How to create a group in marco polo

Send video messages to a friend or group

How to create a group in marco polo

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If you know how to send videos on the Marco Polo app, you can share special moments with your friends and family from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It’s even possible to send live video messages to multiple contacts at once.

Information in this article applies to the Marco Polo mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

How Does Marco Polo Work?

Marco Polo allows you to send messages to contacts by linking phone numbers. The first time you open Marco Polo, the app asks you to import your contacts. You can do this selectively or allow the app to import your contacts who are Marco Polo users.

How to Start a Marco Polo Chat

To add contacts and start a chat after your first time opening the app:

Tap the People icon (the silhouette) at the bottom center of the home screen.

Alternatively, tap the Plus in the upper-right corner to add contacts by their phone number.

On the People screen, tap Invite to send an invite to one of your contacts. They will be prompted to download the Marco Polo app.

How to create a group in marco polo

If one of your contacts has Marco Polo, you’ll see Chat next to their name instead of Invite.

Tap Chat next to a user’s name to start a conversation, or tap Create Group at the top of the screen to start a group Marco Polo. If your friend doesn’t show up in the list, tap Invite via link.

How to create a group in marco polo

How to Use Marco Polo to Send a Video Message

When you start a new conversation with another user or group, it shows up under the Chats menu on the Home screen. The Chats menu shows your recent Marco Polo messages. Tap an individual or group to send a new message.

Make sure the Chats tab is active on the Home screen.

Tap a friend or group chat icon under the Chats tab.

Your camera is now open, ready to record. Most features (HD, Voice, Note, and Photo) require you to upgrade to Marco Polo Plus. Tap the Unicorn icon to add effects such as text and voice distortion filters to your message.

How to create a group in marco polo

Tap the Camera icon to record your message.

Tap the Stop icon when you finish recording your message. Your message is sent automatically.

How to create a group in marco polo

When you start recording, your contacts may be notified that you’re recording and they can watch in real time. However, the message isn’t saved in the message chain until you end the recording.

How to Delete a Marco Polo Message

If you want to delete an individual video message:

Open the chat conversation.

Tap and hold the thumbnail of the recording you want to delete at the bottom in the filmstrip.

Tap Remove.

How to create a group in marco polo

How to Delete an Entire Chat Conversation

If you want to delete an entire chat conversation:

Tap the three dots to the right of the chat icon for the conversation you want to delete.

Tap Delete.

Tap Delete again.

How to create a group in marco polo

How to Personalize the Marco Polo App

To personalize your account settings:

Tap the Settings gear at the bottom of the app.

Tap Edit under the picture icon to add a photo, or tap Birthday to add your birthday.

How to create a group in marco polo

Adding your birthday causes Marco Polo to send birthday reminders to your friends who use the app.

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  • Marco Polo – Children’s Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11)
  • Marco Polo – Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up)

The Polos were likely shrewd, alert, and courageous; they traded with the Middle East and acquired considerable wealth and prestige. Marco Polo’s father, Niccolò, and uncle, Maffeo, continued this legacy. Traveling east as far as Mongol emperor Kublai Khan’s summer residence, Shangdu, they established friendly relations with him before returning to Europe as his ambassadors.

Marco Polo was 17 or 18 when he began his journey from Venice to the farthest reaches of the Mongol empire. Living among the emperor’s dominions, with his father and uncle, as an advisor and emissary for 16 or 17 years, he returned to Venice by way of Hormuz (aboard ship) and Constantinople (overland).

Marco Polo’s account in Il milione opened new vistas to the European mind, and, as Western horizons expanded, Polo’s legacy grew as well. The wealth of new geographic information recorded by Polo was widely used in the late 15th and the 16th centuries, during the age of the great European voyages of discovery and conquest.

Kublai Khan sent Marco Polo on fact-finding missions to distant parts of the empire, including visits to Yunnan (and possibly Myanmar [Burma]) and through southeastern China to “Quinsay” (now Hangzhou). He escorted a Mongol princess, with his father and uncle, by sea to Hormuz, and by land to Khorasan, during his return voyage to Venice.

Read a brief summary of this topic

Marco Polo, (born c. 1254, Venice [Italy]—died January 8, 1324, Venice), Venetian merchant and adventurer who traveled from Europe to Asia in 1271–95, remaining in China for 17 of those years, and whose Il milione (“The Million”), known in English as the Travels of Marco Polo, is a classic of travel literature. Polo’s way was paved by the pioneering efforts of his ancestors, especially his father, Niccolò, and his uncle, Maffeo. The family had traded with the Middle East for a long time, acquiring considerable wealth and prestige. Although it is uncertain if the Polos were of the nobility, the . (100 of 2531 words)


  1. Marco Polo: The Early Years
  2. Marco Polo’s Travels Along the Silk Road
  3. Marco Polo in Venice

Marco Polo (1254-1324) was a Venetian merchant believed to have journeyed across Asia at the height of the Mongol Empire. He first set out at age 17 with his father and uncle, traveling overland along what later became known as the Silk Road. Upon reaching China, Marco Polo entered the court of powerful Mongol ruler Kublai Khan, who dispatched him on trips to help administer the realm. Marco Polo remained abroad for 24 years. Though not the first European to explore China—his father and uncle, among others, had already been there—he became famous for his travels thanks to a popular book he co-authored while languishing in a Genoese prison.

Marco Polo: The Early Years

Marco Polo was born around 1254 into a prosperous merchant family in the Italian city-state of Venice. His father, Niccolò, and his uncle Maffeo had left the year before on a long-term trading expedition. As a result, he was raised by extended relatives following his mother’s death at a young age. Niccolò and Maffeo first spent about six years in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey), which had been under Latin control since the Fourth Crusade of 1204. The two brothers then went to the port city of Soldaia (now Sudak, Ukraine), where they owned a house.

Did you know? Christopher Columbus purportedly sailed to the New World with a copy of Marco Polo’s “Travels” in tow. Thinking he would reach Asia and having no idea about the Mongol Empire’s collapse, Columbus marked up the book with notes in preparation for a meeting with Kublai Khan’s descendent.

The Byzantine re-conquest of Constantinople in 1261, along with upheavals in the Mongol Empire, may have blocked their way home. Niccolò and Maffeo therefore turned east in order to trade in such things as silk, gems, furs and spices. After spending three years in Bukhara in present-day Uzbekistan, they were encouraged by a Mongolian embassy to visit Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, who controlled a huge swath of Asia. Kublai quizzed them on European affairs and decided to send them on a goodwill mission to the pope. In 1269, the two brothers finally made it back to Venice, where Niccolò and Marco Polo met each other for the first time.

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How to create a group in marco polo

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How to create a group in marco polo

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How to create a group in marco polo

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Marco Polo’s Travels Along the Silk Road

Two years later, Niccolò and Maffeo sailed to Acre in present-day Israel, this time with Marco at their side. At the request of Kublai Khan, they secured some holy oil from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and then backtracked to Acre to pick up gifts, papal documents and two friars from newly elected Pope Gregory X. The friars quickly abandoned the expedition, but the Polos continued on, possibly by camel, to the Persian port city of Hormuz. Failing to find any boats to their liking, they instead took a series of overland traders’ routes that, in the 19th century, would become known as the Silk Road. Over the next three years they slowly trekked through deserts, high mountain passes and other rough terrain, meeting people of various religions and cultures along the way. Finally, around 1275, they arrived at Kublai Khan’s opulent summer palace at Shangdu, or Xanadu, located about 200 miles northwest of his winter quarters in modern Beijing.

Kublai, who generally relied on foreigners to administer his empire, took Marco Polo into his court, possibly as a tax collector. At one point, the Venetian was sent on official business to the port city of Hangzhou (then called Quinsai), which, like Venice, was built around a series of canals. Marco Polo also purportedly journeyed across inland China and into present-day Myanmar.

After many years of seeking a release from service, the Polos finally secured permission from Kublai to escort a young princess to her intended husband Arghun, the Mongol ruler of Persia. In 1292 the Polos joined a flotilla of 14 boats that set out from Zaitun (now Quanzhou, China), stopped briefly in Sumatra and then landed in Persia 18 months later, only to find out that Arghun was dead. The princess was made to marry Arghun’s son. The Polos, meanwhile, stayed on with Arghun’s brother for nine months before heading to Venice via Trebizond (now Trabzon, Turkey), Constantinople and Negrepont (now Euboea, Greece). They arrived home in 1295, the year after Kublai’s death sent the Mongol Empire into an irrevocable decline.

Marco Polo in Venice

Shortly thereafter, Marco Polo was captured in battle by Venice’s archrival Genoa. While in prison he met the Arthurian adventure writer Rustichello of Pisa, with whom he would collaborate on a 1298 manuscript called “Description of the World.” It has since become better known as “The Travels of Marco Polo” or simply “The Travels.” With the help of notes taken during his adventures, Marco Polo reverently described Kublai Khan and his palaces, along with paper money, coal, postal service, eyeglasses and other innovations that had not yet appeared in Europe. He also told partially erroneous self-aggrandizing tales about warfare, commerce, geography, court intrigues and the sexual practices of the people who lived under Mongol rule.

A Genoese-Venetian peace treaty in 1299 allowed Marco Polo to return home. He probably never left Venetian territory again. The following year, he married Donata Badoer, with whom he would have three daughters. Not much is known about his golden years except that he continued trading and litigated against a cousin. Marco Polo died in January 1324, having helped to inspire a later generation of explorers. Everything we know about him comes from his own text and a few Venetian documents; Asian sources never mentioned him. This lack of hard evidence has caused a small number of skeptics to question whether Marco Polo actually made it to China. They back up their case by pointing to certain inaccuracies in “The Travels,” as well as his failure to report such practices as chopstick use and foot binding. Nonetheless, most scholars are convinced by the detailed nature of Marco Polo’s account, which, they say, overwhelmingly checks out against available archaeological, historical and geographical records.

Profiles have been indicating Marco Polo the brand new love, additionally the software has quite high analysis

Yahoo Duo

It will not get any simpler than simply Google Duo. You discover the software, plus it quickly turns on your camera. As soon as your associations checklist has been inhabited, contacting is as simple as tapping into another person’s label. You might talk to relatives in person or perform a team talk having as much as 32 members, doodle toward video clips phone calls, performing fun face masks and you may consequences inside Relatives Mode, or include AR outcomes on video phone call.

Duo’s better ability was Hit Hit. They activates brand new caller’s digital camera before name is selected up, to always select who has getting in touch with. If you find yourself anyone contacting, it provides the opportunity to pull certain confronts before their individual accumulates, plus it brings fun potential and you may shocks – such as for example teasing a birthday celebration pie before wishing somebody a pleasurable birthday. It will just end up in with individuals currently on the contact checklist, but when you choose this actually something you such as for example, you can disable Hit Hit within the Duo’s options.

If you cannot complete, Bing Duo plus today comes with the capacity to get-off videos content to enable them to collect later. Duo and additionally is sold with the highest movies top-notch one video clips cam software, and it surely will together with smoothly changeover out-of Wi-Fi to the mobile analysis connection to make sure you is also hook up from anywhere.


WhatsApp is one of the most preferred speak attributes towards entire world – and this ericans, many of which consistently spurn the service. Having a good mil daily profiles, playing with WhatsApps films calling services will be the most convenient option for you.

Starting is simple – just browse towards the selected cam and you can tap the brand new films name key. WhatsApp will additionally disperse involving the analysis commitment and you can Wi-Fi, guaranteeing a strong commitment regardless of where you’re – and actually check your almost every other texts when you are inside the the call.

Whenever WhatsApp was put-out, it had been rather bare skeleton. The fresh new application didn’t have the characteristics almost every other chat software were giving at the time. Fortunately, they sprang to the movies bandwagon and has just come offering classification movies contacting , where you are able to see a call having all in all, seven somebody. The brand new downside would be the fact if you find yourself having fun with videos, you can not fool around with filter systems or consequences as possible someplace else. A different sort of hit facing her or him is the fact WhatsApp along with cannot create profiles in order to clips label from a desktop computer. not, the fresh new software however provides a reputable videos contacting program which is a good manner of contacting people in present speak communities into WhatsApp.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo recognizes that we are all small timely which scheduling a group talk date that have numerous some body is commonly second to help you impossible. So that they take away the significance of syncing right up dates entirely. Which application now offers video chatting capabilities that have an interesting twist. How software work is that you can now manage a good category with any sort of professionals they want, and then different people regarding the category normally upload video clips of course, if they require. Other players can view those people whenever they want. It’s a continuous talk, but with video. If you’re unable to answer in this fashion, it is possible to answer thru text message responses otherwise get certain short photos.

However, there is certainly a severe drawback, in fact it is the cost. New free sort of Marco Polo contains endless chatting and you will communities and you will enjoyable photographs filter systems and you will sound consequences. But you’ll have to pay to your Including subscription becoming able to take pleasure in individualized emoji and you can sound-merely Polos towards the moments you are conexion app not willing to be on screen. So it And additionally bundle will cost you $10 per month, otherwise $60 a-year whenever you are a coordinator.

FaceTime’s actual advantage would be the fact it is already included within this apple’s ios and you may doesn’t require any additional application otherwise cutting-edge options. If you find yourself fresh to ios otherwise Mac, we waiting techniques on the best way to explore FaceTime so you can learn the way you use all of the features.

Marco Polo Hotels embody the ethos to explore, discover and experience a destination creating unique guest experiences in established locations and drawing on the key philosophies of its namesake, Marco Polo: the explorer, global traveller, entrepreneur and connoisseur of culture – just as Marco Polo’s modern travellers are today.

At Marco Polo Hotels, we are committed to providing a healthy and welcoming environment
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  3. Award winning Marco Polo & msg announce strategic alliance

15 th October 2020 (London / Dublin) –msg, one of Germany’s largest IT consulting and system-integration company, recently formalized a strategic alliance with Marco Polo, the fastest-growing distributed trade finance network.

This alliance marks the first time the global IT firm is partnering with a trade finance DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) network. As one of the top partners of SAP – the market leader in enterprise solutions, msg has an excellent track record in developing and implementing key digital solutions, and was recently awarded SAP’s Partner of the Year in Financial Services, and the Industry Innovation Award. Powered by the award-winning distributed platform from TradeIX and R3’s Corda blockchain, Marco Polo allows participants to offer and access a complete suite of trade and working capital solutions in one place. Today, Marco Polo is the largest and fastest growing trade finance network with over 35 financial institutions and partners such as Microsoft, Pole Star and Accenture.

msg’s SAP expertise, together with Marco Polo’s innovative trade finance solutions offer a perfect fit for synergistic collaboration across trade and many aspects of the global financial sector.

This collaboration focuses on developing SAP-enabled solutions and extensions that will facilitate seamless integration, user experience, and real-time data exchange between an organization’s ERP systems and the Marco Polo Network. This data flow automation enables organizations on the Marco Polo Network to manage multiple funding programs across different jurisdictions and parties as well as keeping their ERP systems updated in real-time for flexible cash flow management and accurate demand forecasting.

This partnership opens up significant opportunities for both Marco Polo and msg’s clients and partners, particularly in the insurance and financial sectors – to co-develop and provide innovative insurance offerings on the network, alongside already available financial products, through a unified portal and managed services.

Rob Barnes, CEO, TradeIX

“We are delighted to have a dynamic and agile partner like msg coming on board the Marco Polo Network. This is a truly symbiotic relationship in which we are able to mutually complement each other to achieve our common goal of architecting a truly collaborative ecosystem not just across trade finance but the entire financial industry.”

Bernhard Lang, Executive Board Member, msg group

“Marco Polo is a great example of how companies are stepping forward to cooperate in developing new digital products and services. This cross-industry business model is being driven by key digital technologies, such as DLT, that are bridging the gap between business and technological networks. Our partnership with the Marco Polo allows us to contribute our deep knowledge and capabilities in SAP and DLT, to support enterprises evolve from monolithic ERP silos to interconnected digital networks.”

How to create a group in marco polo
Marco Polo

A well-known traveler and explorer, Marco Polo headed for China along the Silk Road in the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368). The Travels of Marco Polo, dictated by him, described Chinese politics, economy, and culture in detail, which greatly aroused the desire of westerner to go to China and had a great effect on the European navigation.

Marco Polo was born in a merchant family in Venice in 1254. His father and uncle often traded into the west coast of Mediterranean Sea. On one fortuitous occasion, they went to China and met with Kublai Khan, an emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. In 1269, they returned to Venice with a letter Kublai Khan had written to Pope Clement IV. In fact, Clement IV had died the year before, and a new pope had not yet been appointed.

Young Marco Polo was very interested in listening to the stories of their travels and made up his mind to go to China.

Long and Difficult Journey to China

In 1271, when he was 17 years old his dream came true. With a letter in reply from the new Pope Gregory X, and with valuable gifts, the Polos set out eastwards from Venice on their second trip to China. They crossed over the Mediterranean and Black Sea, passed through the land of Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, and reached the age-old city of Middle East – Baghdad. They headed south and eastwards to the prosperous seaport of Ormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. From there they journeyed towards north and then east, successively crossing the desolate Iran Plateau and the snow-covered Pamirs. Overcoming the trials of illness, hunger and thirst, escaping bandits and wild animals, they finally reached Xinjiang. Marco Polo was attracted by beautiful Kashgar and Hetian famed for its jade. Then they traversed Taklimakan Desert, arrived in Dunhuang and visited the Mogao Grottoes, noted for Buddhist sculptures and frescos. They continued on their journey along the Hexi Corridor and reached Shang-du in Inner Mongolia (the summer palace of Kublai Khan) in 1275 AD. Kublai Khan gave them a hospitable reception there and took them to Dadu (now Beijing).

17-years Service in Kublai Khan’s Court

Clever Marco Polo quickly learned Mongolian, Chinese and became familiar with the Chinese customs. Soon he became a confidant of Kublai Khan. He was appointed to high posts in the court and was sent on many special diplomatic missions to many places in China, India and some kingdoms of Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Burma and Sumatra. Astonished at the wealth of China, luxurious imperial palace and prosperous cities, he assiduously investigated the customs, geography, people and culture of all places he visited. Then he reported to Kublai Khan in detail.

17 years passed quickly and Marco Polo missed his hometown more and more.

Return Home and the ‘Travels of Marco Polo’

In 1292, Kublai Khan agreed to let Marco Polo, his father and uncle return home, after they convoyed a Mongolian princess Kokachin to marry a Persian king. In 1295, they finally reached Venice by sea via the Black Sea and Constantinople. The information about China and some Asian states they brought back, aroused great interest among the Venetians. In 1298 AD, Marco Polo joined in the war between Venice and Genoa. Unfortunately he was captured and put into a Genoese prison, where he met a writer, Rustichello da Pisa. The writer recorded the story of his travels, well-known as The Travels of Marco Polo. The book has detailed descriptions of the wealth of China, a Japan filled with gold, and the exotic custom of Central Asia, West Asia and Southeast Asia soon made it a bestseller.

Afterwards, the book became very popular in Europe and paved the way for the arrivals of countless westerners in the following centuries.

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  3. Contact the MLM directly and submit your resignation in writing. Send by Email and get acknowledgement from them.
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Take these steps and you will be fine.

Marco Polo is an app that allows you to video chat and record videos. It’s popular with users of mobile devices because of its simplicity and intuitively designed features.

If you want to use Marco Polo for PC on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, you won’t find a dedicated PC app. However, you can still run Marco Polo for PC with a few simple steps.

In this article, we’ll show you how to download and run Marco Polo for PC.

Quick Video Recording And Live Chat

There are a lot of video chat apps out there. What sets Marco Polo apart from other apps is the ability to both record videos and live chat.

You record videos, and the person you send the video to can view it in real time or later.

This makes it easy to talk when it’s convenient for you, as you don’t have to use live video chat to communicate.

How You Can Run Marco Polo For PC

Because of its intuitive features and excellent video chat functionality, many users of the mobile app wonder if it’s possible to run Marco Polo on PC. Although there is no dedicated Marco Polo app for laptops or desktops, it’s still possible to run the app on PC.

How To Use An Emulator To Run Marco Polo For PC

Emulators are a type of app that allows you to use mobile apps on PC. They do this by running the Android operating system on your laptop or desktop. This means any app that you can download on a mobile app store can be run on your PC.

And most emulators can be downloaded for free, so you won’t have to spend any money to use Marco Polo on PC.

There are many emulators out there, so we’ve picked two that are great for running Marco Polo for PC.

KoPlayer – A Leading PC Emulator for Android Apps

KoPlayer is one of the leading emulators for running Android games on PC. Although designed for gaming, it’s a great option for using Marco Polo for PC.

KoPlayer is built with great graphics support, meaning it will be able to support video chat in high resolution.

The emulator is based on an older version of Android, which can cause slowdown with some apps.

However, Marco Polo runs smoothly, with little slowdown.

KoPlayer can be downloaded for free online.

Here’s How To Use KoPlayer To Run Marco Polo For PC

  • Download KoPlayer for free online
  • Log in using your Google account
  • Search the Play store for Marco Polo
  • Download and run the app

Bluestacks – A Popular PC Emulator for Android Apps

This is the most widely downloaded emulator out there and is a popular choice for both gaming and productivity apps. It has enough performance to smoothly support video as your run Marco Polo for PC.

The only real drawback to using Bluestacks is that the emulator has ads. If you want to remove the ads, you’ll have to pay for a subscription to the premium service.

Bluestacks is also available for free download online.

How To Download Bluestacks And Run Marco Polo For PC

  • Download Bluestacks online
  • Follow instructions for installation
  • Launch Bluestacks and sign in to Google account
  • Search the Play store for Marco Polo
  • Download Marco Polo

Review Of Marco Polo For PC

Marco Polo gives excellent video support and live chat functionality on mobile devices. But many users wonder how the app performs when runs using an emulator on PC.

Here, we’ll review some of the apps main features to see how they perform on PC.

Easy Connection To Webcam

Marco Polo is easily able to identify and connect to your webcam, meaning you should have no issues with getting a video feed.

Video Quality

The live chat quality on Marco Polo is great, with a reliable connection and high-resolution video. This will depend somewhat on the quality of your webcam as well.

Group Chat Support

One of the best features of Marco Polo is the ability to have group video chats. Each person can watch videos when they want, or participate in live chats.

The group chat features all work well when running Marco Polo for PC. There is no noticeable slowdown, and videos are clear.

Navigating The App

Marco Polo is designed to be used on mobile devices. That means that all of the menus are easier to use with a touch screen. However, Marco Polo is still easy to navigate on a PC.

PC users should have no issues with any of the video functions Opening videos is also smooth.

Audio Quality

Marco Polo has some of the clearest videos of any mobile video chat service. And the audio is also quite good. On PC, voices sound clear, and there is little static or background noise.

And even with multiple people chatting at once, Marco Polo does a great job of keeping voices clear and distinct.

Free With No Data Limits

Like mobile users, those using Marco Polo on PC won’t have to pay, no matter how much data they use. And there are no ads in the app either.

This makes Marco Polo one of the best choices for those looking for high-quality video chat without having to pay any money or put up with ads.

Smooth Video Chat With Excellent Added Features

If you are looking for a video chat app for PC with great quality and added features, Marco Polo is an excellent option. It combines the live chat functionality of apps like Skype with the video sending features of apps like Snapchat.

Marco Polo: Flexible Video Chat For PC

If you’re looking for an easy to use video chat service with a ton of added features, Marco Polo is a great option. And even though there’s no dedicated PC app, you still easily run Marco Polo for PC.

Follow the simple steps described in this article and you will have Marco Polo running in just minutes on any laptop or desktop.

Photo: Leemage/UIG/Getty Images

Explore the real Marco Polo and decipher the man from the many myths.

Venetian explorer Marco Polo spent more than two decades in the service of Kublai Khan, one of the greatest rulers in history who reigned over Mongolia for 34 years.

Polo was known for the book The Travels of Marco Polo, which describes his voyage to and experiences in Asia. Polo traveled extensively with his family, journeying from Europe to Asia from 1271 to 1295 and remaining in China for 17 of those years. Take a look at real life of this legendary explorer to separate fact from the fiction.

Polo was only 15 years old when he left Venice on the great adventure that took him to the court of Kublai Khan

His father Niccolò and his uncle Maffeo Polo had made the journey previously. Polo barely knew his father, who had spent Polo’s childhood as a traveling merchant when they left on their quest. But the death of Polo’s mother convinced Niccolò that Marco should accompany him on the return trip, which lasted 24 years (1271-1295). The Polos weren’t the first wayfarers — Polo’s word — to make it to Asia, but Polo is the one who became most famous for it.

Marco Polo did not bring pasta back to Venice from China

It is one of the most famous legends out there about the adventurer, but truth be told, pasta had made its way into the cuisine of Italy prior to Polo’s birth. He did, however, introduce the concept of paper money, which was used in Mongolia in the 13th century, but not in Europe.

‘The Travels of Marco Polo’ was not written by Polo

Instead, the book was written by the 13th-century romantic author Rustichello of Pisa. The two met while in prison, where Polo dictated the stories of his travels and his adventures at the court of Kublai Khan. [Marco was a prisoner of war, having been captured in a battle between Venice and its rival city-state Genoa in 1298.] There are no longer any original copies remaining of the manuscript, initially titled Il Milione (The Million) and released in Italian, French and Latin. The earliest remaining copies of the travelogue are not always consistent in details, but do remain true to the stories. Keep in mind the printing press wasn’t invented until 1439, so the books were handwritten and mistakes were made.

He was influential in Christopher Columbus’ decision to strike out for unknown territory

Columbus is said to have been inspired by Polo’s adventures and took a copy of The Travels of Marco Polo on his Westward sail two centuries after Polo’s journey to China.

He has a species of sheep named after him

Many of us have spent a summer’s afternoon in a swimming pool playing the tag game of Marco Polo, but did you know that the Venetian merchant also has a species of sheep named after him? In The Travels of Marco Polo, he mentions observing the mountain sheep on the Pamir Plateau in Badakhshan [now northeastern Afghanistan]. Of course, the sheep weren’t named after him in his lifetime. The first scientific mention of Ovis ammon polii was in 1841 by zoologist Edward Blyth.

Polo knew four languages

In addition to his native tongue, Polo wrote that he knew four languages. He never elaborated on which four they were, but from his writings, historians have surmised they were Mongolian, Persian, Arabic, and Turkish — not Chinese.

Polo served as a special envoy for Khan

He provided the leader with useful reports from the various trips he took on his behalf all around Asia. This included three years during which he served as the governor of the city of Yangchow.

Khan refused to let Polo leave his service

The Polos finally grew homesick, but Khan valued their services so much, he refused to let them go. They were finally able to return home when they convinced him that they should be the escorts for Princess Kokachin, who was to marry his great nephew, the Il-Khan, who ruled Persia. The journey to Persia was a perilous one, and many died, but the Polos arrived safely. Khan, too, died while they were on this mission, so they were able to return to Venice following the wedding.

Polo was married and had a family

Not a lot is known about Marco Polo after his return to Venice in 1295. It is posited that he returned to the family merchant business, but it is known that he married and had three daughters: Moretta, Fantina, and Bellela. He lived to be 70 years old.

Some people believe he never made it down the Silk Road

There are those who believe that Polo never took the journey down the Silk Road to China and in fact, made it no further than the Black Sea. They believe that the adventures described in his book were made up from stories he heard from others along the road he did travel. It doesn’t help his case that there were many exaggerations in The Travels of Marco Polo, plus there were also interesting exclusions, such as the fact that he failed to mention the use of chopsticks for eating, or that he had seen the Great Wall. It also helps these naysayers that no mention of Marco Polo has been found in any historic Chinese records. On the other hand, the majority of historians are prone to believe the Marco did indeed make it to China and work in the service of Kublai Kahn, especially because of the preponderance of cultural information in the book. Plus, there are those who have used his journal to retrace his footsteps, and they declare the geography to be so accurate, they believe the trip happened.

On his deathbed, Marco was encouraged to admit that The Travels of Marco Polo was a work of fiction, but to his dying breath he declared, “I did not tell half of what I saw.”

How to create a group in marco polo

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This is an educator idea for teaching the significance of the Silk Roads to cultural development. The idea involves linking a map of the Silk Roads during China’s Han Dynasty to Italian explorer Marco Polo’s descriptions of the area and to current-day photographs.

Geography, Social Studies, World History

The Silk Road Map

The Silk Road was a collection of routes that sent goods throughout Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, and Europe.

Map by National Geographic

Ideas for Use in the Classroom

Marco Polo was an Italian explorer who traveled with his family across Asia. The family left home in 1271 C.E. and arrived at Xanadu, the summer palace of the Chinese emperor, Kublai Khan, in 1275. Marco’s father Nicolo was a merchant from Venice, Italy, and he had established a profitable trading relationship with China. To make trading with China easier, the Polos embarked on their journey from Venice to establish a home in what is now Uzbekistan. They traveled by sea to the Persian Gulf, and then they took a caravan route across the Gobi Desert. Their journey took them through cities that were centers of trade in the ancient world. Because silk was a highly coveted trade good, the route the Polos took to China became known as the Silk Road. As the map shows, however, the term “Silk Road” is not limited to the one route the Polos followed, but rather, it is a network of routes that were established during the Han Dynasty, centuries before the Polos traveled, when China opened up trade with other countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and East Africa.

The map shows the Silk Roads during the Han Dynasty. Use the map’s legend to discuss the goods traded and mercantilism in the ancient world. To explain the significance of the Silk Roads, show how they promoted cultural development. Explain that after the Polos arrived in China, Marco spent many years exploring Asia, and he wrote a report to Kublai Khan on the riches of the area. Read excerpts from The Travels of Marco Polo. Then show pictures of the major cities that lie along the Silk Roads today. As an extension activity, have students research the culture of one these cities. Then have them write an essay or create a presentation on the significance of the Silk Roads, using the city they selected as an example.

Media Credits

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Tyson Brown, National Geographic Society


National Geographic Society

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How to create a group in marco polo

The Silk Road

For more than 1,500 years, the network of routes known as the Silk Road contributed to the exchange of goods and ideas among diverse cultures.

How to create a group in marco polo

Connecting the Globe Along the Silk Road

The Silk Road has connected far-flung peoples and civilizations throughout the world for hundreds of years. Some of those ancient pathways are getting a modern makeover.

Related Resources

How to create a group in marco polo

The Silk Road

For more than 1,500 years, the network of routes known as the Silk Road contributed to the exchange of goods and ideas among diverse cultures.

How to create a group in marco polo

Connecting the Globe Along the Silk Road

The Silk Road has connected far-flung peoples and civilizations throughout the world for hundreds of years. Some of those ancient pathways are getting a modern makeover.

Experience new heights with Marco Polo Ortigas Manila!

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How to create a group in marco poloHow to create a group in marco polo How to create a group in marco polo

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9 session series • In person • Outside • North Seattle
Isolation busting • Deep Diving • Pandemic Precautioning
6-9 people

Starting September 24, 2022

Interpersonal relationships have the capacity to lift us up or pull us down. As often as they bring us joy, they can also create discomfort.

When we feel uncomfortable in a relationship
—with anyone—
we do whatever will create an internal sense of safety, whether it is to withdraw, defend,
or appease.

How we do relationships results from both
conscious and unconscious beliefs around
who we have to be
to deserve love and connection

What would it feel like to be an authentic expression of your true Self, and to deeply know that you,
as YOU
are absolutely deserving of love and connection?

Core Energetics Group work is a powerful way to learn about and transform yourself in relationship to others. It employs a dynamic range of techniques designed to build and move energy so that a shift in personal awareness can occur. Core Energetics recognizes that people express, learn and grow on five primary levels—

• body • emotions • psychology •
actions • spirit

—and that deep transformation happens when all five levels of a person are engaged.

Through the supportive relationships that form within group, participants will begin to identify,
transform and release limited ways of being,
moving them past familiar relationship challenges
and into more satisfying interactions and connections
in every-day life.


So how does group work, exactly?

In group there is time for body moving and opening, time for group check in, time for dyad (2 people) or triad (three people) work in which people take turns exploring certain given questions designed to explore the places participants get stuck in their lives, time for work in the larger group, and time for closure. The group of peers creates a safe and supportive space in which participants can help each other, and learn more about themselves in relationship to each other. The facilitator creates the general structure for the process and brings her knowledge and expertise to the mix, guiding activities and proposing interventions intended to support participants in making their own connections about how they block themselves from the full life-energy that is their birthright.

Saturdays 9:30am – 1pm

9/24/22 • 10/22/22 • 11/19/22 • 1/7/23
2/4/23 • 3/4/23 • 4/1/23
5/6/23 • 6/10/23

Enrollment in Group includes

• Nine private 1:1 sessions with Kellie
An important part of group work in that it provides an opportunity for understanding and integration needed for locking-in new awareness. The 1:1 sessions also provide space for personal deep dives into whatever may come up that might not get addressed in group work. Each 1:1 session must take place within 4-6 weeks after each group meeting and prior to the next.
Note: if you are already regularly working with a Core Energetics practitioner, somatic practitioner/coach, or therapist reach out to discuss how to possibly waive this requirement (and do group at a discounted rate).

• Group Marco Polo
The group Marco Polo chat will be used to deliver some fundamental teachings of Core Energetics concepts, and can also serve as a way for group members to check in with each other.

Dedicated CE Group Google group
Don’t like communicating via video? The google group can provide another opportunity for connection.

Case Summary

Case Details

Pending – Other Pending

Bankruptcy – Other Bankruptcy

Judge Details

Presiding Judge

Party Details

Appellant, Debtor and In Re

Marco Polo Capital Markets, LLC


Americas Trading Group

Marco Polo Capital Markets Latin America, S.A.

Attorney/Law Firm Details

Appellant Attorneys

Attorney at Steptoe & Johnson, LLP (NYC)

1114 Avenue Of The Americas

New York, NY 10036

Michael Jeremy Baratz

Attorney at Steptoe & Johnson, LLP (DC)

1330 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20036

Jason Evan Meade

Attorney at Steptoe & Johnson, LLP (NYC)

1114 Avenue Of The Americas

New York, NY 10036

Appellee Attorney

Judd Robert Spray

Attorney at Law Office of Judd R. Spray

450 Seventh Ave., 33Rd Fl.

New York, NY 10023

Docket Entries

  • 03/04/2020
  • Docket (#5) NOTICE OF APPEARANCE by Jason Evan Meade on behalf of Marco Polo Capital Markets, LLC..(Meade, Jason) (Entered: 03/04/2020)

    Read More Read Less

  • 02/12/2020
  • Docket (#4) NOTICE OF RECORD OF APPEAL AVAILABILITY (COMPLETION). Re: #1 Bankruptcy Appeal,. All Documents from the United States Bankruptcy Court – Southern District of New York have been filed with the U.S.D.C. S.D.N.Y. Record of Appeal is Complete and Available Electronically. Appellant Brief due by 3/13/2020..(bkar) (Entered: 02/12/2020)

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  • 01/16/2020
  • Docket (#3) DESIGNATION OF BANKRUPTCY RECORD ON APPEAL re: #1 Bankruptcy Appeal,. Document filed by Appellant Marco Polo Capital Markets, LLC. (Glassman, Evan) (Entered: 01/16/2020)

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  • 01/08/2020
  • Docket Case Designated ECF. (bkar) (Entered: 01/08/2020)

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  • 01/08/2020
  • Docket Magistrate Judge Katharine H. Parker is so designated. Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 636(c) and Fed. R. Civ. P. 73(b)(1) parties are notified that they may consent to proceed before a United States Magistrate Judge. Parties who wish to consent may access the necessary form at the following link: # (bkar) (Entered: 01/08/2020)

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  • 01/08/2020
  • Docket (#2) CIVIL COVER SHEET filed. (bkar) (Entered: 01/08/2020)

    15 th October 2020 (Germany / Dublin) – msg, one of Germany’s largest IT consulting and system-integration company, recently formalized a strategic alliance with Marco Polo, the fastest-growing distributed trade finance network.

    This alliance marks the first time the global IT firm is partnering with a trade finance DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) network. As one of the top partners of SAP – the market leader in enterprise solutions, msg has an excellent track record in developing and implementing key digital solutions, and was recently awarded SAP’s Partner of the Year in Financial Services, and the Industry Innovation Award.

    Powered by the award-winning distributed platform from Marco Polo Network (formerly known as TradeIX) and R3’s Corda blockchain, Marco Polo allows participants to offer and access a complete suite of trade and working capital solutions in one place. Today, Marco Polo is the largest and fastest growing trade finance network with over 35 financial institutions and partners such as Microsoft, Pole Star and Accenture.

    msg’s SAP expertise, together with Marco Polo’s innovative trade finance solutions offer a perfect fit for synergistic collaboration across trade and many aspects of the global financial sector.

    This collaboration focuses on developing SAP-enabled solutions and extensions that will facilitate seamless integration, user experience, and real-time data exchange between an organization’s ERP systems and the Marco Polo Network. This data flow automation enables organizations on the Marco Polo Network to manage multiple funding programs across different jurisdictions and parties, as well as keeping their ERP systems updated in real-time for flexible cash flow management and accurate demand forecasting.

    This partnership opens up significant opportunities for both Marco Polo and msg’s clients and partners, particularly in the insurance and financial sectors, to co-develop and provide innovative insurance offerings on the network, alongside already available financial products, through a unified portal and managed service.

    How to create a group in marco polo

    Rob Barnes, CEO, Marco Polo Network (formerly known as TradeIX)
    “We are delighted to have a dynamic and agile partner like msg coming on board the Marco Polo Network.

    This is a truly symbiotic relationship in which we are able to mutually complement each other to achieve our common goal of architecting a truly collaborative ecosystem, not just across trade finance but the entire financial industry.”

    How to create a group in marco polo

    Bernhard Lang, Executive Board Member, msg group
    “Marco Polo is a great example of how companies are stepping forward to cooperate in developing new digital products and services. This cross-industry business model is being driven by key digital technologies, such as DLT, that are bridging the gap between business and technological networks. Our partnership with the Marco Polo allows us to contribute our deep knowledge and capabilities in SAP and DLT, to support enterprises evolve from monolithic ERP silos to interconnected digital networks.”

    About msg (

    msg is an independent, international group of companies with more than 8,000 employees around the world. It offers a holistic service spectrum of creative, strategic consulting and intelligent, sustainable and value-added IT solutions for the following industries: automotive, banking, food, insurance, life science & healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, telecommunications, travel & logistics, as well as utilities, and has acquired an excellent reputation as an industry specialist during its 40 years in business.

    Within the group, independent companies cover the wide variety of industry and issue-based competence: msg systems ag forms the core of the company group and works in close cooperation with the subsidiaries, both on a business and organizational level. This allows the competence, experience and know-how of all the members to be bundled into a holistic solution portfolio with measurable added value for its customers.

    msg holds sixth place in Lünendonk’s ranking of IT consulting and system integration companies in Germany.

    How to create a group in marco polo

    “Embarking for Home,” from Marco Polo: His Travels and Adventures, published in 1880.

    In the 13th century, a young Venetian named Marco Polo set out with his father and uncle on a great adventure. Following a series of trade routes, they traveled across the vast continent of Asia and became the first Europeans to visit the Chinese capital (modern Beijing). Marco so impressed the reigning emperor of China, Kublai Khan, that he was appointed to the imperial court. For the next 17 years, Marco was sent on missions to many parts of Kublai’s sprawling empire. The Polos finally returned to Venice via the sea route. Marco later wrote a book about his experiences, which inspired new generations of explorers to travel to the exotic lands of the East.

    Guiding Questions

    What was Venice like in the 13th century?

    What is significant about the location of Venice that it would make someone want to travel?

    Learning Objectives

    Examine topographic and political maps of 13th century Venice and the globe.

    Analyze sources on 13th century trade routes and commerce to determine motives and outcomes of travel.

    Evaluate the short and long-term impacts of trade in Venice on the region and points of contact.

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    History & Social Studies

    Lesson Plan Author:

    Lesson Plan Details

    NCSS.D2.His.1.6-8. Analyze connections among events and developments in broader historical contexts.

    NCSS.D2.His.2.6-8. Classify series of historical events and developments as examples of change and/or continuity.

    NCSS.D2.His.3.6-8. Use questions generated about individuals and groups to analyze why they, and the developments they shaped, are seen as historically significant.

    NCSS.D2.His.4.6-8. Analyze multiple factors that influenced the perspectives of people during different historical eras.

    NCSS.D2.His.5.6-8. Explain how and why perspectives of people have changed over time.

    NCSS.D2.His.14.6-8. Explain multiple causes and effects of events and developments in the past.

    NCSS.D2.His.15.6-8. Evaluate the relative influence of various causes of events and developments in the past.

    NCSS.D2.His.16.6-8. Organize applicable evidence into a coherent argument about the past.

    Activity 1. A Boy in 13th Century Venice

    Begin this activity by telling your students that they will be learning about a young man, Marco Polo, who was one of the first Europeans to travel to China. Marco grew up in the 13th century in Venice, an important trading city in Italy.

    Have the students locate Venice using the following links:

    • Europe available through EDSITEment reviewed resource SARAI. Find Italy, then find Venice.
    • Map of Italy also available through SARAI. Find Venice.
    • Map Machine available through EDSITEment-reviewed resource Xpeditions. Type Venice; then select Venice, Italy from the drop-down box and click on it.

    Students should note that Venice is an archipelago (a group of islands) in a fairly shallow lagoon.

    • Access An interactive map of Venice available through EDSITEment-reviewed resource Internet Public Library. Zoom in on Venice.

    Guiding Questions for Discussion:

    • What do you notice about the location of Venice that might make someone consider traveling to other places?
    • What information about Marco’s family life suggests that he would want to travel?
    • What sights, sounds, and smells might have interested Marco while he worked in a spice shop overlooking Venice’s harbor?

    During the 13th century, Venice was an international center of trade. Its strategic location on the Mediterranean enabled the city to attract ships from trading ports in other parts of Europe was well as Africa and Asia. These ships carried a wide variety of products, such as ivory, precious stones, and spices, which were bought by Venetian merchants or exchanged for such local products as woven wool cloth and colored glass.

    Marco’s father was a merchant. He and his brother left for an extended business trip when Marco was five. The boy lived alone with his mother while he was growing up. At one point, he worked in a spice shop overlooking the harbor. Marco was fascinated by the tales he heard from merchants and mariners, and he often dreamed of the day when he, too, could travel to distant places.

    To learn more about Venice’s role as a trading hub, students can visit the following links:

    • Medieval Trade Routes available through EDSITEment-reviewed resource Labyrinth.
    • Rialto available through National Geographic. You might call upon a student to read aloud the description of the Venetian harbor.

    Have the students, working in pairs, fill out the chart and answer the questions about 13th-Century Venice available in PDF format. Once they have gathered this information, tell them to pretend that they are 13th-century travel agents. Still working in pairs, their task is to design travel brochures, advertising with words and pictures (drawings or images they have downloaded) the wonders of Venice.

    Every law enforcement agency at the federal level in the United States is captured. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), after much prodding, took possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop—which was abandoned at a Wilmington, Delaware computer repair shop—in December 2019. FBI Special Agents Michael Dzielak and Joshua Wilson, the latter being a child pornography investigator, took more than two months to respond to the shop owner. When the agents finally did take possession of the laptop, the subpoena was under the pretense of investigating money laundering. Every major news outlet and think tank in America—on the left and right—is too cowardly to comprehensively investigate the numerous felonies on the laptop. And then, to top it off, the social media oligopoly censors the truth.

    We the people formed a Union to establish Justice. The Biden regime is simply not interested in that; instead, it protects a corrupt and nepotistic bipartisan establishment. Marco Polo , led by a Trump White House official, is a new nonprofit research group exposing corruption and blackmail to drive an American renaissance. They possess a copy of Hunter’s laptop. They are writing a comprehensive report—comparable in length to the Mueller report—on real foreign collusion with the Chinese (and others) for 1% of the cost. With the August portion of the budget (see here ) completed , Marco Polo has been cancelled by 4 different payment tools. If you can support their new nonprofit, please consider doing so. God bless you.

    by CJStanley · August 1, 2018

    Marco Polo Tiles Company Limited is a subsidiary company of Wonderful Group, it is a professional company that is involved in researching, manufacturing and selling of ceramics, Porcelain and Marble Tiles for Interior, exterior decoration and construction materials for industrial purposes. We are the first founders of Ceramics, Porcelain and marble Tiles company in Zambia.

    Machine Operator & Mechanical Technician (1)

    • Full Grade Twelve certificate
    • College/University degree or diploma in relevant field
    • Must be between the ages of 25-40 years old.
    • Understand the operation and maintenance of industrial crusher,
    • Should have certain machine maintenance experience and field management at least 2 years’ similar work experience
    • Ready to work with minimum supervision
    • Working experience in large production enterprises, such as cement plant, quarry stone processing plant, or copper mining plant, and also have relevant material yard management experience is preferred.
    • Lusaka residents are preferred

    All applications, copies of CVs and qualifications should be addressed, and sent via e-mail or delivered to;

    The Human Resource Officer
    Wonderful Group – Marco Polo Tiles Co. Ltd
    Plot No. 1938 Mungwi Road
    P.O Box 31211
    Lusaka – Zambia

    For more than 1,500 years, the network of routes known as the Silk Road contributed to the exchange of goods and ideas among diverse cultures.

    Social Studies, Ancient Civilizations, World History

    Kharanaq, Iran

    A tourist looks around the ancient city of Kharanaq, Iran. Towns such as these played a crucial role in the operation and success of the Silk Road.

    Photograph by Mekdet

    The Silk Road is neither an actual road nor a single route. The term instead refers to a network of routes used by traders for more than 1,500 years, from when the Han dynasty of China opened trade in 130 B.C.E. until 1453 C.E., when the Ottoman Empire closed off trade with the West. German geographer and traveler Ferdinand von Richthofen first used the term “silk road” in 1877 C.E. to describe the well-traveled pathway of goods between Europe and East Asia. The term also serves as a metaphor for the exchange of goods and ideas between diverse cultures. Although the trade network is commonly referred to as the Silk Road, some historians favor the term Silk Routes because it better reflects the many paths taken by traders.

    The Silk Road extended approximately 6,437 kilometers (4,000 miles) across some of the world’s most formidable landscapes, including the Gobi Desert and the Pamir Mountains. With no one government to provide upkeep, the roads were typically in poor condition. Robbers were common. To protect themselves, traders joined together in caravans with camels or other pack animals. Over time, large inns called caravanserais cropped up to house travelling merchants. Few people traveled the entire route, giving rise to a host of middlemen and trading posts along the way.

    An abundance of goods traveled along the Silk Road. Merchants carried silk from China to Europe, where it dressed royalty and wealthy patrons. Other favorite commodities from Asia included jade and other precious stones, porcelain, tea, and spices. In exchange, horses, glassware, textiles, and manufactured goods traveled eastward.

    One of the most famous travelers of the Silk Road was Marco Polo (1254 C.E. –1324 C.E.). Born into a family of wealthy merchants in Venice, Italy, Marco traveled with his father to China (then Cathay) when he was just 17 years of age. They traveled for over three years before arriving at Kublai Khan’s palace at Xanadu in 1275 C.E. Marco stayed on at Khan’s court and was sent on missions to parts of Asia never before visited by Europeans. Upon his return, Marco Polo wrote about his adventures, making him—and the routes he traveled—famous.

    It is hard to overstate the importance of the Silk Road on history. Religion and ideas spread along the Silk Road just as fluidly as goods. Towns along the route grew into multicultural cities. The exchange of information gave rise to new technologies and innovations that would change the world. The horses introduced to China contributed to the might of the Mongol Empire, while gunpowder from China changed the very nature of war in Europe and beyond. Diseases also traveled along the Silk Road. Some research suggests that the Black Death, which devastated Europe in the late 1340s C.E., likely spread from Asia along the Silk Road. The Age of Exploration gave rise to faster routes between the East and West, but parts of the Silk Road continued to be critical pathways among varied cultures. Today, parts of the Silk Road are listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

    How to create a group in marco polo

    A tourist looks around the ancient city of Kharanaq, Iran. Towns such as these played a crucial role in the operation and success of the Silk Road.

    Learn how to build a successful group through MarcoVincelli’s proven growth processes.

    One of the most common struggles on ROBLOX is creating a strong and successful group. From experience, these two things do not go hand-in-hand. Please be aware that regardless of your group size, you can be restricted in structure. Although groups typically fail in the early stages, it’s very common for a group to grow too large and collapse. Everything about a well-built group is based in your rank structure and layout. A large percentage of those groups who fail do not have forums about their group’s rules or rank definitions. When you make your ranks, you need to decide prior to buying them how many you need. In addition, it would be wise to figure out what type of group you have and what type of ranks you would need to sustain 24/7 coverage.

    Imagine that you have a restaurant group. From the point that the Customer spawns into the game all the way until the point when the Customer leaves the game, you need to have coverage for any problem or need that the Customer could possible come across. The Customer spawns in and walks through the door. The first person that they should see is a Host / Hostess. The Host sits them down and informs the Customer that a Waiter will be right with them. The Waiter shows up and is being rude to the Customer. Now the Customer wants to talk to Customer Service. Customer Service can’t help and needs to put the person with the Manager. The problem is solved and the Customer leaves happy, but the staff isn’t helping the long line of people at the front door waiting to be seated. A Supervisor needs to take care of the issue so that everything runs smoothly. The Managers need to watch over the Supervisors to guarantee that the restaurant will have good service. Depending on your restaurant, your Customer may have had a long day and wants a drink. A Bartender will be required to serve him. While all of this is going on, the Chief of Operations is designating the next shift to continue the activity and a constant level. From imagining one night of service, you’ve now figured out 8 essential ranks in your restaurant group. That’s not all though, you should make sure to have a Board of Directors to manage your Managers. If you want to make a large amount of additional ROBUX for advertising, I would suggest making an HR rank called Board of Advisors and give it the power of a supervisor. Sell the rank from anywhere between 1,500 ROBUX to 2,500 ROBUX. With this ROBUX, you can find someone to make a high quality advertisement for about 350 ROBUX and you can run it for the remaining profit. Continue this process to profit a large amount of robux.

    Make sure that your management stays active or else your group won’t survive. I would recommend getting all of your upper staff to make a Discord account. Make a channel and send them all the invite link so that you can keep in touch with your staff. Communication is KEY to a successful group. Without having the proper structure and the proper communication, there isn’t any point in moving forward. Furthermore, write a forum defining each rank and your expectations for that rank’s accomplishments. This will give you clear jurisdiction over those employees who aren’t completing their tasks and it will give you the right to remove them. Writing a forum about your group’s rules is also highly recommended. Without staff members being aware of your expectations for behavior, dress code, language, maturity, activity, and any other rules you may have, you will have a hard time communicating all of the rules to every new member. A rule forum forces the staff members to read and accept your rules, therefore putting the responsibility on them and not you.

    If you have extra ROBUX, you should buy an automated application center. If your group grows large from the processes I previously mentioned, you will be overflowed with rank requests and applications. With an automated application center, you don’t have to split your management’s priorities and you can keep their attention on quality control and customer / consumer happiness. Be cautious, although these tips may seem common sense, many people’s groups fail as a result of lacking these qualities.

    If you have any questions, make sure to add me on discord or email me by going to the Contact page and filling out your information.

    If you miss two-way radios, make your phone a walkie talkie instead

    How to create a group in marco polo

    How to create a group in marco polo

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    With cell phones keeping communication literally at our fingertips, constantly, it seems that walkie-talkies are only for those in remote areas now. But what if you want to have “push to talk” (PTT) capability to catch someone quickly? Or what if you want to join a group conversation centered around your geographical area or a topic of interest? You can do that, with the right walkie talkie app. Here are the 6 best walkie talkie apps to help you connect with friends and strangers across the globe.

    Zello: Push To Talk Privately or Across the Globe

    How to create a group in marco polo

    Live open group communication

    Public conversations on popular topics as well as geographical areas (such as hurricane areas)

    Compatible with Apple Watch and Android wearables

    Able to set status to “offline”

    It does allow in-app purchases, so if you’re letting kids use it be aware

    The professional version offers higher security, for a monthly fee

    Zello carries over 4-star ratings in both the Android and iOS app stores with tens of thousands of users. The app offers users the best of both worlds, enabling you to communicate privately with people you know and also to join channels that may interest you. Zello features real-time streaming with high-quality audio, including PTT, and works over Wi-Fi, or mobile data.

    Two Way: The Quickest Way to Make Your Own Channel

    How to create a group in marco polo

    A quick setup without having to make an account or profile

    Runs in the background with minimal battery usage

    No personal information entered or collected

    All channels are public, so anyone could join your channel if they know the number or stumble on it by accident

    Offers in-app purchase, so be aware if you’re having kids use the app to communicate

    Two Way is an app that will let any number of users join a channel and chat instantly, no signup or personal information required. All you do is choose a channel number and share that number with your friends so they can join in the conversation. It’s the most similar app to a two-way radio, only requiring everyone to be tuned in on the same station to chat.

    Marco Polo: Walkie Talkie With Video

    How to create a group in marco polo

    App is totally free and does not have any in-app purchases, which makes it great for kids to use

    Ability to see who has seen your message and who is watching live

    Messages aren’t deleted

    Feature allows users to send a text message if they aren’t able to record audio

    Video streaming requires higher speed service, so the app works best on WiFi or 4G mobile data

    Higher battery usage with video content

    Marco Polo is quickly becoming one of the most popular walkie talkie apps. With Face-to-Face messaging, but in walkie talkie style, users can communicate with individual contacts or create group conversations. The app also includes fun features like voice and video filters, and instant emoji reactions when someone is watching live.

    Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie: Catch Your (Apple Watch-Using) Contacts Instantly

    How to create a group in marco polo

    The interface on the Apple Watch is very clean and easy to use for quick communication

    Doesn’t require you to find your phone to send or listen to messages

    Can turn the app on or off, and the app automatically goes to “unavailable” if you are in Theater Mode or Do Not Disturb on your watch

    Only available for Apple Watch Series 1 and later, you must be running WatchOS 5

    Not available in all countries or regions

    Apple has Walkie-Talkie, an app exclusively for Apple Watch users. Using the app requires you to be set up for FaceTime, able to make and receive FaceTime audio calls.

    Essentially, the app allows you to use your watch to send a voice note to your contact who then hears your message on their watch instantly. This app is only for contacts, not public or group conversations.

    Voxer: Live Or Recorded Audio Combined With Multimedia

    How to create a group in marco polo

    Secure encrypted content

    Ability to share multimedia elements with a group in context of your chat

    Messages are saved for future reference

    In-app purchases to upgrade to “pro” version

    Only 30-day storage of messages for the free version

    Additional features like message recall and removing people from groups are only available on the “pro” version

    Voxer allows users to communicate with live audio, like a walkie talkie, but all messages are saved so that you can listen and respond later. Voxer features end-to-end encryption, so if security is a concern for you then this is a great option for you. There are additional sharing options as well, including photos, locations, or GIFs.

    FireChat: Connecting Without WiFi or Cellular Service

    How to create a group in marco polo

    Ability to communicate even without data or WiFi

    Private messages are encrypted

    Public messages to communicate with those around you at large events

    Private group messages

    FireChat requires WiFi to be enabled, even if it’s “unavailable”, which could lead to accidental charges on cruises or other resorts

    Public chats are not moderated, so users may encounter content that is inappropriate or undesired

    FireChat offers the ability to connect with anyone using the app nearby, even without cellular service or WiFi. This means you can use it on airplanes, cruises, and other places where network coverage is unavailable. FireChat uses a mesh network via Bluetooth and peer-to-peer WiFi to transmit messages and pictures offline between devices when they are within 200 feet of each other. This network grows stronger when more users are participating.

    Join Hosco and get the latest updates and opportunities from Marco Polo Hotels – Hong Kong. It’s free!

    As a Hosco member, you have access to dedicated hospitality content and to thousands of jobs and internships worldwide.

    Overlooking the spectacular Victoria Harbour, the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel is located along Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, at the heart of the city’s busiest commercial, shopping and business hub. The Star Ferry and Hong Kong’s cruise terminal are at your footstep, while shopping is right next door with the hotel forming part of Harbour City – Hong Kong’s largest shopping complex. Guests enjoy easy access to the area’s major tourist attractions like Kowloon Park, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Space Museum and Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

    After an exciting day of sightseeing or business meetings, settle into one of the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel’s 665 guestrooms and suites while staying connected via the free Wi-Fi Internet service, which is now fully up and running throughout the hotel, or catch up with the latest blockbuster from the wide selection of movies while enjoying the hotel’s 24-hour private dining service.

    For guests preferring the exclusive comfort and personalised service of The Continental Club, our designated guest floors come with unparalleled benefits that have become hallmarks of the Marco Polo hospitality.

    In a city known as the ‘Culinary Capital of Asia’, the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel features three of Hong Kong’s most renowned restaurants and bars, to include Cucina which features Italian open kitchen, all-day international cuisine at Cafe Marco, and the Rum Bar at Lobby Lounge – conferred the Guinness World Record for “Bar with the World’s Largest Selection of Commercially Available Rums.”

    Whether you are looking to plan that dream wedding or the perfect corporate meeting, our seven state-of-the-art function rooms will meet your every need. The classic décor and built-in audio-visual facilities of the function rooms on sixth level provide the ideal setting for small- to medium-sized events. The Centenary Ballroom at lobby level is the perfect balance between elegance and intelligent architecture, where clients can transfer even the biggest display materials easily due to the ballroom’s unique lobby level access.

    Stay connected with family, friends, and workplace from our Connect Lounge. Take a dip in our pool to unwind after a long day out, or do a quick workout at the gym in the adjacent building. You can even visit the Aveda Salon at Harbour City and pamper yourself while enjoying a special discount on hair, beauty and massage treatments. Better still, indulge in some retail therapy at the adjacent Harbour City shopping mall which is the ultimate destination for shopping, dining and entertainment with over 450 shops that feature the world’s leading brands.

    Staying at the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel gives you the perfect blend of warm Asian hospitality and a central location with its convenient access to Kowloon and Hong Kong.

    Passing variables between steps, jobs, and stages: explained

    This is a quick reference on passing variables between multiple tasks in Azure Pipelines, a popular CI/CD platform. They have recently enabled support for multi-stage pipelines defined in YAML documents, allowing the creation of both build and release (CI and CD) pipelines, in a single azure-pipelines.yaml file. This is very powerful, as it lets developers define their pipelines to continuously build and deploy apps, using a declarative syntax, and storing the YAML document in the same repo as their code, versioned.

    One recurrent question is: how do you pass variables around tasks? While passing variables from a step to another within the same job is relatively easy, sharing state and variables with tasks in other jobs or even stages isn’t immediate.

    The examples below are about using multi-stage pipelines within YAML documents. I’ll focus on pipelines running on Linux, and all examples show bash scripts. The same concepts would apply to developers working with PowerShell or Batch scripts, although the syntax of the commands will be slightly different. The work below is based on the official documentation, adding some examples and explaining how to pass variables between stages.

    This is the easiest one. In a script task, you need to print a special value to STDOUT that will be captured by Azure Pipelines to set the variable.

    For example, to pass the variable FOO between scripts:

    1. Set the value with the command echo “##vso[task.setvariable variable=FOO]some value”
    2. In subsequent tasks, you can use the $(FOO) syntax to have Azure Pipelines replace the variable with some value
    3. Alternatively, in the following scripts tasks, FOO is also set as environmental variable and can be accessed as $FOO

    Full pipeline example:

    You can also use the $(FOO) syntax inside task definitions. For example, these steps copy files to a folder whose name is defined as variable:

    Wondering why the vso label? That’s a legacy identifier from when Azure Pipelines used to be part of Visual Studio Online, before being rebranded Visual Studio Team Services, and finally Azure DevOps!

    Passing variables between jobs in the same stage is a bit more complex, as it requires working with output variables.

    Similarly to the example above, to pass the FOO variable:

    1. Make sure you give a name to the job, for example job: firstjob
    2. Likewise, make sure you give a name to the step as well, for example: name: mystep
    3. Set the variable with the same command as before, but adding ;isOutput=true , like: echo “##vso[task.setvariable variable=FOO;isOutput=true]some value”
    4. In the second job, define a variable at the job level, giving it the value $[ dependencies.firstjob.outputs[‘mystep.FOO’] ] (remember to use single quotes for expressions)

    At this time, it’s not possible to pass variables between different stages. There is, however, a workaround that involves writing the variable to disk and then passing it as a file, leveraging pipeline artifacts.

    To pass the variable FOO from a job to another one in a different stage:

    1. Create a folder that will contain all variables you want to pass; any folder could work, but something like mkdir -p $(Pipeline.Workspace)/variables might be a good idea.
    2. Write the contents of the variable to a file, for example echo “$FOO” > $(Pipeline.Workspace)/variables/FOO . Even though the name could be anything you’d like, giving the file the same name as the variable might be a good idea.
    3. Publish the $(Pipeline.Workspace)/variables folder as a pipeline artifact named variables
    4. In the second stage, download the variables pipeline artifact
    5. Read each file into a variable, for example FOO=$(cat $(Pipeline.Workspace)/variables/FOO)
    6. Expose the variable in the current job, just like we did in the first example: echo “##vso[task.setvariable variable=FOO]$FOO”
    7. You can then access the variable by expanding it within Azure Pipelines ( $(FOO) ) or use it as an environmental variable inside a bash script ( $FOO ).

    Here’s the pipeline running. Note in the second stage how line #14 shows some value in both bash scripts. However, take a look at the script being executed on line #11: in the first case, the variable was expanded inside Azure Pipelines (so the script became echo “some value” ), while in the second one bash is reading an environmental variable (the script remains echo “$FOO” ).

    Featured Amenities

    Featured Amenities

    Featured Amenities

    Featured Amenities

    Featured Amenities

    Featured Amenities

    Soak Up Florida’s Sunshine

    Revel in sandy beaches and views of the Atlantic Ocean in North Miami

    Travel at Ease

    Enjoy free WiFi, a pool, and gym at our pet-friendly hotel

    Relax by our outdoor pool or work out in the fitness center with a sauna and steam room. Our pet-friendly hotel features valet parking for a daily fee, free WiFi Internet access, and most rooms have a balcony with oceanfront view. Unwind at the pool bar or lobby café and take advantage of our free shuttle to local attractions. Kids 17 and under stay free with an adult. We also offer family rooms and oversized rooms.

    Sample the World

    Beaches, live sports, and the Seaquarium are all just minutes away

    Featured Rooms & Rates

    Total for Stay

    • Date
    • Price Per Night

    Map & Directions

    19201 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL, 33160

    19201 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL, 33160




    Ocean Terrace Dining Room

    Start your day with a delicious buffet breakfast, featuring à la carte items.

    Daily Hours:
    Mon–Fri: 6–10 a.m.
    Sat–Sun: 6–11 a.m.

    Plunge Poolside Grill and Bar

    Stop by our poolside eatery for a delicious buffet breakfast and à la carte menu and return for tasty dishes later in the day.

    Daily Hours:
    9 a.m.–7 p.m.

    Breakfast is served from 9 a.m.–12 p.m.

    Marco Polo Lounge

    Join us every evening at our onsite lounge.

    Daily Hours:
    Sun–Thurs: 5 p.m.–12 a.m.
    Fri–Sat: 5 p.m.–1 a.m.


    The Perfect Space for Your Meeting or Event

    Plan your next special event or business meeting with us. Featuring 17,000 square feet of event space, our hotel offers four meeting rooms that accommodate up to 1,200 conference guests or 800 banquet guests. We can also arrange great rates for groups of all sizes.


    How to create a group in marco polo

    How to create a group in marco polo

    How to create a group in marco polo

    How to create a group in marco polo

    How to create a group in marco polo

    How to create a group in marco polo

    How to create a group in marco polo

    How to create a group in marco polo

    How to create a group in marco polo

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    If you create several macros that apply to controls on the same form or report, you can group them together as one file. Using macro groups offers two advantages:

    • It reduces the number of macro names in the Navigation Pane.
    • You can find all the macros for a single form or report in one place, where they’re easy to edit, if necessary.

    To create a macro group, open the macro sheet as usual and in the Show/Hide group, click the Macro Names command to display the Macro Name column. Add a macro to the sheet and enter a name for it in the Macro Name column of the first row of the macro. Add the rest of the actions to the macro.

    To add another macro, enter the name in the Macro Name column and add the actions that you want to occur.

    When Access runs a macro in a group, it begins with the action in the row that contains the macro name and continues until it finds no more actions or encounters another macro name. After adding all the macros to the group, close and save it as usual with the group name.

    TIP: The macros in a group are much easier to read if you leave at least one blank row between the macros. You can also leave several rows blank at the top of the macro and add information in the Comment column that explains the purpose of the macro and where it’s called from. Then the macro starts on the next row, where the Name and first Action appear.

    When you assign macros from a group to an event property, you need to use the group name as well as the macro name. In the Property Sheet for a control, the drop-down list in an event property shows compound names for all of the macros in a group, as well as the names of all of the single macros. The group name and the macro name both appear separated by a period: macrogroupname.macroname.

    Assigning AutoKeys

    You can create a special macro group named AutoKeys, in which you can assign an action or a set of actions to a specific key or key combination. These act like the shortcut key combinations that you can use to carry out a ribbon command. Pressing the key or combination of keys carries out the action that you specify. You can add as many individual macros to the group as you need, each one named with the key or key combination that runs it.

    CAUTION: If you use a key combination that Access already uses, such as ctrl-c for Copy, your actions will replace the Access key assignment. Also be warned that resetting to default assignments will remove all custom assignments.

    Table-5 shows a list of valid AutoKeys key combinations. These combinations are part of the set that can be used by the Visual Basic SendKeys statement. The SendKey syntax form is used as the macro name. The carat symbol (^) represents ctrl and the plus sign (+) represents shift. Function keys and other key names are enclosed in curly brackets (<>).

    TABLE-5 AutoKeys Key Combinations

    In a group Marco Polo chat, one of my friends with teenage daughters asked for anyone to share ideas for dinner ideas for this group of teens to come eat dinner at their house before the school dance. The catch was–two or three of the kids could not eat dairy, whether that was by a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance. So that posed an interesting dilemma. I couldn’t think of too many ideas right off the bat, but these gals shared several ideas that I thought were great to share with you guys as well. It seems you can never have enough easy ideas about what to feed crowds to can also cater to those that cannot eat dairy. These meals are also really great to work off of for those who are allergic to nuts, peanut and eggs as well.


    This was far and away everyone’s favorite idea. These are yummy and with many different toppings to choose from. You start with a base of


    How to create a group in marco polo

    This is the Mexican food version of Hawaiian Haystacks and this was my favorite fresh new idea. You layer crushed up Doritos or tortilla chips, a layer of fluffy white rice, taco seasoned ground beef and then add whatever toppings you like on top including cheese, sour cream, shredded lettuce, olives, chopped jalapenos or green chile peppers, salsa, diced tomatoes and guacamole.


    How to create a group in marco polo

    Lay out chili, cheese, sour cream, ranch dressing, chopped ham or bacon bits, chopped chives or green onions, and olives along with your already baked potatoes and everyone will so happy to put whatever they want on their potato. This is very filling and delicious!


    Pretty much the same toppings as the taco haystacks but tacos are always a win. You can have crunchy or soft tortillas to give some options.


    Find your favorite meatball recipe (I really like the easy sweet and sour meatball recipe from Our Best Bites) and use a cookie scoop to scoop the meatballs into your pressure cooker. They only take about 20 minutes to cook and are really easy to pair with rice and a side of veggies of some kind or a salad.

    It was a really fun conversation because people were definitely sharing their horror stories of meals that went terribly wrong and I got tons of great dinner ideas out of it. I love Marco Polo. And I love how food and special recipes can really bring people together 🙂

    /recipe download button –>

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