a ponytail with your hair.
  2. Take the Unicorn Hair Ponytail Extensions, and secure the wire comb into the top of your own ponytail, or underneath the elastic band.
  3. Once the comb is secured, wrap the hair around your ponytail to overlap the velcro and secure tightly.
  4. Wrap around the remaining section, and secure with a bobby pin.


  • Your hair appears darker when pulled up into a ponytail. As such, we recommend purchasing a colour that matches the darker tones in your hair.
  • Once you’ve wrapped the ponytail around your own ponytail, use a bobby pin to secure the wrap piece hide the velcro.

IMPORTANT: Ponytails are FINAL SALE & do not include a tester piece for color matching. Please note that no returns or exchanges will be accepted on ponytail extensions due to hygienic reasons.

If you are unsure about your colour, please send us two pictures of your hair in natural indoor light, and we will try our best to provide you with your best match.

Black Pearl (1), Ebony (1b), Majestic Brown (2), Stardust Brown (4), Brown Fairy (6), Misty Brown (8), Golden Sunset (18), Gold Mane (8/24), Sassy Caramel (4/24), Magic Ash (18/613), Beach Glow (60)

High ponytails look so stunning! The ugly truth is that a hairstyle with a ponytail that is both high and long has a ton of extensions in it. This is unless a smart long ponytail trick has been used to create it.

Watch a detailed video tutorial and learn to style your hair into a long and luscious ponytail in just a few steps.

High vs Long Ponytail Dilemma

Let’s face it: our hair is cut in a way to make the ends even at all sides, even though top strands have a longer way to go to that point than those at the nape of your head. This is why women with a lob often cannot grab their hair into a high bun or a ponytail without having shorter hair at the back fall down.

Thus, one of the common tips on how to make a ponytail look long is to tie it lower, at the back of your hair, or use hairpieces. But what if you want to have the best of two worlds and show off your natural hair without sacrificing the length?

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Here is where a long ponytail trick will help. Follow these 5 easy steps for a fool-proof extra-long high ponytail:

Step 1

Gather your hair as if you are going to wear it half-up and create the first ponytail where you would like it to start. Twist and pin it on top, not to make it tangle with the rest of your hair.

The final hairstyle will eventually look as if a normal ponytail starting this high, with the impressive length though.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 2

Separate two sections of hair on either side near your ears. You will use these sections a bit later to conceal the second ponytail and create a beautiful, wrapped ponytail base.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 3

Now, take the remaining hair and split it in half. Clip the upper part on top for now and make a ponytail out of the lower part only.

This will raise your hair a bit, leaving a spare space between your hair and your neck. Doing so is very important if you want your long ponytail to look as authentic as possible.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 4

Use bobby pins to bring the central section closer to the center. If you tie a third ponytail in the middle or tie just two ponytails for a long ponytail trick, the transition may look weird and it will be more difficult to conceal it.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 5

Now, you can lay your first pony down. Untangle and distribute hair for a seamless blend. If your hair isn’t curly, you may tease it a bit to add body and volume.

Then, take the side sections you have left and bring them up, wrapping the base of your pony. This will create an elegant ponytail base and will make your hairstyle look great from the sides.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Your chick, long ponytail is ready, so it’s time to enjoy a timeless hairstyle, sporting your natural hair in its full length.

Note that the long ponytail trick works best for wavy and curly hair types. Thus, if your hair is straight, get some beach waves as the first step of creating this simple, yet impressive hairstyle. If you further decorate your ponytail with delicate accessories or hair glitter, it can well serve you as a hairstyle for special occasions too.


I’m going to teach you how to create bangs using hair extensions. Now there are several bang hair extension products available. You could get even a clip-on bang. This is just kind of my own take on that, something different that you can do. If you had long enough hair to do this without the clip-ins, more power to you. This is totally a look that you can accomplish too.

What I’m going to do is, I’ve already set our model’s hair. She’s already got her hair extensions in, just set them in the traditional way. And what I’m going to do is, I’m actually going to put her up into a high poof, on the top of her head. And actually, to help me, I’ll have you flip your hair upside down. Now if you know that you’re going to do this with your extensions, you can also put them in going the other way. This also works really great with an extension ponytail. That would be awesome to do this trick with. And this is going to be kind of a cute, tousled look, too, so it doesn’t even have to be too perfect.

So normally I like all my sides and my back to be really tight, but again, this is a very loose look. So I’m going to start attaching the ponytail to the top. Once you get it all the way on, and then I actually like to use, for this, a clear elastic, and I have these ones that are kind of big, so they’re not super teeny. They’re a little bit bigger. And what I’m going to do is, I’m actually going to place the ponytail forward. You want to keep it smooth as you go. And I’m going to take my clear elastic band, and I’m going to create a bun here, on the top, a little poof, something that you can puff out and make look really cute. Then I’m going to take just a regular brush, a Mason Pearson brush, and I’m going to start brushing her bangs forward.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a low-effort, non-permanent alternative for adding volume and length to your everyday look. Experimenting with different textures and colors, like curls or extensions with highlights, elevates your hairstyle without the damage of heat and chemical treatments or harsh dyes. Clip-in hair extensions are a favorite for first-time extension experimenters and extension experts alike because of how easy it is to apply them. With enough practice, you can apply clip-in extensions at home in under 15 minutes.

Clip-in extensions are affordable, easy to maintain and won’t damage your hair. But they’re not the only option you have for hair extensions. Before buying your first (or next) set of hair extensions, it’s important to understand the different materials that hair extensions are made of and the different types to choose from. Each type of material and type of hair extensions has its own set of pros and cons.

Hair Extension Materials

Hair extensions are typically made out of real human hair or synthetic hair. Most professional hairstylists recommend hair extensions made from real human hair because they look more natural and are more durable than synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are more affordable, but typically don’t last for more than a few months of use. Extensions made from real human hair can last up to one year, but it all depends on how well you care for your extensions.

Synthetic hair isn’t as heavy as human hair and can’t be dyed to match the multi-tonal color of real human hair, so synthetic hair extensions often look unnatural. While it’s difficult to create a completely natural look with synthetic hair extensions, it’s not impossible. Synthetic hair extensions are a good option if you’re just getting started or if you only plan to wear extensions for a short duration.

Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be temporary, permanent, or semi-permanent. Temporary hair extensions are unlikely to damage your hair but can only be worn for a few hours to 1 day. Semi-permanent hair extensions, like tape-in or micro link extensions, are also unlikely to damage your hair and can be worn for up to 2 months. Permanent hair extensions can last up to 6 months and, although the risk is minimal, can cause some damage to the roots of your hair. Let’s break down 5 common types of hair extensions.

Note: average cost includes estimated application costs + cost of the hair extension; lifespan refers to how long the extension can be worn. Most types of hair extensions also require routine visits to your hairdresser for maintenance.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Type: Permanent

Average Cost: $500–$3000

Lifespan: Up to 6 months

Fusion hair extensions, also known as glue-in or keratin bond extensions, use small keratin bonds that are melted with a heat gun near your natural roots. This process “fuses” or “bonds” your natural hair with the hair extensions for a long-lasting and durable look.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Type: Semi-permanent

Average Cost: $500–$1000

Lifespan: 2–4 months

Sew-in hair extensions, or weaves, use a needle and thread to “sew” the hair extension into a braid or cornrow on your natural crown. Sew-in hair extensions are best for people with thicker hair.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Type: Semi-permanent

Average Cost: $200–$600

Lifespan: 1–2 months

With tape-in hair extensions, wefts of hair are taped together using a special hair tape and then taped to your natural hair. The application process is quick and simple and provides a stunningly natural and voluminous look. Tape-in hair extensions are great for people with all hair textures, but work especially well for people with thinner hair.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Type: Semi-permanent

Average Cost: $500–$3000

Lifespan: 3–6 months

Micro link hair extensions use small bead-like clamps and a special application tool to connect small wefts of hair to your natural hair. The beads are small enough to seamlessly blend into your hair and are also a great option for shorter hair.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Type: Temporary

Average Cost: $100–$300

Lifespan: 1 day

If you want to completely avoid the risk of damaging your hair or just need longer locks for a special occasion, clip-in hair extensions are your best bet. All you need to do to apply clip-in hair extensions is separate your hair at your natural crown and clip-in the wefts. Clip-in extensions cannot be worn overnight but are more versatile than permanent and semi-permanent options. With clip-in hair extensions, you can change up your look every day.

We recommend experimenting with clip-in extensions before committing to a permanent or semi-permanent type of hair extension. If you find a color or style of clip-in extensions that you like, you can ask your hairstylist or contact us at The Wig Company for help finding a similar, more permanent option when you’re ready to take the next step.

How to Clip in Your Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions can be applied in a matter of minutes and without the help of professional hairstylists. All you need is your favorite clip-in extensions, a rat-tail hair comb, and a few large hair clips and you’ll look runway-ready in no time.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

1. Section off hair on top. Using the rat-tail comb, make a horizontal part across your scalp about 2 inches above the nape of your neck. Use the large hair clips to secure the hair above the part.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

2. Position hair and secure clips. Position the hair’s clips near the root of your hair and clip down to attach the weft to your natural hair.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

3. Blend with your own hair. Release the hair that was clipped up and blend the extensions together with your natural hair. If you’re using human hair or heat-friendly synthetic extensions, styling your hair with a straightener, curling iron, or blow dryer can help create a more polished look.

If you’re working with more than one weft, like the 8 piece clip-in extensions by Hairdo, you can follow along with this video:

Don’t stress about getting your clip-in extensions perfect on your first try. Remember, clip-in hair extensions are only temporary so you can unclip them and try again as many times as it takes to get the right look. Now that you know all about hair extensions, you can start experimenting with clip-in ponytails, clip-in braids, or any one of our high-quality hair extensions.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

If your hair lacks length and volume, you don’t have to go through life corralling thin, limp locks into a sad-looking pony. The solution: Clip-in hair extensions. They sound easy enough—clipping in extra hair to give your existing strands some much-needed oomph, but are they too good to be true? Do they look natural? And more importantly, will they fall out after a few hours of wear? Don’t worry—we’re here to let you know that clip-ins are the key to instant glam, and yes, they really are that easy to use. As celebrity hairstylist, Bradley Leake tells us, “I love clip-in extensions because they allow me to quickly and easily change up my clients’ length, add volume, and change their hairstyle with minimal commitment.”

Even better: Unlike traditional extensions, you don’t need to go to a salon to reap the benefits. There are plenty of easy-to-use options available to try from the comfort of your home. With styles ranging from natural hair to synthetic or a mix of both, choosing the best clip-in extensions all comes down to your hair type and desired look. Not sure where to start? Ahead, with the help of celebrity hairstylists, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about clip-in hair extensions, how to use them, and the best options to help you achieve the Ariana Grande–level hair of your dreams.

Having fine hair can be frustrating. It feels like no matter what you do, you can’t get any real volume. You can try special shampoos, serums, brushes and more, but nothing really works. Even with a simple ponytail, you’d like a little more lift.

I’m a fine-haired girl, and I’ve tried to recreate a Pinterest hair tutorial a time or two. Trust me, my end result looked nothing like the picture.

If you’ve tried all the tricks (maybe even extensions) to make your fine hair look thicker, with not-so-great results, you’re not alone. But, there’s good news! Our revolutionary hair accessory, the PONY-O, can give you the volume you’ve been trying so hard to get.

Create a Fuller Ponytail with PONY-O

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

We’ve taken our time perfecting the PONY-O design so it will hold every hair type. Although, the most dramatic difference between the PONY-O and regular elastics is seen when you compare a ponytail side by side on someone with fine hair. Because the PONY-O is wider than the regular elastic hair bands you’re used to it evenly distributes the hair throughout the piece, and your ponytail instantly looks fuller and thicker.

There’s Zero Damage, Even on Fine Hair

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

While a thicker, fuller-looking ponytail is definitely the goal, comfort is an added plus. It will feel like you’re not wearing anything in your hair at all. The PONY-O is tension-free, meaning it can hold your hair up tight all day long, but without pulling on the hair follicles.

With a regular hair tie, your hair is constricted and moved back and forth through the elastic. This causes friction and can damage or even break hair. But, with a PONY-O, you only feed your hair through it once and shape it. The PONY-O is made from a bendable metal and coated with an oh, so soft silicone.

For fine or shorter hair, PONY-O also makes a thinner version of its original design called the PONY-O 2.0. It’s equally great for adding tons of volume.

Another great benefit? PONY-O is crease-free, meaning you won’t get that dreaded ponytail crease after wearing your hair up for a bit.

Wear It All Day, Even While You Work Out

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Like we said, the PONY-O is comfortable enough to wear all day and all night. And you actually can — it will stay put, without any tightening or tugging. You could wear it for an intense cardio class or long run even. It’s not going anywhere. Plus, it’s sweatproof and waterproof. There really is no place you can’t wear a PONY-O.

How to Use a PONY-O For More Volume with Fine Hair

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

The PONY-O is very easy and quick to use, even with fine hair. Here’s how to create a more voluminous, damage-free ponytail:

1. Using only your thumb and forefinger, slip your hair through the PONY-O, and pull the accessory down to the base of your head.

2. Hold the PONY-O with both hands, and let go of your ponytail. Flatten the PONY-O to instantly fan out your hair, making it lay horizontal across your head.

3. Then, using your thumbs, bend each end down separately to create a downwards curve. This is really important: Do not bend it once in the middle.

See? It’s easy. No fuss and no hassle! Once you try the PONY-O in your fine hair, we’re confident that you’ll never go back to elastics. No other hair accessory on the market offers as many benefits for fine hair as PONY-O. You can see the difference in the photos above.

Wanna Learn More About PONY-O?

Whether you’re feeling a fabulous ponytail or you’re dealing with 3 or 4 day hair and need a quick fix, our clip-in ponytail is the perfect solution. All of our clip-in hair extensions are made with 100% human Remy hair, this hair can be styled to perfection to achieve any look you are going for. Designed with our gentle comb clips and our wraparound velcro strap for a seamless blend.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

  1. Create a ponytail using your natural hair, secure it using a hair band.
  2. Attach combs of the hair extension ponytail to the top of the ponytail you created.
  3. Hold the velcro strap and pull it under the ponytail.
  4. Secure the velcro and continue wrapping the long strap around the ponytail to cover the band.
  5. Secure with bobby pins for a completed look.
  6. Enjoy rocking your new, full, and gorgeous pony!

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Keep It Classic

The easiest and simplest way to rock our clip-in ponytail is to clip and go! Available in three different textures and lengths, you can instantly achieve any look from casual and elegant. Our ponytails are incredibly natural looking. Hide the velcro as well as class up your pony with our wraparound band.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Braid It Up Babe

Looking for a more structured yet totally fierce style? Try braids! Keep it simple with a regular three-part braid, achieve a boho look with a fishtail braid, or wow everyone with a dual-texture braid. Kick your style up a notch with some accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hair ties/scarves, shining thread, or hair rings. Say “bye-bye” to boring braids!

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Sun’s Out Buns Out

Having a bad hair day? Nothing a bun can’t fix! Our ponytails can easily be styled into a bun simply by wrapping the hair around the base of the ponytail. For a sleek look, wrap the hair around the base to create a topknot. For a little extra flare, braid your ponytail and wrap for some added volume and dimension. To create a slightly messier look, tug on the braid to loosen it up.

Sometimes it’s nice to switch up your style and rock some sassy clip-in natural hair extensions. If you have curly hair, you probably like to have fun with different styles. Or you may just want to fill out your current look with more kinky or curly hair.

Gone are the days of limited options. It used to be that shiny, straight human hair was the only thing available. That hair didn’t match our texture at all.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensionsImage source:

Now there are all kinds of hair to choose from. And even better, some extensions are labeled with your exact curl pattern, which takes the guesswork out of buying them.

The best thing about choosing curly or kinky clip-ins is that you can blend them in with your natural hair if you prefer a curl pattern that matches.

In this post, I’ll discuss how to rock clip-in natural hair extensions so that you can have the added volume and length you want, without sacrificing your kinks or curls.

How to Use Natural Hair Clip-ins

Natural hair clip-ins are an excellent way to get the instant look you want without waiting the years that it takes to grow longer, fuller hair. It’s a great way to change up your look, and clip-ins for natural hair are easy to install and remove.

Almost all clip-in styles require that you leave some of your hair out to cover up the tracks. It can be confusing what to do with this leave-out hair, and how to make it look natural with minimal damage to your mane.

The way you wear the leave-out with the clip-ins will have a lot to do with which extensions you purchase because your natural hair leave-out should match your clip-ins.

Do you want the flat-ironed natural hair look? Then you should go for straight kinky or Yaki clip-ins, and expect to straighten the top portion of your hair when you want to wear them.

However, there are more options if you buy hair with a similar curl pattern to your own. Because kinky hair clip-ins are more voluminous than straight hair, it is easier to hide the natural hair clips within the hair itself.

You might be wondering, are natural hair clip-ins a protective hairstyle? It all depends on what you do with your hair underneath. If you’re flat-ironing the top portion, it’s not protective, and it could even be downright damaging.

If you cornrow your hair underneath and have no leave-out, it becomes much more protective. The question is, how do you pull off clip-ins with no leave-out?

If you’re getting kinky extensions, you can opt to place some of the extensions forward beginning at the crown of your head. It’s counter-intuitive, but it will help to cover clips while avoiding leave-out.

Placing the clips forward requires you to have bangs, but you may find styling easy since you’re covering your mane completely. Plus, no leave-out means it’s more protective.

Another, less-popular way to avoid leave-out is by using a frontal hairpiece that covers both your natural hair and tracks. However, you’d have to make an additional purchase to get the top piece, and you’d need to be able to match the frontal color and texture to the clip-ins.

If you don’t care about leaving some of your hair out, you can choose one of the many leave-out styles. You’ll need to blend your hair with the clip-ins to hide the clips, but it’s easy to do once you know how.

In the next sections, I’ll discuss how to install and blend your hair with your clip-ins to get a beautiful, seamless appearance.

How to Install Natural Hair Clip-Ins

Easy styling makes many naturals flock toward clip-in extensions. They only take 5-15 minutes to install in the mornings once you get the hang of it.

Understanding how you’ll blend your own hair in advance is key to success with clip-ins, and you’ll need to plan blending techniques before you purchase them.

To install clip-ins, first decide where you want your part. Take a small amount of surrounding hair in a u-shape and separate it for styling and blending later.

Wondering what to do with your hair underneath? You can attach the clip-ins onto the roots of your hair, or you can braid or twist your hair into a cornrow pattern before you begin attaching the hair.

Having the hidden cornrows will be the most protective for your natural tresses. Keeping a protective style underneath is a great way to keep your mane untangled and moisturized. You also might find that it gives a less bumpy and evener look.

Cornrows will be easy to work with as you install the clips, which means less struggle and less potential damage on your natural curls.

If you don’t know how to cornrow hair, you can also just part the hair into several sections and braid it. This simple braid style will protect your hair too.

You’ll probably receive several wefts of different sizes in your package of newly-bought extensions, including one or two long 4-clip wefts, and several shorter wefts.

Begin with one of the medium-sized wefts for the area just above the nape, and then continue with more of the extensions to cover your head. The longest weft should be reserved for the upper back of the crown, where there is a lot of area to cover.

Continue with the sides and the top of the hair until you get to the line where your natural hair meets the weft. The last step is to blend your hair with the extensions.

How to Blend Natural Hair with Clip-In Extensions

Blending your natural hair with your clip-in hair is easy if you choose the right extensions. Consider what you’ll do with your leave-out hair before you buy the extensions. Will you wear your leave-out in a twist-out or braid-out? If so, buy your extensions to match this pattern.

Buying extensions that match your hair will make your time spent getting ready in the mornings much quicker.

The first step is to pay attention to where you want your part to be. If you want it in the middle, make the part there, with a small amount of leave-out falling on each side of the part. The leave-out should form a little “u” shape on top of your head. Do the same if you want a side part.

To blend, install all the clip-ins up to your natural hairline, and co-mingle the strands. Use a handheld mirror to make sure the upper back is covered well.

Clip-in extensions get even more exciting to play with when you can make fun styles with them. You can make a high bun by leaving out hair all along your hairline. You’ll get a smoother appearance if all clips face toward the bun.

Place the clips upward in the back, sideways on the side, and backwards in the front. Make a ponytail and then form a messy bun. Use Eco-Stylr Gel at the end to smooth down edges and blend your hair with the clip-in hair.

Want to experiment with length by using one weft only? Try clip-in bangs. It’s a smart way of adding instant side-swept bangs for an exciting look. Install the clip so that the hair comes forward over the forehead, and then cover the tracks with a small amount of your own hair.

The best natural curly clip-in hair extensions are made of 100% human hair. One of the best suppliers, in my opinion, is Better Length. Their clip-ins are double-wefted, so you only need to purchase one bundle for a full head of hair. Plus, each clip has an elastic protection band to guard against frictional damage on your own tresses.

What about you? Have you tried clip-in natural hair extensions yet?

Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Put in Clip-in Hair Extensions

So you’ve just purchased a set of our gorgeous clip-in extensions. Congratulations! Now it’s time to learn how to apply clip-in hair extensions with our tutorial. The good news is, these are some of the easiest hair extensions to apply yourself from home.

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

Step 1: Part your hair at the back of your head from ear to ear. Open the clip on one of the hair extension pieces.

Step 2: Place the clip onto the parting and close it. Make sure that the clip is securely in place and continue this way with the other clips of the extension piece.

Step 3: Clip another hair piece into your hair in this manner. Add as many pieces as you want until you have the desired length and volume.

Step 4: When you are done with the back of your head, you can use the hair pieces with just one clip to fill in the sides.

Video Tutorial – How To Apply Clip-in Hair Extensions

Video Tutorial – How To Apply Clip-in Ombre Hair Extensions

How to create a high ponytail using clip in hair extensions

The weather was just approaching warm and liveable as I sat in Marie Sigismondi’s chair at Pierre Michel Salon on the Upper East Side in NYC. As Sigismondi carefully applied my light-blonde foil highlights, we chatted all things beauty, from how transformative eyelash extensions can be to popular summer hair trends. Besides lightweight lobs and lighter hues, she mentioned that one of the main service requests she gets during the summer is for ponytail hair extensions. As she continued on my foils (yes, there were many) I picked her brain to learn more about said ponytail hair extensions — and what makes them so popular.

Let’s Define Ponytail Hair Extensions

Per Sigismondi’s definition, ponytail hair extensions are clip-ins made of real, synthetic or combined real and synthetic hair. “You can do a lot of fun things with a ponytail,” Sigismondi explains. “Wear it high, wear it low, centered or at the side. They’re also a terrific beauty accessory that adds swingy length, dimension and pizazz on a daily basis or for special occasions.”

They’re Easy to Personalize

“Ponytail extensions are available in a variety of hair lengths, colors and textures — from stick straight to ultra-frizzy,” says Sigismondi. “If you’re getting an extension placed at a salon, the hairstylist can adjust your hair to suit the texture of the ponytail. And, with a bit of advance notice, a salon colorist can give you a perfect shade match. After a trip to the salon to get the perfect length and color, the ponytail gets custom-made, which generally takes one to two weeks.”

Skip the Bob and Opt for a Ponytail Instead

Think of ponytail hair extensions as an alternative to chopping all of your hair off when the summer rolls around. “They’re cooling, as they sweep hair away from the face,” Sigismondi adds. “They also keep tangles to a minimum, especially during a windy day at the beach with sunscreen sticking to your skin.”

Decisions, Decisions: High vs. Low

“The angle of your cheekbones determines where your ponytail should sit. If your cheekbones are vertical (angling up to the top of your head), go for high-up ponytail. If your cheekbones are more horizontal, wear that ponytail lower down — even down to the nape of your neck. Of course, regardless of your cheekbones, if your hair is short (just long enough to secure in a short ponytail), you’ll have to wear your ponytail extension lower down.”

Why Get Your Ponytail Hair Extension Done at the Salon?

“At a salon, your hair first gets groomed, so it’s neat and tidy or tousled, depending on the look you’re aiming for,” Sigismondi says. “A hairstylist clips on the ponytail, looking right at it (not in a rearview mirror). That’s the best way to get a secure fit at the perfect spot, whether high up or low slung at the nape of the neck.”

How to Apply It At Home

If you opt to go the DIY route, follow Sigismondi’s simple how-to below. “It’s super easy to do — a cinch,” she says.

STEP 1: If you want a center or side part, now’s the time to do it.

STEP 2: Gather your natural hair into a short ponytail, even if there’s only enough for a stump, and secure it with a sturdy stretch band or elastic at the height you want.

STEP 3: Tuck the ends into the elastic.

STEP 4: Firmly clip the ponytail extension just above your own ponytail.

STEP 5: To conceal the base, wrap a small section of hair around it or cover it with a colorful scrunchie.

STEP 6: Weave bobby pins into the hair around the base and brush it through.

Girls with long hair think they know all there is to know about ponytails. This hairstyle is often considered to be a quick fix for times when your imagination runs out or you have no time to wash your hair.

However, a well-made ponytail is a separate hairstyle all on its own. Knowing how to make amazing ponytails is a great skill which is an absolute must-have for all the girls out there.

So, if your hair is long or at least medium in length, there are loads to learn about high ponytail making. They can make you look really beautiful without draining too much time. All ponytails are created in a matter of minutes and, if done right, can last all day.

Choosing the right one depends on your mood and the accessories you have. But even a simple scrunchy can help you create an amazing image. Don’t be afraid of learning something new about high ponytail hairstyles. You will find these options very useful.

Amazing High Ponytail Hairstyles For All Hair Types

A high ponytail is a universal hairstyle used by all men and women with long enough hair. However, not enough attention is paid to the variety of ponytails out there. By considering a simple way to arrange your hair, you deprive yourself of a chance to make some very stylish arrangements.

We have done a long job of choosing the most amazing high ponytail hairstyles to help you understand how much you might have been missing out on. You can try them one by one to look incredible every day.

A high ponytail is a great way to always keep your hair neat while sporting a very fashionable hairstyle other girls will admire.

1. The classics

This classic high ponytail seems easy to make, but there are a couple of tricks to it. The hair is not pulled in tightly to create some volume on top of the head. If you have bangs, such hairstyle will not look as effective.

2. Loose top

This high ponytail looks very special due to a loose and voluminous top it creates. You will need to make a middle part and brush your hair to the back and upwards. Once the volume is reached, tie the ponytail with an elastic band. You can pull one strand of hair around the band to hide it.

3. Wavy ponytail

If you’ve always dreamed about wavy hair but didn’t want to go through the hassle of perming damage, this ponytail is for you. You will have to curl just the lower part of your locks, which can save your hair some quality. The curls will stay intact longer.

4. High and mighty ponytails

This ponytail is perfect for girls who are into sports. It is very tight and doesn’t get into your face while exercising. The hair is collected on the very top and tied together with a thick elastic band to create a high impression. A strand of hair is pulled over the band to hide it.

5. Get creative with braids

If you have a bit of time and are tired of simple ponytails, this hairstyle is for you. Create braids on both sides of your head and pull them up and backwards. Add the rest of the hair and make a loose ponytail. You will get an amazingly wild hairstyle.

6. High hair

High hair is a perfect choice for girls with round and square faces. However, it is a little complicated to make and will require some hair products. You will need to leave some hair loose while making a high ponytail and then secure it with hair spray or gel.

7. Worry free

This worry free high ponytail hairstyle is familiar to all women with long hair. It is a real quick fix for the times when you are too busy to think about your hair. Just pull it back and upwards and tie with an elastic band. If you want to make it neater, spend 30 seconds applying some hair gel.

8. Weave

Always dreamed about amazing long locks but your own tresses just don’t live up to the standards? No worries. Hair extensions can make your dream come true. The easiest way to use a weave is to attach it as a ponytail.

9. Ponytail accessories

Scrunches and elastic bands are not the only tools you can use when making high ponytail hairstyles. There is a large variety of accessories, that can make your ponytail really shine. Try one of the wide bands to create a ponytail shown in the photo.

10. High ponytail with bangs

If you have long bangs, don’t always hide them in a high ponytail. You can leave them hanging to create a more romantic look. Of course, such hairstyle will require more maintenance and more regular touch ups, but the result is truly worth it.

11. Messy ponytail

Girls with thick and wavy hair know all there is to know about messy ponytails. Since it will take too much hair gel to make them tight and neat, a messy look is in order. Straighten out your bangs to add your image more style.

12. Combined ponytail

If you have long bangs, you can make a combined ponytail that will really turn some heads. Collect your bangs and brush them backward. Create a regular high ponytail with a strand to cover the elastic band. Clip the bangs where the ponytail starts.

13. Pinned ponytail

When you think about a ponytail you often imagine an elastic band. However, you can create a special hairstyle by pinning your hair backwards strand by strand. Use some bright pins to make your ponytail really outstanding and catchy.

14. Ponytail with a bun

If your hair is long, you can make a mix between a ponytail and a bun. Start by making a bun, but let the rest of the hair hang in a ponytail. The result will be really impressive. The same image can be achieved by attaching a weave to your existing bun.

15. Keep it neat

If your hair is thick and wavy, it is very hard to keep it neat in a ponytail. You can forget about tight and sleek hair on top of your head. What you can do to add your hairstyle some neatness is created really high hair. Use a little hair gel to keep it straight at least on top.

16. High ponytail on the side

Ponytails look just as great on the side as they do in the middle. In fact, side ponytails are perfect for photo shoots since they are visible from the front. Play around with side high ponytails and you will surely love them. You can even make one on each side!

17. Real high and colorful

Want to make a really long lasting impression, go for a very high ponytail that starts on top of your head. Want to make it even more outstanding? Use some wild colors to highlight it. You will surely make an amazing statement.

18. Go wild

Choose some crazy accessories to make your simple high ponytail look wild. If you think they are hard to find, you just haven’t between looking. Planning a special occasion? Accessories will be the key to your image.

19. Color play

If a high ponytail is your favorite hairstyle, then you can highlight your hair accordingly. Keep the top part one shade and make the ponytail itself look completely different. A good idea would be to make the top darker than the rest of you hair.

20. Medium length

If your hair is not too long, it doesn’t mean a high ponytail hairstyle is not for you. All you need to do is make sure it is neat. Shorter hairstyles are often layered and it’s troublesome to collect all the strands inside the elastic band. Use pins to arrange the stray hair.

We hope that after reading this article, you are heading to the mirror to give one of these amazing options a try. Consider your hair type and the time you have to spend on your image and go for it! A high ponytail can become your favorite hairstyle. But not because it is a quick fix, but because it looks very stylish!