How to cover laminate countertops with tile

If you get tired of looking at your kitchen worktops, you probably need to upgrade them. Changing the whole worktops can cost you a handsome amount of money. Bringing a new look to the kitchen countertops with simple and easy methods is a blessing in disguise. Things can still be changed and redone if you are unsatisfied.

Kitchen worktops cover most of the space, so the design and maintenance of worktops require close attention. They may become dull over time through scratches, vegetable peels, spilt liquids or colours, oil and knife cuts.

Materials such as glass, stones, marbles, metals and wood used in moulding kitchen countertops are fabulous choices. These materials are oil-resistant, temperature-resistant, hygienic and gentle. Also makes the cleansing process easier.

What Are The Different Methods to Cover Kitchen Worktops?

There is no doubt in the fact that varieties of materials are available from which we can utilize everything for our kitchen countertops. However, the most preferable and commendable worktop replacements are given below which are profitable, simple and easy.

Paste The Laminated Paper

Laminate sheets are not only meant to secure documents, books or electronic devices but can also do wonders with kitchen worktops. They protect the surface from outside damage and make it glossy. The process is the same as pasting wallpaper onto the walls.

  • Pick up a piece of laminate sheet and cut it into the required dimensions that fit the counter.
  • Apply contact cement and blend with glue as necessary.
  • Cut out laminate for counter edges and sides.
  • Try to apply the contact cement by placing the lamination sheets on top, as you will be coating the tabletop with glue.
  • Let the contact cement dry for half an hour.
  • Gently place the laminate on the countertop and edges.
  • Press it with the help of a roller

Stone And Marble Worktops

The stone is an expensive present of nature found in the deep layers of the earth. So, transfer the place into the breathtaking outlook wherever they are used. Stones and marbles are famous for their luxurious texture.

Stones and Marbles that can be used to cover kitchen worktops are:

  • Corian stones
  • Black marbles
  • Quartz stones
  • Porcelain stones
  • Swan stone
  • Vicenza stone

The Stones and Marbles are smooth, non-stick and temperature resistant. Cleanliness becomes too convenient using marble cooking counters. Stones such as Corian are antibacterial.

Stones and marbles are unbeatable in all respects. You can never be happy enough using Stones and Marbles to renovate your kitchen worktops.

Paint A Countertop

Colour is the first thing that hits the mind when thinking about covering kitchen worktops. A variety of colours are available, you can choose any of them to make your place creative and engaging.

  • Clean the countertop using a cleaner and cloth.
  • Using sandpaper, scrape residues and old coats of any unwanted material.
  • Paint the first coat with a paintbrush.
  • Let it dry and paint the second colour layer.

Colouring a Kitchen Worktop is a cost-effective and Time-saving idea.

Use Tiles On Worktops

  • The tiles are commonly found in kitchens. The installation of a tile is the best idea to give a sleek and efficient look to the worktop. They can be easily equipped with the correct guide.
  • The tiles are of various shapes, sizes and designs. They change the appearance of the kitchen worktops.

Different kinds of Tiles that can be utilized to cover kitchen worktops are:

  • Granite tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Limestone tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Cement tiles
  • Marble tiles

The tiles provide next-level protection to the kitchen worktops. They are resistant to stains and heat and provide a rustic and seamless appearance.

Add Wooden Worktops

The wooden worktops provide a solid and aesthetic look to the counter. Not every wood is compatible with the idea of using it as a worktop. Many types of good quality and durable goods are available in the market that can be used as a kitchen worktop.

Different kinds of Woods to be used as a kitchen worktop are:

  • Bamboo
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Teak

When using the woods as a kitchen worktop it becomes crucial to take special care of the surface because even minor scratches, oil, colours and grease can damage them.

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Can you put new laminate over old laminate countertops?

Q: Can I install plastic laminate over a countertop that’s already covered with existing laminate material? A: Yes, but the existing surface must be even and smooth. Repair any gouges or loose edges and make sure the existing laminate is glued firmly.

Can you laminate over laminate?

Installing laminate floors on laminate is possible, but it is never a good idea. Laminate on laminate increases the floor’s thickness, the probability of mold formation, and puts a lot of stress on the joints, which disrupts the locking pattern and will cause cracks.

Is it hard to replace laminate countertops?

From contemporary patterns to styles that mimic popular stone looks, laminate is durable, affordable, and you can install it yourself. If installing new sheet laminate over old laminate, material, first thoroughly sand and clean the old surface.

How do you update a laminate countertop on a budget?

Use a Countertop Paint Kit You can purchase paint kits that allow you to update the look of your countertops. The product is simple to use and can give you the look of stone for less than hundred dollars. If you want a new look, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, painting your countertops is a great option.

What can you put over laminate countertops?

Use paint to cover old laminate and give it a fresh new color. Oil-based paint will adhere as long as the countertops are properly prepared and finished. This includes a through cleaning, sanding and cleaning again, followed by a coat of primer designed to bond with plastic.

How can I update my countertops without replacing them?

7 Ways To Redo Your Countertops Without Replacing Them Tile Style. A Coat of Paint. Penny for your thoughts. Chalkboard countertops. Make contact. Stone spray paint.

How do you install laminate over laminate?

Cut the new sink hole before prepping the countertop and before installing the new laminate. Scratch and scuff the surface of the old laminate. Fill any cracks and broken areas with Bondo. Cut, scribe and trim new laminate pieces. Install the edges first. Choose the right router blade to trim the laminate.

How much does it cost to re laminate countertops?

Re-laminating a countertop costs $200 to $650. Expect to pay $100 to $300 for materials and an additional $35 to $85 per hour for labor. You can re laminate post-formed surfaces with square edges. You’ll need to replace pre-formed types.

What is a countertop overlay?

A small, niche industry makes granite or quartz countertop overlays that cover existing counters. A hard slab of granite, or quartz, including edges and backsplashes, goes on top of the existing countertop.

How do you replace a kitchen countertop on a budget?

Inexpensive Countertop Options Best budget options: tile and any type of laminate. Best DIY options: Any type of tile or wood. Some experienced DIYer’s can also attempt laminates. Environmentally responsible choices: Wood or recycled counters made with materials like paper, glass or aluminum combined with resin.

How long does it take to install laminate countertops?

The installation time will vary depending on the size of your kitchen and the type of countertop you choose. On average, the installation process takes 1-3 days to complete.

Is formica the same as laminate?

Formica is laminate, it’s a name brand of a specific manufacturer’s laminate product for use on substrate. It may be a different quality or have a better warranty, but Formica is a type of laminate surfacing.

How do you fix a chipped laminate countertop?

Score the broken edge with a utility knife. Use the iron to heat up the broken piece, then pry it off. Hold replacement piece of laminate edging against the countertop edge and iron it on. If the glue doesn’t reactivate, adhere the replacement piece with contact cement.

How do you make laminate countertops look like granite?

Painting laminate to look like granite requires materials like primer, sponges, paints and videos about how to best apply the tricolor paint. A paint kit can cut down on trips to the paint store to buy more or better products. Apply the Rust-Oleum paint primer in small batches to get an even coat.

How can I upgrade my countertops?

5 Under-$100 Ways to Totally Transform Old Countertops Break Out the Paint. Refinish a Butcher Block. Create a Faux-Concrete Finish. Go to Town with a Refinishing Kit. Bring on the Stick-On Marble Prints—Yes, Really!.

Can you refinish laminate countertops?

If you like the layout of your laminate kitchen counters, then you should consider refinishing. Refinishing can completely restore your laminate countertops to a like-new condition and feel. And dozens of colors and textures are available to you, including a stone look using Miracle Method’s Natural Accents.

Can you put new countertops on old cabinets?

Technically yes, you can put fresh counters on your existing cabinets. No different than being able to modify your popular kitchen cabinet handles on old cabinetry. If you’re looking for a cheap kitchen remodel, a new countertop on your existing cabinets is a great way to make a large aesthetic difference.